‘Bethenny’ Cleared in 97 Percent of The Country


A headline-grabbing divorce hasn't slowed reality star and Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel down. The fall launch of  Frankel's self-titled talk show Bethenny has been cleared for 97 percent of the television market.
The chatfest's six-week test run last summer on Fox-owned networks proved to be a success. Bethenny is produced by Ellen DeGeneres' A Very Good Productions and Warner Bros' Telepictures Productions.

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    TV Gord

    I’m thrilled! One less hour of television for me to watch every weekday!

    I can’t believe Ellen has had the wool pulled over her eyes by this horrible woman.

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    TV Gord

    I disagree, SavePortChuck. Katie has done some excellent shows so far, whereas if Bethenny’s show had gone on any longer, I couldn’t have kept watching. Can you picture Bethenny doing the kind of post-Hurricane Sandy shows that Katie did? Or the shows after the Newtown massacre? Not in a million years. Bethenny is lowest (and I mean LOWEST) common denominator TV, and Katie may not be strong every day, but there’s no comparison to the dreck Bethenny churns out.

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    I was judging more from an entertainment perspective than one of quality. I do see that Katie is attempting to tackle some socially relevant topics but everything the woman does comes off as awkward and not necessarily sincere. I cannot get through a single episode without muttering… “what a phony”. At least with Bethenny, we know she’s a phony and SHE knows she’s a phony so we can all just have some fun.

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    she looks like gollum.

    another annoying white woman yapping on a talk show. there are too many of them. at least the talk has some diversity of perspectives from an asian woman and black women and a white woman and a foreigner.

    it’s hilarious though how former real housewife bethenney finds talk show success while anderson cooper’s talk show flops!

    ellen can talk to petty housewives bec degeneres is a lightweight. she’s a court jester. she’s there to act stupid to make people laugh much like the real housewives are there to act like idiots.

    blanderson has presented himself as someone who is supposedly dignified. he’s someone from the “elite” w/ his background as a vanderbilt from yale. yet he was completely bitchy and petty and superficial on his talk show. he talks w/ the likes of the idiots from real housewives and an idiot like andy cohen and airheads like kelly ripa.

    blanderson has damaged his brand. how can anyone take him seriously as the “face” of cnn w/c has never been great w/ the ratings and has never gotten a ratings boost from cooper. he really should be fired if cnn wants to be taken seriously.

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