General Hospital Showrunner Teases New Love Interest For Liz!

Elizabeth Webber's (Rebecca Herbst) love life has been a bit lacking as of late on General Hospital, but it looks like Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati intend to remedy the situation. Though he ruled out pairing Liz with Patrick (Jason Thompson) or AJ (Sean Kanan), in an interview with Sara Bibel at Xfinity, Valentini talked about their plans for bring love back to Liz's life.

Some people feel that she has a storyline that should rightfully be Liz’s, in that Robin was Liz’s best friend but Sabrina’s the one saving the nurse’s ball and getting involved with Patrick.

But that’s just wrong because Liz and Patrick are like brother and sister. It would be creepy if they were together. Liz has a new love interest on the horizon.

People love Liz and there is concern about her storyline.

I love Liz. I love Becky [Herbst]. She’s fantastic. But something needs to be built. I think that character’s been bounced around. She’s got three different children from three different men. If she’s going to say, “I love you” to somebody, it’s got to be real and it’s got to mean something. She’s not going to jump right into it. That’s not who she is. I think everyone’s forgotten a little bit what makes Liz the character you most identify with and most want to be. Becky’s got the acting chops to pull it off if you go through every step of the relationship.

Who do you think Elizabeth should be paired with? Read the entire interview at Xfinity.

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    I know I definitely want Elizabeth with AJ Quartermaine and feel that Elizabeth and AJ would make a way better couple pairing because Elizabeth has already been with one of Monica’s sons, Jason, so she can be with the other son AJ

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    I’m hoping that they can get Tyler Christopher back and actually explore a relationship with Liz that the last group shut dowm. Whe only got the affair and its aftermath, but they never allowed a true romance to happen.

  3. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Lazy writers’ logic for why it’s taken so long for Liz to get an actual story. I don’t understand the mentioning of Liz “having three children by three different men.” A.) It’s a soap opera and B.) It didn’t stop the writers from writing romantic pairings for Carly or Alexis as both women have three children by three different men. Enough with the excuses. Liz is an established character with history, a fan favorite and completely viable. Instead lazy writers rather frontburner Mousy Nurse and Bitchy Doctor without developing the characters at all. Besides Liz not being written for, Patrick is looking extremely foolish in his current story. Both Rebecca Herbst and Jason Thompson are proven talents being wasted.

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    I have to say that I really love FV thoughts on who he wants his leading ladies to be. I especially love this part:

    “I think that character’s been bounced around. She’s got three different children from three different men. If she’s going to say, “I love you” to somebody, it’s got to be real and it’s got to mean something. She’s not going to jump right into it. That’s not who she is. I think everyone’s forgotten a little bit what makes Liz the character you most identify with and most want to be.”

    One of the worse things about the JFP/Guza error of GH is that it was not good to its female characters. Liz is not the only character with three children by three different men. Carly and Alexis fit that bill also. This is the resolute of Guza passing these character around from one guy to the next and not working on building meaningful characters. The tragedy of this is that gh’s leading ladies ended up being labeled as “sluts” and “whores” by fans. The female characters were devalued.

    LW had said in a past interview the FV said he wants a Carly who sleeps with someone for the right reason and has consequences when she sleeps with someone for the wrong reasons. He has changed Sam from being an extension of her husband to being a heroine that I now root for. Before Jason’s departure the Liz/Jason/Sam triangle was shifted to being about Jason to being about the women involved.

    I know a lot of Liz fans are anxious to have her paired with someone and want it done now but I am thrilled that FV understands that Liz’s future romance can’t be rushed or thrown together. I look forward to seeing how HER story plays out.

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    I am not of the camp that believes Liz should be paired with A.J. For one thing I am not a fan of the actor and definitely not of the direction the show has taken with the character. Sure, A.J. was manipulated to do all sorts fo stupid things by Carly and Sonny to lose Michael, but he chose to do them.

    Then he comes back and with very little evidence other than saying he saw Faison in Switzerland… BUT it was Robert and Anna who actually discovered him… he got off scot free. It’s just not plausible (and one of my major sticking points with writers and their over the top writing for characters and loosely based in reality solutions to those situations.) Now he is trying to take control of ELQ from Tracey with ABSOLUTELY no business background in the past 5 years and a “on the lam from the law” reputation for that amount of time, as well. (Like on Y&R, no board of directors or stockholders would vote into the CEO position the likes of AJ or even Jack or Victor with their recent past histories).

    That being said, why would Liz choose AJ when the love of her life (or one of the two), Jason, disliked AJ for all that he did. That A.J. has shown a panche for being a loose canon and not very reliable or even great boyfriend material to any of the women in his life. Liz has been a witness to all of A.J. actions for most of his life.

    Like with Carly choosing to sleep with a gang rapist/baby napper/attempted murderer/murderer, I do not understand why the credibility of Liz’s character has to be tarnished just to pair her with A.J.

    AND BEFORE anyone jumps down my throat to say that Liz has a tarnished past, I know she does.

  6. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I agree with you pjc722. I am not a fan of Sean Kanan. His acting leaves much to be desired. AJ’s return opens up a lot of story possibilities but going after ELQ is stupid. I’d rather see him focus on rebuilding his life and relationship with Michael and leave the corporate story to Tracy, Lucy, perhaps Todd and a returned Jax (my dream!)

    Liz’s “tarnished” past does not measure in the same universe as the majority of the citizens of Port Charles. A least her past misdeeds (minor for a soap opera character) are consistently acknowledged which is more than can be said for other characters whose pasts have been whitewashed. I’m not for a Liz-AJ pairing but I would totally get onboard for Liz-Johnny pairing or Liz being paired with a returned Ric (I can dream!)

  7. Profile photo of nysam

    In the interview it stated that the man is currently on the show. My bet is on Johnny. He will be redeemed by good girl, Liz and this will piss Carly off. Or they might try pairing her up with Milo. Another thought….what would make Todd more appealing to Carly? If he went after Liz.

  8. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I am thrilled to hear that she has a story and a romance on the horizon. I am sick of Liz propping everyone else’s story.

    So many of my favorites are now gone off from this show. Liz is one of the few that remain. Patrick is another favorite, but I hate his story line and who he is being paired with. I am enjoying seeing all the vets come back, yet I still have to endure these newbie air hogs…namely Konnie, Sabrina, Britt and nuKristina.

    Between the current front burner lackluster story lines, (Lante/Spixie, Konnie, Patrick & his harem, ELQ….and with little or no Liz or Anna….I am finding the show very boring at times. It is nice to know that have not forgotten Liz and that she has something good coming.

  9. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I’m not understanding mentioning Liz has three different children by three different men when Monica, Alexis, Carly also has three different children by three different men. Let’s not even get on how many baby mamas Sonny has!

    Like what was just said, this is a soap. That stuff happens. This new romance doesn’t have to be the big love of Liz life. It could just be a great romance for Liz. That’s one thing about Liz that I love about her, she was a romantic. When it comes to love, Liz’s messy. Just like millions of women in the world. That’s why so many women love Liz.

    I can see Liz being Johnny’s redemption. I hate that Johnny’s being aged but still I think it’s cool. I did want to see AJ and Liz being explored but I think Connie and AJ were chem tested on Friday and these writers are going to do a stupid love triangle with Sonny/Konnie/AJ. I hope we don’t get a Sam/John/Liz triangle.

    At least the interviewer brought up Sabrina’s storyline and how many thought that should be Liz’s. Also if the writers feel that Liz and Patrick are like brother and sister, how come we don’t see that relationship!

  10. Profile photo of golinogal

    It can only be AJ or Johnny. Those are the only 2 available men not in some type of romantic story. And since Ron said a flat out NO about AJ then it could only be Johnny… unless Ron is lying. I personally would LOVE a Liz/Johnny pairing. I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen them speak more then a few words to each other.
    It seems like Johnny’s going to be tied up in a trial/prison story line for a while though…

  11. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Thank you Sara Bibel for asking questions that were important to Liz fans and Patrick fans. I am a Liz who wants to hang in there but have been disheartened. I am also a Patrick fan who would never want to see Liz and Patrick together now but years ( hopes GH has them ) from now.

    While I am skeptical about the writers wanting any story to be true to Liz’s character after their assassination of it in the story that had Elizabeth keeping results from Jason just to keep him at her side… but then again we all make mistakes.

    I hope RC and FV can surprise me with Liz’s new love. I am so glad it is not Patrick or AJ.

    Please surprise me….pleasantly. I agree Liz can be apart of a great story as we have seen in the past. I will be patient.

  12. Profile photo of Lzssyi

    First of all i have no ideal who told this man that everyone looks Liz. Liz have had countless storylines and she sucked at all of them, she is NOT a front burner actress. People asked about her having the s/l because thats what Liz do, move in on men thats either hald drunk or having trouble with their love life.No one really cares about Liz> The thing with Liz is that, whoever she is with have to have some following because she has no one but mouthy few and one is from SID.FV/RC is riding high lets see how long that will last because Liz is not a crowd pleaser.She do not know how to do sexy, and she hasn’t the face for it.Her skills is being a sneaky women,fans dont see her as a sweetheart and no one can make them, Ryan have tried for years.GH have lost a lot of good men because of Liz and here we go again.

  13. Profile photo of nysam

    Logan, what do you mean “Johnny’s being aged”? Brandon Barash is 33 and Johnny has been on the show since 2007. When he came on he was in his early 20s so it would make sense that he is pushing 30. Liz was in high school when she came on in the late 1990s so Liz would be early 30s. Liz has always had a thing for bad boys….Rick, Jason, Zander, Ewen. Lucky & Nik seem to be the exception. I like the idea of Liz and Johnny.

  14. Profile photo of monica186

    Back when Liz was acting as surrogate for Jax and Courtney, I always thought she and Jax had some chemistry. Of course, that wouldn’t be a happy match up since he’s always coming and going. She could certainly help to redeem Johnny, though she would really have her work cut out for her since he’s got so many bad deeds to overcome. I guess it will be fun seeing where her story takes us – as long as the definitely plan to do SOMETHING and not just let her languish. By the way, I thought it was hysterical when Liz took Tracy’s seat at the Nurse’s Ball meeting!

  15. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz has three baby Daddy’s? Ummm. Frank, Sonny has impregnated (Olivia, Lily, Carly (twice), Alexis, Sam, and Claudia over the years.

    Yes, Liz needs a story and it should have been getting the nurses ball off the ground since she and Robin were friends. Liz has chemistry with Patrick, but showing Robin alive meant that the pairing was not going any where.

    Liz paired up with Nicholas had too much of a brotherly vibe, which is why Niz did not work, IMO.

    As for AJ and Liz, nope, that pairing would be doomed from the start, because Liz is always going to love Jason.

    My guess is that the pairing is Liz/Johnny, where we find out that Cole and Hope are still alive.

  16. Profile photo of aph1976

    I would pair Liz with Johnny.I can just imagine Carly’s reaction to it.Plus Johnny might need a good girl.With Patrick the moment Liz finds out Robin is alive i think she would walk away from Patrick.With Nikolas there would always be the Lucky factor for both of them standing between them.As for AJ i don’t see her hooking up with Jason’s brother.I could see Liz and AJ becoming confidantes and that might cause enough conflict right there.The show could bring back Ric but i don’t see him and Liz getting back together.However if they did then Molly could scheme to break them up because she wants he parents together.Like i said i think Johnny is the obvious person for Liz.I could see them teaming up to investigate if evidence shows up that Cole and Hope could still be alive.Johnny took them away from Starr and now he could bring them back to her.

  17. Profile photo of soapbaby

    If Liz and Johnny investigated anyone’s “death” it should conclude with them finding Jake! Johnny could get tipped off that the black market organ ring he was a part of could lead him to an alive Cole & Hope. He enlists Liz l because of her medical knowledge and knowledge of GH. Liz agrees to work with Johnny believing that she could reunite Starr with her child. Only the living child recovers is Jake! Liz had already grown closer to Johnny through their investigation but is absolutely overjoyed Jake is back. Happily ever after…until not-pod-Jason or not-pod-Lucky return. ;-)

  18. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    When I say Johnny been aged, I mean he was in Lulu/Maxie/Spinelli age group. Now since his romance with Olivia, it’s like he’s aged into the older women age group although Liz is not as old as Carly and Olivia.

    IMO, people should not be getting too happy about this information. In that same interview the man didn’t know that Sabrina was a polarizing character. He thought everyone liked her!!!! That shows how his thinking is. It’s the same reason we have had to endure Konnie for this long. He thinks everyone loves what he loves. So I’m not to happy about this upcoming Liz storyline.

  19. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    While I first thought AJ, he might just have too much damage and conflicting feelings involving Jason and the Q’s, though I do think Elizabeth would be a good influence for him. But he may not be up to the task because he will be having a hard time keeping his head above the Q waters so to speak and she will always be his liferaft.

    I think she needs someone that will put her totally first for a change. And, I don’t want her anywhere near John since he’s been tainted by sam.

    I think Johnnie would fit the bill perfectly — I can see him putting her first and I can see a loving relationship. Bad boy, good girl. Just like I saw with Liason before that got stomped on.

  20. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    [quote=soapbaby]Liz’s “tarnished” past does not measure in the same universe as the majority of the citizens of Port Charles. A least her past misdeeds (minor for a soap opera character) are consistently acknowledged which is more than can be said for other characters whose pasts have been whitewashed. I’m not for a Liz-AJ pairing but I would totally get onboard for Liz-Johnny pairing or Liz being paired with a returned Ric (I can dream!)[/quote]
    I would have to disagree. Liz’s prior misdeeds are rarely brought up. I can think about two times that they were including Lulu ripping her a new one when Liz cheated on Lucky and when Monica went at her about hiding Jake’s paternity.

    Carly has always been addressed as the town’s whore despite being in the same baby’s daddy situation as Alexis and Liz. And Alexis has a whole other thing going on with kids by two brothers. What has made me always root for Carly and dislike Liz is that Carly owns up to her slutty ways and past misdeeds. Others, like Liz, tend to stand on a pedestal.

  21. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    As long as Elizabeth’s not hooking up w/ someone that’s blood related or a friend of someone she has already dated and or married or has been friends with & that person is not mob related, I’m for it. Liz has been damaged over the years as has every character (my Lucky especially) and I need her to have a fresh, no pregnancy related relationship w/ a guy that can eventually be tied to canvas.

  22. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    Once again Carlavati proves he’s a moron. Becky would have great chem with either Sean Kanan or Jason Thompson. And the story possibilities of pairing her character with either AJ or Patrick are endless. And both pairings would be controversial and bring passionate responses from the audience. Like I always say Carlavati should be writing a cartoon, not a serial.

  23. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    I don’t think Elizabeth holds herself up on a pedistal — she admits her mistakes. The men in her life might put her up there but not her. Have Carly, sam and Alexis ever admit thier wrong doings? All three have been pregnant with the same man’s baby and all three have gotten pregant by different men. Carly by 3, sam by 2 and Alexis by 3. Not to mention mother/daughter being pregant by same man. So, really, its time that everyone stops saying that about Elizabeth. She can hold her head high and not be ashamed to do it.

  24. Profile photo of wiggum

    I agree Liz and Patrick would be awesome excpept we all know that Patrick will pick Robin when she returns(as he should), I think Cartini understand that in their thought process

  25. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    Maybe it’s just me but I took the comment about Liz having 3 baby daddies being more of a knock on previous writing regimes and how careless they were with the character. It was like they couldn’t come up with anything original for the character so they resorted to the old soap writers crutch of knocking her up.
    And I am solidly against Johnny and Liz just because I loathe the character. The only storyline I want for him is a “Who killed Johnny?” murder mystery with ConKate being the culprit and going away for life.

  26. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @robertscorpio: Not sure what GH you’ve been watching. Liz has been vilified for years now by herself and half of Port Charles. Under Garin Wolf’s pen, Liz’s misdeeds (particularly her children’s paternity) was brought up nearly weekly whether she was featured onscreen or not. Liz has most definitely owned her mistakes. You may dislike the character but how can you dismiss what has occurred onscreen?

  27. Profile photo of liason4real

    Daniel St. John, Now that I think about it, Frank’s comment about the three children with three different father’s really sounds like he thinks Liz was indeed used too many times in WTD baby story lines. I would understand if Liz had been married to Jason or Lucky and had three children with those two men, but Guza went overboard with the baby crap. :~

  28. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I didn’t take his comment about the baby daddies as a knock either. I took it as the writers use the baby story and then nothing original is written again for her. Mean while Alexis and Carly are written as mothers but also doing or being involved with other stories. As much as I love seeing Liz with the boys- at some points that was all she was given..

    I would love to see her with Jax or Johnny.. However I really want to see her with someone strong that helps her work out all the issues that have been going on with her. Not someone she has to fix..

  29. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=Ellichae]I think that A.J. is destined to be the man in Sabrina’s life AFTER she is transformed into a beauty![/quote]
    I wouldn’t mind that at all. The brief exchange between them when AJ bumped into Sabrina at the hospital got my hopes up.

  30. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I totally have faith in Ron C.’s writing. He is giving Liz time to get over Jason’s death, who she loved so much. Now I want to see her grow and become strong and not have to rely on a man, which how it always was under Guza’s writing. I want to see her meet someone, take it slow, and let the romance grow. Now that is sexy. Take it slow! I can see chemistry between her and AJ, but I can also see Johnny.

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