Carly and Connie Stir up Trouble With AJ on General Hospital

Reeling from Todd (Roger Howarth) and Johnny’s (Brandon Barash) revelations, Carly (Laura Wright) decides to cause a bit of trouble by mixing things up with AJ (Sean Kanan). However, she isn’t the only one. Connie (Kelly Sullivan) also pulls AJ into one of her schemes to mess with Sonny (Maurice Benard).

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    Why can’t Carly just get back with Johnny or Sonny? I see no chem with Todd.
    Kate needs to go, Connie needs to stay and grow up. That should be the conclusion of her story. I like Kelly Sullivan too, so yes to her & AJ.

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    As my screen name shows I was a huge fan of Megan Wards Kate Howard. I must admit that Connie has grown on me and it is with great sadness that I acquiesce with the rest of you and say that Kate Howard should not return. It has become clear that Connie is the real persona. I think in yesterdays episode they alluded to that. KS does a better Connie than she ever did Kate Howard.

    Today makes the day when I say goodbye to Kate Howard. She will be missed for a fabulousness and elegance. Megan Ward will always be Kate Howard and I think TPTB know this and this is why it will be revealed that Connie is the real person.

    please take the time to give a look and a farewell to the amazing Katherine Hardwicke Howard…

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    [quote=creightonkate]When is Britt every anyone’s favorite troublemaker?[/quote]

    Yeah, I’m wondering that myself. :~ I was under the impression she’s at the top of just about everyones’ “Most Hated Newbie” list…with the exception of J Bernard Jones and a couple of others! ;)…… 0:)

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Katiebug9624]Connie is not the real persona Kate is JFC.[/quote]

    How is that? She was born Connie. Her birth certificate says Connie. She became Kate after being raped. How is Kate the real persona?

    That’s like saying Niki Smith is Viki’s real persona.

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    Sean Kanan is looking good. I really want him and Carly to hook up and cause trouble. RC is taking Carly back to her roots which SJB played to perfection. Damn I miss her! I’m not going to acknowledge the rest of the promo…

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=Ellichae]A.J. deserves better then EITHER one of those skanks! He needs the love of a good woman, like Elizabeth or my preference, Sabrina![/quote]
    I think putting Sabrina in AJ’s orbit would be a good move. The whole thing between her and Patrick just doesn’t work for me and she would fit the bill of being a woman with no history with AJ or Jason or Sonny. I am not interested in seeing a replay of AJ losing out to Sonny or Jason in absentia if he were to get involved with Liz, Connie, Sam, or Carly.

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    @Daniel St. John after watching today’s episode I agree. I want AJ to have a love interest that hasn’t been w/ someone related to Sonny or Jason, doesn’t worship them and/or isn’t going to beat him down at every corner. But since I am warming to Sabrina/Patrick, if I were RC I would create a new female interest for AJ all together.

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