Should Carmine Make Lauren Purr Like a Cougar on The Young and the Restless?

Is Carmine (Marco Dapper) trying to turn Lauren (Tracy Bregman) into a lush or get into her pants? I really like the idea of him hitting on her. I would love to see Lauren get a little action, other than being Michael’s (Christian LeBlanc) talk-to and Fen's (Max Ehrich) mother hen. The possibility of Lauren and Carmine hitting the sheets—even if it is just a one-time thing—reminds me of how hot Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley) and Casey (Billy Magnussen) were on As the World Turns.

At the coffee house, Michael (Christian LeBlanc) interrupted yet another conversation between Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) about what do with the mob money. They scrambled to hide the money before they let him in. The D.A. later noticed a stack of cash that had fallen on the floor in their rush. Mchael demanded to know what was going on, but they covered by saying Chloe had withdrawn it to help save their house.

Nick (Joshua Morrow), Sharon (Sharon Case), Noah (Robert Adamson) and Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) remembered Cassie (Camryn Grimes) on her birthday by making cookies to take to paramedics. After the cookies were baked, Sharon and Nick figured out that Adriana (Jhoanna Flores) was still causing trouble for Noah. He insisted he was over her, because she cheated on him. Sharon asked her son if he could really separate himself for her.

Avery (Jessica Collins) told Nick she needed to talk to Summer (Hayley King), because her storage locker had been broken into. At first Nick was upset that Summer would do something like that, but then he wondered if it might have been someone else. Avery said nothing had been taken. This is obviously all leading to Steve Burton’s debut as Avery’s ex Dylan McAvoy.

Adriana bumped into Detective Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) while she waited for Noah to meet her. He demanded to know where the missing money was, but like Noah, she claimed she didn’t have it. I sort of like Adriana as a character, but I’m not really digging her dialogue or the writing for her.

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    I think it’s a good idea but GOD I don’t want to see Christian LeBlanc crying and gnashing his teeth like he was when the Dad from “Family Ties” was Michael’s father and constantly disappointing him. The LeBlanctrionics very quickly became too much to handle.

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    hey mon

    While I wouldn’t mind for Lauren and Michael to shaken up a bit, I really dont want Carmine becoming the ‘new’ Deacon Sharpe of the Show. Every time a forlorn female has a ‘bad day’, Carmine takes them out back, and gets to ‘lovin’ them.

    When the #ell are they going to get back to Jamie? Jamie/Fen/Summer was really interesting viewing. A lot better viewing than the creepy everywhere-at-once Cop being, well, everywhere at once. One day he’s eating a meal with Chelsea… the next day he’s surprising Kevin and Chloe… the next he’s got Adriana cornered. What will the Cop do next? Pop out of Victor and Nikki’s wedding cake in February?

    Give me more Summer, she’s like her Momma, causing trouble. And Fen, Psycho in training — the guy is great to watch. He’s how Kevin used to be… before Kevin became The Chipmunk.

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    HELL YES! Let that sex kitten of Lauren rise up either purposely or by accident let them fall into bed and Abby arrives home and Carmine falls hard for the married woman. Lauren actions would have ramifications with Michael & her’s relationship but especially Fen to act out even more. Lauren’s sex rumps have always gotten her in trouble in her past. Lauren’s only weakness is c*ck! ;)

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    Lauren and Carmine would be interesting. I wish daytime soaps would get back to sordid affairs and the like.

    @pferrando: Tyler is written to be obvious and arrogant. It’s the character. I like that the character is given character traits versus being blandly good or bad. Redaric Williams is doing a fine job and IMO, he’s the hottest of the hot. ;-)

    Y&R has no shortage of hot as hell guys and I wish the other daytime soaps would take note.

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    soapbaby…I’m wanting a little mix up for Lily and Cane, and I don’t have any problem with it being Tyler, but I don’t think ANYONE would fall for anyone being this obvious unless they were looking for it.

    They haven’t written Lily’s character that way, so it’s not believable. People compare him to Shemar, but his character was charming and less arrogant. It’s not quite the same in my eyes. They are making him one note. And unless he ends up forcing himself on her…(God forbid we go that route), I’d love to see her be charmed by him, tempted and then take the plunge. (Errr…so to speak.) :-)

    I’ll wait it out and shut my mouth about him for a while.

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    Is Jamie hiding in Avery’s storage unit?

    Also – I did not like it today when Victor poo pooed all over Nikki’s “addiction issues” in favor of screwing Jack out of Newman Enterprises because he is an addict.

    So, one addict is better than another??

    So, the writing on the wall seems to be that Nikki may be eventually headed for another relapse and then let’s see what ole Mr. Depends has to say about it??

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    ohhhhh Harlee:….

    you said, and I quote, ” Lauren’s only weakness is C*ck “…

    wait till she gets a good look at what Carmine is hiding in those black, tight bartender’s pants….

    …more that one person has got the vapors from seeing that python…

    Pass me the smelling salts!!!

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    Well Lauren has probably seen his filmography so of course she’s going to go into full cougar mode.

    bishbay … of course Monsieur Baldwin is going to be crying and gnashing his teeth; maybe even hollowing out and crawling through walls.

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    Honestly, I like Lauren and Micheal. They dont get on my nerves and are not boring. With that being said, if Carmine is into Lauren, I will say hes got some good taste. Lauren is fine as hell!!

    I dont understand this whole Kevin/Chloe situation. Did they steal the money? What are they doing with yet? Sorry for being so dense, I just cant seem to follow this story. I’d much rather follow Chelsea and Chloe’s fashion line.

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    [quote=bishbay]I think it’s a good idea but GOD I don’t want to see Christian LeBlanc crying and gnashing his teeth like he was when the Dad from “Family Ties” was Michael’s father and constantly disappointing him. The LeBlanctrionics very quickly became too much to handle.[/quote]

    Completely agree. LeBlanc is a good actor but he and the Stafford seem to come from the same school of acting where they teach that less is NOT more and that yelling and causing veins to pop in your head is considered range.
    Still, it is about time for a LeBlanc showcase episode so he can get his Emmy reel together cuz he’s been off the ballot the last couple or so years.

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    Yes Lauren and Carmine should knock boots. He is too fine to just be pouring drinks. Come on with the tawdry affair. Its smart to put him with an older woman since all the ones in his bracket lack sexiness bigtime.

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    Agree! Let’s give Lauren, a hot older woman, a hot love story. It is very believable and it is what is so lacking on all the soaps right now. Women want to watch romance and hot sexiness! If they deliver this, watch the ratings explode!

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    Would LOVEE to see Lauren and Carmine get together! Reminds me of Beth and Coop on GL (One of my favorite storylines of the last year of GL). Starting to get back to liking Y&R these days! Yay!

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