Chelsea Gives Chloe Money Laundering Lessons on The Young and the Restless

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) took Victor (Eric Braeden) to task for his plan to use Jack’s (Peter Bergman) addiction to regain control of Newman Enterprises.

Later, Adam (Michael Muhney) found Victor and revealed to his dear old daddy what had happened with the dead prostitute. Adam and Victor quickly started conspiring against Jack, or at least that’s what Adam wanted Victor to think. Adam said he can’t afford a scandal as CEO. Victor, seeing a way to get around Nikki, told his son to go to the press. After Adam left Victor, he received a call from Jack. Adam told Jack he’d needed to find out what Victor knew.

Honestly, for much of the episode, I wasn’t sure whose side Adam was actually on until the very end. I suppose that’s a good thing from a writer’s standpoint. I was very happy at the end when Adam swore Victor would never get Newman back. 

At the cabin, Jack woke up from his terrible night of withdrawals to find Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) watching over him. She told him how he’d screamed out the name Stephanie. She asked if Stephanie was his drug dealer

Detective Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) confronted Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) with the fact that “The Cleaner” had called Kevin. Both tried to cover, but Chavez called their bluff by saying their skills at lying to police was as good as their coffee.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) later confided in Chloe that she felt she and Adam would never leave Genoa City. Chloe shared with Chelsea everything concerning the mob money. Chelsea quickly told Chloe they shouldn’t give the money back, because it was her and Kevin’s score. She also said she would help them and knew exactly what they needed to do. It must be nice to have a professional grifter for a bestie.

When Chloe returned to Kevin, she had a whole strategy to save their home, expand the business and launder the money. We'll see if they can pull it off. Maybe once they do, they can go their separate ways and Chloe can reunite with Billy (Billy Miller)?

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    Gotta love Chelsea returning to her roots! It is a good plot line…. she needs something to do while Adam plays ping pong with Victor, Billy, Jack, and now Sharon.

    It is amazing how many people walk the halls of Newman Enterprises. I am waiting for Nikki to take an office there.

    Mark Pinter!! Woo Hoo great to see a familiar face and hope this story arc is a long one…. seems the Senator is not a fan of the goose stepper!

    Leslie and Neil – this is working out, too…. Leslie has the same problem as Avery does: seeing her man shirtless in the strangest of places. Leslie just needs to let her big girl panties fall to the floor and get it on with Neil…. do you know how many office romances there are, and it is against the rules in most companies.

    Meanwhile, we need to get Lauren to the spa so she can wax and stuff as Carmine is closing in for a landing….

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    I prefer con Chelsea over whiny Chelsea. As for Chloe and Kevin, I wish they would go their separate ways soon cause they are horrible and have been for 2 years. I don’t see Chloe and Billy reuniting though. Billy Newman is here to stay.

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    There is something about the way Chloe and Kevin are playing this money business– they just don’t seem to be up to the task. If anyone should be trying to launder money, it should be Chelsea and Adam. I can’t help but think that maybe the wrong characters are being assigned to the wrong stories.

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    I love the smilin Billy Abbott! Billy Miller is great in the role, even tho he looks out of place in a business suit.

    And what is up with Cain in those sweater vests thingies and a tie??

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    SSSSOOOOOOOOO enjoying “Y & R” now – the nearly 5 years of Maria Arena Bell Hell have somewhat become a distant and oh, so faint memory…!!

    The writing is SOOO much better (contrary to those who are claiming boredom!!) and not all-over-the-place like the previous regime. Like the new camera angles and new locales (the Newman penthouse, On the Boulevard) and the performances don’t have that “Do I really gotta sell this crap to the audience??” feel!

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    Batman, I find the show very draggy and I have watched for over 30 years.
    I think Nick’s dive is way too dark and when Neil and whats her name were in a scene at Jabot, they both had such dark clothes on that they faded into the background. Also, way too much Avery and cooking crap.

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    hey mon

    A lot of good from Josh G. Fen/Summer/Jamie is really good, although poor Jamie hasn’t been seen in about a week. Phack is fantastic, almost to the level of Emmy-worthy for a great couple, Jack and Red.

    Let’s see — Tyler is walking around Jabot Cosmetics with his pants very tight. He’s adjusting his package, and eyeing the CEO’s daughter, or CEO’s wife (Neil or Cane), Lily, as he walks around basically doing nothing. That is pretty hard to swallow, even knowing that Lily slept with Daniel in 2011, when she knew Cane was alive.

    Then we’ve got the everywhere at once NY Cop quizzing everyone, and being in all places at once. His sister finally arrived in town, and is about as believable as Daisy. That’s it. She has the believability of Daisy Carter.

    The Chipmunk and Chloe are up to their boring selves. Plotting on robbing and laundering money. Give Kevin a real story-line for once.

    So there really is not a lot of change that happened sinde Josh G has come on board. Sharon is back at Newman/Jabot, sniffing around Adam, or will she soon be with Cane, or even with Jack? Very MAB-like.

    Well anyway, I’d have Abby come back, and set up a Devon/Abby/Tyler triangle. That would be believable, and pretty good.

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    [quote=yojoromo4469]Batman, I find the show very draggy and I have watched for over 30 years.[/quote]

    I’ve been watching since January of 1981 (when I broke my leg at the age of 16) and to me, this is the best “Y & R” has been since Bill Bell stepped down and had Kay Alden & John F. Smith as Head Writer(s)!!

    The Lynn Marie Latham years were horrid, IMO – she was great as a writer/producer on “Knots Landing” but her soap opera tenure was all over the place – like a mirror-ball spinning in my head!! Everyone was on their friggin’ GD cell phones!!

    Maria Arena Bell’s so-called stories were full of plagiarism with no sign of cohesiveness or coherency – so many good “should have/could have” stories were ruined by her ineptness and lack of direction.

    Josh Griffith, at least to me, has shown that he has a keen sense to detail and has a knowledge of the show’s rich and nearly 40-year history. The ending of the Phyllis/Christine/Paul “hit & run” story arc proved that to me and I called it before it even went to air back in October 2012. Had MAB still been in control of my beloved show, that shizz would STILL be going on ad nauseum!!! He ended that train wreck by basically stating the obvious: “The Bug” was NOT a Federal agent at that time!!

    Bottom line: Josh had done his homework, pure and simple – that ended that crap dead in its tracks!!

    “Y & R” is a thinking person’s soap opera – Bill Bell deliberately told long drawn-out but great stories for a reason: to create character history, not frantic plot-driven histrionics!!!

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    I agree with you on a few levels but I am wondering when the blogs and the critics start calling out Jill and Josh for the way stories are going on the show right now?!!! Three months of shows airing under their helm and it’s still a boring show with Victor always on top or never feeling the wrath of his stupid mistakes… like marrying Sharon twice.

    As much as I am happy that Maria has left and the show has some better writers, it has a long way to go before it’s any where near its ZENITH of greatness or even resembles a little something I want to rush home to catch on tv.

    I will argue with you over the Phyllis Hit and Run story. I think that Josh chose the wrong story to QUICKLY end while letting one of the WORST IDEAS Maria ever thought of to still fester along. Paul should never have been arrested for KILLING his son on purpose since his backward, history and the PURE fact his good friend, Ronan (his mom’s boyfriend at the time) and the D.A., Michael, know him better than anyone AND Michael’s sister was being held.

    Phyllis’ story ended abruptly and she got off even though, as you would know, she commited the crime AND as we know PAUL WAS SAVING A LIFE while sadly ending another.

    There should have been more of a fall out for Phyllis than there was and that is the simple truth.

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    [Quote]Maria Arena Bell’s so-called stories were full of plagiarism with no sign of cohesiveness or coherency – so many good “should have/could have” stories were ruined by her ineptness and lack of direction.[/Quote]
    That sums up MAB’s reign, IMO. She had no organization and just stole storylines from 1980s films. LML sucked, too.

    While I think the show is drab, its not a hawt ass mess.

    Kevin and Chloe should have parted ways about a year and a half ago. I don’t see their attraction for one another. They don’t make logical sense.

    I need a break from Adam Newman. It appears he dominates the show.

    Billy needs to get away from Victoria….ASAP. His character has slowly and officially been ruined by Victoria, IMO. He’s a spineless Newman and this recent corporate storyline doesn’t work for me because he is still Victoria’s bitch.

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    I was looking up Josh’s team because he is still tweaking it and if anyone noticed in the credits his writing staff is still changing in key areas. Still cleaning house quietly.

    Tracey Thomson, worked many years at GH until May ’12 as head script writer and associate headwriter. Worked at AMC in same capacity. She came to Y&R Dec ’12 concentrating in script and a co-HW w\Josh.

    Natalie Minardi Slater L-O-N-G T-I-M-E writer at Y&R since ’90 groomed by Kay Alden, I knew her name only during LML & MAB terror. CBS\Sony is keeping her there…she has the feel…explains how much control MAB had and got away with her “complete control” of Y&R wounded Y&R’s soul. Glaring difference.

    Lisa Seidman, primetime soap writer and I mean for the best Dallas, FC, Knots, Cagney & Lacey, & HH, Josh hire NEW to soaps in daytime.

    Jeff Beldner, worked many years on AMC and is leftover from MAB’s staff. She hired him.

    Beth Milstein, she was brought in ’08 to Y&R, wasn’t MAB hire it had to be from CBS or Sony as the directive, because she was never officially hired on MAB’s staff, which I found fascinating when I did my search. Long time assoc. HW for DOOL in ’87-92, vast experience coming from Days dating back to late ’70s early ’80s. Josh HIRED her for his team.

    Michael Conforti, long time script writer at GL, ’89-98, worked w\JFP during GL years, worked with her again at GH but Guza hired him after GL, Guza stole him for GH. Josh HIRE.

    Susan Dansby, one good thing CBS did was insist of A-A writer be put on writing staff after dust up on twitter with VR. She’s been there since ’11 and long time writer for ATWT ’97-’10, Again not a MAB hire, CBS hire.

    Brent Boyd, NEW to soaps had done vast script editor on primetime shows and movies, from HH, he’s in-charge as head script editor. Josh HIRE

    Hogan…oh here we go, yes MAB did hire him and yes he’s staying because of his relationship with Josh and they go back to early ATWT days when Hogan was new to genre, Hogan hired Josh and gave him a big opportunity. Hogan ain’t going nowhere. I’m not a hater of Hogan because I did like most of writing on ATWT especially his earlier tenure. This peaks my curiosity because this shows again the control Maria & Scott did have, Scott had more control in writing because the difference now. Y&R now is more of Hogan flavor I know from ATWT.

    We have 2 leftovers from MAB writing team, Jeff Beldner might not be there much longer but Hogan is staying put. :love:

    I’m loving Y&R right now because there’s clearly a direction, and people complaining because there’s much more romance…not me! A missing element in all soaps for the last 10 years. We are seeing coupling and nesting which viewers can see growing and fall in love with and relate. Soaps haven’t given the “nesting” part of couples in moon’s age and they have delivered on is negative aspect of the story. Give them rooting power in triangles and they are being laid right now. If it hits the gut that day watching either romance, friendships, martial problems, history, or family connections it was good day watching Y&R and it starting to happen again everyday…be still my heart! :love: :love: :love: :love:

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    Micheal Conforti?

    didn’t realize my cousin was back on Y&R writing staff!!

    Cousin, very distant cousin..

    I love Y & R these days.

    I just have a feeling Nikki is going to stick it to ole Mr. Depends this time, over the “addiction” topic.

    Perhaps she can take up with the Senator…. Mark Pinter is a great actor!!

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    Bartman ITA I’m loving Y&R right now. The direction has clearly stabilized. I personally like how he ran a stake thru the heart of MAB’s last badly executed story of the hit\ran w\Phyllis. It got rid of already messy, convoluted story why make it worse. End it and move forward not backward. The story had such a great drama to create but in the hands of MAB it sank once again. If in capable HW’s hands it could had rocked.

    I don’t think it was Josh’s chose Paul’s story over Phyllis’s story it was timing and where each story was in its stage. Phyllis’s was at stage Josh could END it and he did. Where Paul story had so many holes he needed to do a fix and patch and then end out which took the first month to wrap up.

    I don’t find it boring in the least, maybe dull in some parts, Kevin & Chole not my fave, Cane & Lily …but having said that the real kicker of what will come between Lane isn’t Tyler I don’t think, it will be Neil. Cane liking the power, new tension between in-laws and old grievances reemerge. Lily will support her dad…opens the door to Tyler. I liking Neil & Leslie even more, both actors do have chemistry and when Leslie having a bad “spell” over shirtless Neil I howled! “Leslie you want me stir your coffee!” She has got it bad. I like the chemistry between Leslie & Tyler as siblings. Tyler just tells Leslie. This family Y&R can eventfully build from in a big way. I did some research on the new writers and it was simply fascinating and they say fresh blood isn’t being used in soaps anymore…think again there are some new blood being added to Y&R, with no soaps experience but having the grounding of seasoned soap writers…the P&G way for years….check them out! ;)

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    Nice to see that others are feeling and liking the changes at “Y & R” – my 85 y o mother has noticed a vast improvement and comments on it constantly since it is the only soap she watches now.

    What I am seeing is very interesting and very ‘real’ in a soap opera sense – no moving of dead bodies, no volcano deaths, no “Jersey Shore”-like characters – JG is doing what Bill Bell did for over a half-century: telling structured story lines. While some may find that ‘dull/boring’, I don’t. Give me a cohesive, character-driven tale that takes months to unravel over any silly plot-driven drivel as concocted by LML or MAB any day!!

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    TraceyAbbott…I think you’re right about Nikki, I don’t think Nikki & Vic will actually break up because Nikki is more independent and possibly gives Adam info about to help Jack. This will cause problems but no break up, this writing staff isn’t going break those two up anytime soon but interjecting conflict still in the relationship. This is how Nikki will help Jack in her way ;)
    Wasn’t it nice to see Mark on screen… :) People bitch and moan but this short stint keeps these actors in there unions and help pay their benefits from guild. Not upset at all because we have awesome actor for story arc. :)

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    I much prefer Josh’s writing to Maria’s. There still is room for improvement, but the show and stories aren’t all over the place…starting, stopping, etc. It’s not boring and I have watched since the mid/late 70’s.

    I do think we are seeing a lot of Avery. I like her and Nick together and I get they want to make them the new couple, but there is a lot of story and other characters we don’t see.

    Reading some of the comments above:

    Hogan needs to go. Now

    I can’t stomach ANOTHER Nikki and Victor breakup. They aren’t boring because we rarely see her. I guess this wonderful penthouse is so large she just rattles around it all day. Why can’t she and Kay get together once in a while and dish?

    I really don’t like Mark Pinter, but I never have. I’ll just deal with his arc I guess.

    Lastly, I think the best story right now, for me, is the bullying story. Did anyone by chance read the specifics about that last school shooting in CA. So sad that that shit keeps happening.

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    pjc722… good post (#10).

    I just don’t get why Victor keeps get to do dastardly deeds and never has to pay for those wrong doings. He’s getting worse and it just gets more and more annoying having to watch the actor and the character. Billy shows remarkable restraint each time Victor stomps into HIS home and hurls more of those endless insults and put downs.

    Nobody actually killed Stephanie but once again Victor was the catalyst for the ensuing events that may come to pass. I hope both Jack and Adam end up on top when all is said and done (even though the discovery of the body could have been handled more delicately).

  18. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I am like TEDEW, in regards to Victor story lines. It appears that not even a new writing team is allowed to change the story from the same old rehashed crap. Victor always comes out on top. It is just so boring and I love the way he is always looking at that damn phone. I believe people are right, when they say that he is being fed his lines. Nick’s club is horrible and am sick of him and Avery already. The writers never seem to know when, enough is enough.

  19. Profile photo of tedew

    yojoromo4469 … exactly! Plus … a club like that would be doomed to failure right from the onset. It takes much planning and time to get something viable going, especially in this day and age.
    Quite frankly, that place looks like a seedy drag club from the 70’s.

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    hey mon

    Well, I am going to defend MAB and a lot of her good work on Y&R. Wont be long till Josh G is fired, which wont be long, I am predicting. The 3.2s are just in, down ratings boatloads from last year’s exciting and riveting s/l of Patty shooting Jack, and the solving of Diane’s “Murder” Mystery. Obviously, the big thing that Jill Farren Phillips has going for her is that she wont be paying big bucks to people like Genie Francis, like MAB was.

    So Sharon is back at Newman/Jabot, and she is still pining after The Stalker/Miscarriage-Causer/Perhaps Murderer Adam Newman. One of MABs greatest story-lines and ‘love’ stories, Shadam. Not boring, exciting, fiercely loyal-obessessionist in Adam’s view of Sharon — possessive to the point of crazy on his part. Her view: At least he wont screw me over when my daughter Cassie dies, like Nick did.

    I hate boring Y&R. The plodding tiresome s/ls of the 80s and the 90s. Nick and boring Sharon worrying about one-upping each other through that decade. The best of Shick’s s/l was their fight against psycho Matt Clark, and creepy Grace, when she’d look at the camera with that “I’ve got a secret grin of hers”.

    Noah and Adriana. Good going, Josh, you’ve got everyone in Y&R Land hitting their Fast Forward with this pairing. Adriana is just about as palatable as burnt toast. Her first week consisted of her prancing around, charging up her bills and tabs. And someone said JFP liked her newcomers busty, with some fine a$$. Memo to JFP, Adriana is not endowed on top, and is too skinny.

    Male Meat market. C’mon JFP and Josh G, you’ve got the men of GC on ‘Calendar’ Parade for the ladies and gays, what about the rest of us? Tyler walking around in heat, and Leslie fantasizing about Neil, over and over. For the whole week, all we got was a snippet of Victoria; and the camera panning on Avery’s behind as she walked towards her front door on Wednesday. I really think that Josh G could go a long way by keeping Avery half-clothed most of the time.

    Dont get me started on Kevin and Chloe. The Detective being Everywhere-at-Once. No Jill for 3 weeks. No Jamie/Fen/Summer for a week.

    What would really give the Show a spark? Nick turning his bar into…

    a strip club!

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    hey mon…zzzz… S) S) Here’s the current ratings and all soaps were down because 2 days didn’t count in the ratings share. Your mention of 3.2 is a day of conveniently quoted during your rant is on a holiday that is pretty damn great considering all the special programing going on with the networks and still pulling over 4 million viewers! Besides 3.2 is damn great compared to ratings of the other soaps on there new\repeats of 1.2 and 1.9! Josh isn’t going anywhere because their is a whole world out there that do watch Y&R and like some of few on this site has seen the change and enjoying the hell out of Y&R right now. Sadly, thinking that the only voices to matter that figure into the ratings are the posters from this forum. Look at Wednesday’s rating my friend at 3.7 and Y&R hasn’t hit that number on any given day for the last 3 years!
    Y&R was only 9,000 eyeballs away from hitting the 5 million views! They haven’t hit that number in 3 years! This is possible for Y&R to grow past 5 million viewers and it’s easily obtainable. Here is an article for you to read from the Broadcast & Cable News…the business of television. A serious publication with no loyalty to any network or cable channels but reports all its finding and this is concentrating on broadcast network and all of daytime programming. This is soley on the critical DEMOS of daytime 18-34 & 18-49, soaps, game shows, talk. Read it and weep because CBS network is the only network to grow in key demos over the past quarter consistently and only network to have a plus growth. The one bleeding is ABC directly from them destroying of their daypart and it’s showing in the numbers, The Spew is down and not hitting the AMC. What AMC had was consistent ratings in demos, The Spew doesn’t so how is this still profitable regardless being a lifestyle show? ABC heads are donkey asses and didn’t know what was best for the viewers but hard lesson learned.

    Women 18-34 Rating
    1. B&B 0.7 (+.2/+.2)
    1. Y&R 0.7 (+.1/+.1)

    Report for the Week of December 28, 2012 – January 4, 2013
    Monday: 3.1/4,338,000 (did not count)
    Tuesday: 3.2/4,713,000 (did not count)
    Wednesday: 3.7/4,991,000
    Thursday: 3.3/4,437,000
    Friday: 3.2/4,134,000

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. Y&R 795,000 (-61,000/-140,000)
    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. Y&R 1.2/7 (-.1/-.3)

    Women 18-34 Viewers
    1. B&B 254,000 (+90,000/+82,000)
    2. Y&R 226,000 (+14,000/+10,000)
    Women 18-34 Rating
    1. B&B 0.7 (+.2/+.2)
    1. Y&R 0.7 (+.1/+.1)
    Enjoy! ;)

  22. Profile photo of pferrando

    Harlee…Y and R did hit 5 mil one week somewhere between Jan and March last year. I need to revisit SON for the exact week. In fact it did do well for about the first three months last year, but then started to fall until right before MAB left. I don’t remember what was happening at that time. I know you hated MAB, but I did remember thinking at that time that I thought 2012 would be a good year. But agreeably for most of the year, it was not good.

    That 3.7 is so impressive and I’m excited to hopefully see the show slowly rise and maintain AT LEAST that number.

  23. Profile photo of harlee490

    Pferrando …sorry my bag but still was very long time. You are correct I hate MAB…ding dong the witch is dead…the witch is dead! I had just returned watching the show. But my point is all negative crying and bellyaching about Y&R ready for its death just isn’t true. Actually Y&R is on the uptick in ratings since Josh & company has became aboard and article explains the facts. ;) Long live to CBS. :love:

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    Adam may have been and may be many things but I highly doubt he is a murderer.

    There is probably only one current major character who is a murderer and a multiple one at that; and her name is Lady MacBeth Newman. Her Lord and Master may also be one or at least have been the cause of many unfortunate and untimely deaths.

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    hey mon

    tedew — You get me rolling out loud laughing at your descriptions of Nikki and Vic. Ancient Egypt, and now Shakespeare. Bonnie and Clyde? Juan and Evita Peron?

    harlee — I’ll give you something. Josh G knows his Phack. The winning couple with a 1940s Warner Bros movie-like flair, with the sultry Phyllis and the sulking and soon-to-be strong Jack. MAB only kept them together for 3 weeks in 2011 on a ‘rebound’ month, when Red wasn’t pining after Nick. So for bringing back together one of my favorite Y&R couples, I am happy.

    What is it exactly about the ‘priceless’ dialog between Adriana and Noah that Josh has written, that is so wonderful? Is it Adriana’s 18-yr old attitude that makes it laughable that she could pull off something as big as a $500,000 cash heist? I could believe Summer pulling off something like that, with the actress that plays her, but not the future of the Show, Adriana.

    Gimme some Fen/Jamie/Summer. The hottest triangle on the Show does happen to be these 3, thanks to creepy Fen. Great actor, and he pulls it off so very nicely with his almost Darwinian explanation of Jamie and the world. But this makes Day 7 that Fen and Jamie have not been on the show. Dont blow it Josh, by back-burning these 2.

    Or Tyler? Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. Strangely written character. I guess it’s good that he is giving the Lane fans hissy-fits. They are writing some nasty things about him. I hope Josh G knows what he is doing. His clumsy, package-handling, tight-jean wearing, married-lady chasing, Tyler is coming up on being written into an alienated corner.

    Kevin and Chloe? Fast forward material. Elizabeth Hendrickson is being stuck with such tripe (and that is an insult to pureed’ cow stomach) as having to deal with ‘a bag of money’ plot. Well, I guess we should all count our blessings, at least there is no gum-snapping American Idol runner-ups interfering in Kevin’s life.

    There is good and bad with every writing team. MAB and Josh G.

  26. Profile photo of harlee490

    This is true hey mon the good and the bad .

    Kevein & Chole is sad because both are good actors and not feeling this story.

    Fen\Summer\Jamie is a good “young” triangle in the happening. All 3 young actors I have enjoyed especially Jamie.

    The story with Noah, its new so giving it chance to get off the ground but this is the other story I just don’t know yet and not feeling it.

    I love what’s happening with the Winters family…”Leslie you want me to stir your coffee” I howled…Leslie got it bad and how deadpan KSJ delivered the line was great. Tyler I like for Lane, I think DG could be better acting wise with a different story. They missed the boat with Ashley, that should had been done of those two…it still might because seriously looking CBS & Sony into bring back Brenda as Ashley. The fans are being heard on FB and Twitter and CBS has taken notice of the voices…keep your fingers crossed!

    PHACK is my favorite story right now and Adam & Chelsea is good but all in all I’m enjoying Y&R.

    hey mon you might not have a strip club but you have a dead hooker ;)

  27. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Harlee, Thanks. I know we are all on the same Y&R Team. I wold just like to see some of the good things of MAB being used, too. Murder Mysteries, Stalkers, Psychos, Dopplegangers.

    Yes, there is a dead hooker, but then… what good is that, we can’t look at her, cause she’s dead!

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