Bill Stabbing Himself on B&B Was the Dumbest Thing We’ve Seen on Soaps Since Passions

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) told Hope (Kim Matula) she was glad that everything was out in the open about Bill (Don Diamont). When Steffy asked where Liam (Scott Clifton) was, Hope said he’d gone to confront his father. Hope told Steffy that she and Liam wouldn’t even be together if it wasn’t for Bill’s interference. 

At the Spencer mansion, Bill made a speech about how the pain he felt was nothing in comparison to the pain he felt when Liam said he didn’t want him to be in his life. Bill told Liam that he couldn’t throw away their relationship. I don’t understand how Liam, after everything he now knows his father has done, didn’t just laugh in Bill’s face when he stabbed himself. This is one of the stupidest things we’ve seen on soaps since Passions was still on the air.

Bill asked Liam to take back the now bloodied sword necklace. The gullible son Liam is, he accepted it and the two men hugged. After Liam left, a jeweler arrived so Bill could choose a piece for Katie (Heather Tom). When the jeweler asked about payment, Bill opened his shirt to reveal a small money bag strapped to his chest where he’d stabbed himself.

The Bold and the Beautiful has officially made me never want to visit whatever part of Italy they shot at on location. I am so sick of Italy flashbacks it isn’t even funny.

In 2012 The Bold and the Beautiful was the Liam/Hope/Steffy show. So far in 2013, there is absolutely no indication anything has changed. It boggles the mind that ratings actually go up when this story is playing out.

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    Dumbest, stupidest and down right insulting for the audience who watches this crap. And Liam is the most pathetic character ever. Good grief, the reveal of the storyline should have been sending shock waves for many many episodes but nooooooooooo… This was a dud.

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    Wasnt Brad Bell the king of fall outs. Whatever happened to that…what a mess this show has become. It is not even the damn triangle thats the problem, its everything around it and the lack of build up a story around it.

    This confrontation should be huge, instead its a 4 minute portrayal where Bill stapped himself with a sword smaller then a needle. We see Liam forgive him instantly, that means no drama, and after that we see Bill reveal that it was an act he played, as if he stabbed himself with a butcher knife, then I would understand the moneybag plot.

    The Caroline over the balcony drama…was laughable. It wasnt even drama because she woke up after 5 minutes, telling everyone she was fine. Hope smashing the windows was plain stupid, no drama there either because the rest of the cast didnt even respond to it. Nothing happened again. Liam confronting Rick and Bill, not any depth, no dialogue, just some crazy behavior and so called exciting scenes. Its all about the writing, it has nothing to do with the triangle or the actors, its the writing that doesnt make any sense.

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    Between letting Saint Hope take over this show and this tomfoolery, is there any wonder that I am spending more time in Salem? :(

    Brad Bell is clearly burnt out after 18-plus years of headwriting this show and needs to take some time to go eat magic berries on some island under palm trees. Please, Brad. Take a break!!!!!!!!

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    You said it Alstonboy! I’ve had enough Hope to last forever! Every word out of her mouth was at one time spoken by Don Hughes on ATWT’s. This is the one that needs a long trip to Europe, like years!
    I’m assuming long time soap watchers will know my reference! LOL

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    ER Writer

    I was barely watching this show during the holidays. Usually when I do watch it’s playing in the background while I’m online.
    The ONE day I decide to watch is the episode where Caroline slipped on her OWN purse and chucked off that parapet. (And they always land with one shoe off)
    I was too Through!!
    Now I read this mess …
    I don’t get BnB.
    Everyone on this show should still be reeling from the death of Stephanie
    and the writing doesn’t reflect that most of the time.
    And aside from the writing, the thing that baffles me the most is that they want to center the show around a triangle where no one has sexual chemistry. I love Scott Clifton but he has no chem with Steffy or Hope.

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    On the latest Daytime confidential Jamey said soap fans will turn away if the writing is bad. I question that statement when it comes to B&B. The writing is horrible, but the rating are not going down.

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    Well I dont think Jamey is always right, and this is just one example…allthough the problem with BandB is that its not consistently bad or boring. Brad Bell has a gift to produce a terrific episode once in a while that is able to let you forget all the bad ones. But Brad Bell is also an idiot, because the only story that he actually does write consistent is the Liam Hope Steffy story. The things around them are the worst storys, like this mess with Bill and Rick and Caroline. All the other actors that are getting involved in the triangle are being wasted. Thats the problem.

    Its obvious the triangle has a fan base, because ratings are improving, at least not going down. When Brad Bell makes sure the rest around them is good, then its actually a watchable soap. But right now its a mess.

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    The constant replaying of the Italy footage along with the daily establishing shots of L.A./Hollywood are definitely a lot of fluff for views to endure on a weekly or daily basis. I can only imagine this is a cost cutting measure but please stop! I don’t really mind fast forwarding thru those moments but can’t BB think of something else?

    I guess it will take them a while to sort out their ship
    now that Stephanie/SF has “left the building” . Hope they get it together soon.

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    B&B shouldn’t be on the air anymore. There are too many relatives on the show – it is like incest all the time. Hope is the worst char on daytime. The actress has had many good stories (some poorly written), but the girl can’t act. Brooke can’t either. All they do is squint their eyes. Don’t know what happened to Jacob Young. He used to be one of my favorite actors, but he is just terrible. Bill would never stab himself. Carolyn falling over her purse – joke. Liam goes back in forth, plus no other man would want Steffy. Come on – she was name one of Maxim top 100 females. I would love to have one Logan free day. This show is terrible. It has been the first soap I have given up on. The only thing good is to read the boards. It is funny how the Logan lovers won’t admit that they stink.

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    I have to join the chorus of complaints. Everything is so overdone, the Logan characters are beyond boring, and the plots are predictable. had to know that steffy was going to be preggers at some point, had to know that hope would beeline to liam and blow off the contest (this from the girl that SWEARS her line was STOLEN – STOLEN I SAY – from her which is a total joke) and obvious that even though team logan has no designer with caroline out (not to mention that having caroline on their team was patently unfair since she could work with EITHER winner) that ultimately eric wont care what he sees and will go with rick leading to the return of ridge. Im waiting to see if the contest surprises me and who they will cast as ridge, but honestly a bit more and I will be done. Why oh why didnt they keep sandy (I REFUSE to call sarah browns character Aggie) and pair her with Dollar Bill.

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