Liam’s Going to be a Baby Daddy on The Bold and the Beautiful


Liam (Scott Clifton) tried to convince Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) not to go on her trip, but she knew it was necessary. Of course, her absence will provide an opportunity for Hope (Kim Matula) and Liam to reconnect. Two plus one is three after all. The Bold and the Beautiful’s storylines are so childishly simple; the show should air on PBS after Sesame Street.

Naturally, five minutes after Steffy left, Hope arrived to talk to Liam about what Bill (Don Diamont) had done. Told you so!

At Forrester, Eric (John McCook), Thorne (Windsor Harmon), Pam (Alley Mills), Marcus (Texas Battle), Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) prepared for the fashion face off. I’m not sure we needed so many people to remind us how important this is to Forrester. It’s only as meaningful as the million other catwalk face offs we’ve watched over the decades.

Thomas (Adam Gregory) and Rick (Jacob Young) sparred over their impending fashion face off. Eric told the boys he didn’t want the challenge to negatively impact the company in any way.

Eric informed Thorne all he would have to do is say the word, and he’d be in charge of Forrester. Thorne said his days of trying to run Forrester were over.

Before going to the airport, Steffy swung by Forrester to take a pregnancy test–because of course the place where a fashion challenge is going down is going to be so private–and waited for the stick to give her the results. When it turned, Steffy learned she is pregnant. What are the odds this child is actually born?

Side Note: Isn’t it interesting The Bold and the Beautiful’s official website has already added Karla Mosley’s Maya Avant and Lawrence Saint-Victor’s Carter Walton to its official cast list. Compare it to the state of The Young and the Restless’ official cast list at

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    It’s just a soap so I can easily say that I hope that the pregnancy ends as soon as it started. This triangle is already painful enough, this is the last thing it needs. Why does Bell insist on being so unoriginal? Those three characters had great potential, but now, the writing for all of them is just awful and pathetic.

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    OK… am I the only one who thinks that the way Hope is being written now is not the naive girl she was for the past… OMG, it’s been just a year or so since this story has taken over B&B… year but now a slightly unhinged and, ok I will say it, STALKER-ish on the verge of being a crazy lunatic?

    Sure, lunatic is taking it too far but yesterday’s episode proved that this girl not only needs friends but needs more of a life than anything. With moments left before her brother battles her step brother for the presidency of FORRESTER, Hope discovers that Steffy won’t be there for her brother either and has opted to go to Paris to see her MIA dad. So what does Hope do… of course, she dumps her brother and opts to run over with a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese to Liam’s to flirt.

    AM I THE ONLY ONE, as well, who finds it sooooooo odd that both Steffy and Hope know what exactly to feed Liam BUT have no idea that this guy is not worth the fight OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!!! Steffy left liam all the numbers for take out and Hope brought him breakfast.

    To prove everyone’s point that this love triangle has taken over the show, the biggest thing being promoted since Stephanie’s passing has been WHO WILL BE PRESIDENT?! I mean, it pulled Eric away from Stephanie’s death bed to resolve the fight between son and grandson. YET, Taylor couldn’t be there. Brooke couldn’t be there. Steffy opted, without knowing why, to drop everything including supporting her brother to fly off to Paris. Hope dumped Rick seconds before the launch of his line to flirt with Liam. All we got was “My office is in the basement” Thorne and the tired and obvious love triangle between Pam and Donna for Eric only a few weeks since Stephanie’s death.

    The bells are forcing this triangle down our throats instead of allowing it to be told over weeks and months and organically. If Liam goes back to Hope and Hope takes him and Steffy fights for him back, I will be done with this show.

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    This story is terrible. Many people on board write that Steffy got pregnant on purpose. I say NO WAY. This is 2013. Men are equally responsible for protection these days. I’m sick of people thinking that a women is the only one responsible.

    I don’t want anybody pregnant. Has anybody on B&B have a baby because they want to. Katie got pregnant behind Bill’s back. Amber got pregnant and didn’t know the father. Can someone have a happy pregnancy. Steffy just told Liam she wasn’t ready to have a baby.

    I love JMW – the only reason I sometimes watch the show. Bell needs to do something to keep her.

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    Well pjc72…you are a bit right on some things. But the love triangle is actually the only correct and consistent written storyline on the show. All the other stories are a complete mess, with no build up, no suspense and no plot. The rest of the show is a mess, with the exception of the boring triangle, because that storyline is actually a storyline!!

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    Well, for 6 weeks or more, have not been watching Y&R and feel good that I don’t feel like I have to watch it. I am really starting to think this way w/B&B. Same triangle, no real story w/any of the actors, or anything I am interested in. Taylor will probably be the head honcho @ Forrester and I am so out of here……….I will have control of my life again instead of these 2 soaps.

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    katy kennicott

    I like JMW a lot. She is so much better than this material. She needs to move on up to the big time. If I see one more flashback to any of the Liam/Hope almost weddings or the Liam/Steffy Aspen scenes I will scream.

    I can’t wait for AMC and OLTL to start up again. When it does, I’m outta here! And, if they don’t start up again – I’m still outta here. The Bell soaps are past their sell-by date.

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    Daniel St. John

    The last thing this sophomoric triangle needs is a baby injected into it but since Bell has clearly lost any skill as a writer this pregnancy is just the cliched, hacky plot device that we should expect from this triangle.

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    Let me guess….in a year Hope will find she can’t bear any children, but in two years a magic doctor will find the cure and she will give Liam his own lame child, too?

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    I love JMW as Steffy but I am not happy that Steffy is now knocked up with Liam’s kid. This is going to increase the on-going triangle that so many are already sick of. I will REJOICE :party: the day JMW moves up to catch the primetime bus because to me, she is above this non-sense they pass off as “storylines” on this soap opera these days. :~

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    The flashbacks are… words escape me right now for how tired I am of them! Agree about JMW being better than this. I hope she gets a role on a prime time show, but I think contract stuff’s got her tied into B&B for a while.

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    I guess Brad Bell gave us that throwaway scene with Eric & Thorne so us fans wouldn’t question why the REAL first born Forrester son isn’t in the race to run the company. Steffy’s pregnant. Welp, at least we know that somebody is having sex on this show. Wake me when it’s over.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Speaking of cast lists, why are actors no longer on the show still edited into the opening credits??[/quote]

    I often wonder the same thing too. I’m a bit surprised that Brad Bell hasn’t removed Ronn Moss or Susan Flannery from the opening credits yet.

    AND, B&B’s official website on still has Brandon Beemer (ex-Owen), Lesley-Anne Down (ex-Jackie) listed on the cast list but not Jack Wagner (ex-Nick)! They don’t even have Adrienne Frantz listed on the website and yet she’s still featured in the opening credits. Zach Conroy (Oliver) is still listed in the opening credits and is also listed as a cast member on but is RARELY ever used!

    As for Y&R, they sure worked fast and got Robert Adamson (Noah) into its opening credits and I’m sure we’ll definitely see Michael Graz’s (ex-Daniel) and eventually Stephen Nichols'(ex-Tucker) pictures removed from the opening credits on Y&R here shortly. They still haven’t gotten Haley Hunter King (Summer) into the opening credits yet.

    However, here’s my thing:

    A show should never put a new cast member into its opening credits until the actor/actress has been with the show for 6 months or more or at least until the show’s EP feels that the actor/actress is going to work out and will be with the show for the long haul. But that’s just my opinion.

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    [quote=harlee490]March, ‘2013 40th anniversary we will see a new opening..mark my words. CBS is going all out on this show to show respect to its legacy.[/quote]

    Now that you mention it Harlee, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. I’m sure that JFP and JG want to get rid of the rest of the dead weight before the 40th Anniversary so that they can showcase the show’s new opening (IF that does occur of course).

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    The current Y&R opening sequence was all done under MAB’s regime with the exception of the addition of Robert Adamson as Noah. He is the only new cast member that has been added to the opening credits.

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    I dont understand the difference of opinion on this show. When you see the different collumns or blogs about this show, there is a large part of the writers that hate this show right now, but there are also people that actually call the show good right now. Its strange.

    This show is not good right now, nor was it good in 2012 and 2011. I dont think we will ever see the powerfull scenes like before. I myself live in the Netherlands, you know there are actually three enjoyable storylines going on right now, but when I download the current episodes that air in the US, the only consistency I see is actually the triangle. The only storyline that has some build up is the triangle, everything around it is just plain stupid, boring, contrived and laughable at best. When Brad would write two different storys alongside the triangle, then everyone would accept it, because the triangle itself is not as bad as some people claim it to be, it are the lazy storys and the waste of other characters around the Liam, hope steffy story, that makes it a mess.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=booze26]When Brad would write two different storys alongside the triangle, then everyone would accept it, because the triangle itself is not as bad as some people claim it to be, it are the lazy storys and the waste of other characters around the Liam, hope steffy story, that makes it a mess.[/quote]
    I don’t think the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle has ever been good solely because everything about the story has been vapid and immature. The writing for this triangle would be acceptable if the participants were freshmen in high school but nothing about it has been adult or even the slightest bit compelling.

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    Today it was good to me. Its coming back. Now that Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Ridge are gone the oter cast can get some airtime. Today everybody was there it was cute Ricks dresses were Forrester Creastions he’s gonna win. Kim Matula told Liam we need a trash bag to pack her shit and get her out cause they deserved their chance. It was good Bell TV. Then she was mugging him down while Steffie was forced to watch.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Bill falling on that sword one of the funniest moments in television. You know they were laughing their asses off on the set when they finished that whole scene. Its getting good. I love the shots of my favorite city. Living in Dallas and having visited L.A. alot it takes you back there. Brad keep up the good work and for all you nay sayers watch the show and be entertained. CBS, ABC killing it right now. Go JFP Josh G. Brad Bell and the ABC King’s Cartini.

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