Wishful Casting: Erik Valdez as Hayley and Mateo's Son Enzo Santos on The New All My Children

As Daytime Confidential readers have been aware of since last November, cutie Erik Valdez (ex-Trey) has been let go by General Hospital. The talented, energetic actor and business man (He runs his own graphic design firm!) spoke out about his exit in the Jan. 21 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Said Valdez:

"I can't say that I'm super happy about it, but this is the nature of  the industry and I'm by no means bitter about it."

Way to keep a positive outlook! I say, if Prospect Park gets their All My Children reboot off the ground, Valdez would make a perfect, SORASed version of Mateo (Mark Consuelos) and Hayley's (Kelly Ripa) son Lorenzo "Enzo" Santos.

Enzo could move home to Pine Valley to help his Grandpa Adam (David Canary) rebuild Chandler Enterprises, following JR's (Jacob Young) drunken tomfoolery. While in town, Enzo could catch the eyes of Erica Kane's (Susan Lucci) now young adult granddaughter Miranda and Miranda's arch rival at Pine Valley University, Tad (Michael E. Knight) and Dixie's (Cady McClain) daughter Kate!


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Erik Valdez as Enzo Santos, Hayley and Mateo's son on Prospect Park's All My Children, I can actually get behind that idea, and I am all for it because I think it would be a great idea

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Kendall Troy wrote:
Why not the Latino Chandler son that was hinted at towards the end of the run?

Forgot about that character...great idea!!

I also think he'd be good as Enzo Santos. I hated Eric when he first came on GH, but I attribute that to his having to act with Lindsey/Kristina. Once he was out of her orbit for a while, he really grew on me. I'd much rather he was staying than Lindsey.

It's unfortunate that Steve Burton screwed up so many storylines by leaving the show. Angry