Tatyana Ali on Young and Restless Gig: “When The Black People Have a Party Roxanne Shows Up”

Tatyana Ali swung by Bravo's Watch What Happens Live last night to chew the fat and promote her latest television project, Second Generation Wayans. Host Andy Cohen asked Ali a viewer's question wondering when she will be back in Genoa City on The Young and the Restless. Ali cracked to an amused Cohen and R&B singer T-Boz of TLC:

I'm recurring, so a couple times a month. I'm mostly in there when the black people have a party. When the black people have a party, Roxanne shows up."

Gotta love her sense of humor!

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    @alstonboy, you are so correct. It’s a shame that TPTB are wasting her talents (and others) on the show. I saw her on Watch What Happens Live last night and I laughed out loud whe she made that statement.

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    Well, she just gauranteed that she won’t be on for the next 6 months and probably comdemned BJ to not having anything happen in his love life this year….come on now, you know that the black actors on Y&R are punished severely for speaking about anything to do with race as related to that show and airtime and SL.

    I am glad that she doesn’t need Y&R. She could really come on and steal CKs little but of thunder if given hald the opportunity that CK was given…but there can only be 2 black female true characters on that show at a time. One is Lily and the other must be paired with Neil. Devon will continue to suffer in the romance department without a third.

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    No offense to her, but she really has never been a major character. They really SHOULDN’T trot her out for these events. It’s silly.

    My suggestion is have Devon and her announce their engagement, and have them exit the show. Neither is used properly and I doubt that with all the new faces coming on.

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    hey mon

    Get her on. If Tyler can be given air time each and every day, with this ridiculous s/l about him hankering after the CEO’s wife/daughter, then Roxanne can and should be on.

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