When Will Neil Stir Leslie’s Coffee Next on The Young and the Restless?

Neil (Kristoff St. John) found Cane (Daniel Goddard) sitting in his old chair at Jabot. Cane quickly welcomed him back, but when the phone rang, it was for Cane, not Neil. While Cane and Neil played musical chairs, Tyler (Redaric Williams) hit on Lily (Christel Khalil) yet again.

Leslie (Angell Conwell) tried to keep things with Neil professional, but couldn’t help fantasizing about a shirtless Neil offering to “stir her coffee.”

Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) life has devolved to dealing with a series of mix-ups, as he prepares to open his club.  Avery (Jessica Collins) vowed to get him a copy of his missing liquor license, while he went to several businesses to straighten out the wrong address fiasco.

Meanwhile, Adam (Michael Muhney) arrived at Newman to find Sharon (Sharon Case) already there and working. Soon after, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) showed up and saw them together. She didn’t look happy.

At Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle), the couple was suiting up to begin their fight to make sure Jack (Peter Bergman) and Victor (Eric Braeden) get control of Jabot and Newman respectively.

At Newman, Adam and Billy sparred, before Adam had a clandestine elevator meeting with one of his spies. For a moment, I almost felt like I was watching Alias.

How great was it to see Mark Pinter back on soaps as Congressman Marcus Wheeler? He plays politicians so well. Boy, do I missAnother World.

Adam returned home to find his and Chelsea’s bags packed. He told her he couldn’t leave for two weeks, because of an emergency at Newman. She started to cry, and realized nothing would ever change with him.

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    I just saw this episode, and sadly, you’ve just described the workings of the entire episode in those stanzas. The entire episode!

    Luke, I have to agree with you. I know some may not want her back but this show needs VR. I’m not even a fan of GH and I can honestly say, Y&R needs to take a page out of GH’s book– bring back vets who have the ability to drive actual story! And like it or not, Drucilla is one of those characters who drives story and Victoria Rowell is synonymous with this character. Anyone else playing the role would be just too distracting.

    If Darnell Williams is indeed exiting the Y&R landscape, then wouldn’t it be great if we discover that he’s actually been nursing, caring for and loving an amnesiac Drucilla while she has been recovering from a near fatal fall? We could see Drucilla recover her memory in flashes with images of of all the people in her life.
    At first she thinks these are vivid dreams but as they continue she decides to reveal this to Sarge, who is reluctant to see where this leads out of fear that he will lose his wife (have we ever seen how/where Sarge lives??).
    Ultimately, Sarge, still conflicted, decides to help his wife put pieces of the puzzle together and helps her find a solution which results in putting her back in Genoa City (Sarge commutes, of course) and back into the orbit of Neil, the Winters family, Sharon and everyone who was part of her heretofore mysterious past.
    That’s just a bit of what I was thinking (LOL).

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @MsAgentProvocateur1: Yet, Victoria Rowell made it so (if not unexpectedly so) that the Winter’s family cannot work without her in the role of Dru. It’s like the Kanes without Susan Lucci as Erica. It just can’t work. You have people trying. But she was a master at editing hers and everyone else’s scripts to make them have pizzaz. It is often imitated. But never duplicated! And the Brass at Sony are just “spinning their wheels,” with their umpteenth attempt to recreate the magic. Sometimes you gotta bite your ego and throw out the first offer…This is not about ego’s it’s about saving a genre and the folks at GH have figured that out.

    If she needs the water chilled at 34f. Then chill at that! Do what you got to do get what you can’t replace.

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    Good God no to VR coming back!! She ate the scenery in every scene she was in. Keep her far far away. There is a reason no one will hire her… she’s a B#$ch who wants it all her own way.

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    Friday’s episode reminded me of how boring this show has been for years and still is. With Leslie hopelessly fantasizing about a shirtless Neil I was so embarassed by the length of the sequence that I wanted to turn off the tv and the show forever. It was just stupid.

    The drama with Cane hiring Neil back after being fired by Jack is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and, quite possibly, the reason that Cane should be fired as well. Who would ever do that?! Even if Neil is his father in law, why would a man who was pissed off months ago that he didn’t get the job and was only a few weeks ago worried that Devon, a kid who never really had a job other than spinning music, would steal his place at Jabot GIVE NEIL HIS JOB?!!! It’s just dumb.

    AS hot as Tyler is, the OBVIOUS way he is being written makes him and the story the dullest thing going on this show besides Carmine going after Lauren. In both cases its blatantly obvious and I hope in the Lily case, Roxy… Devon’s girlfriend, notices and says something to Devon and Devon confronts the man. With both Lauren and Lily, these affairs, if they happen, could be sweet and warranted since Michael is DA and works all the time and Cane (if he kept CEO position would ahve been doing the same) so these two women found the attention lacking at home exciting and accidently fall to these hot men’s charms. Sadly, it aint that way so it’s just wrong.

    The best part is that Adam is back. The behind your back dealings he is doing to save Newman from Victor’s clutches and (time will tell) save it for Jack is great! I never understood the selfish “I hate Adam” mantra that Victoria and Nick held towards Adam from the character’s arrival in GC. Sure over time Adam has done horrible things to them .. well, Nick… but so has Victor and worse and they forgive him. Victoria’s suspicious nature towards him is ridiculous. I hope Adam wins.

    Sadly, Billy siding with Victoria to get Newman back in Victor’s hands is EXACTLY why he was fired in the first place by Jack, no matter how you look at it! After Jack is done with rehab, I hope he kicks Billy to the curb because getting Newman was not the drugs it was Jack’s hatred for everything that Victor has done to his family and finally winning over Victor. By Billy working to get Newman back in the Moustache’s hands, even if to keep Jabot in Jack’s is not looking out for Jack’s interests but squarely looking out for Victoria;’s and her daddy’s.

    Any way you look at it, Jack loses in this scenario because Victor will hold over Jack’s head how Jack’s brother helped him and how Jack still has no one. Dumb move, Billy and WRITERS.

    PLUS, the show is BORING!!

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    Im not liking Neil with that person. I wasnt watching when Druicilla was there but I want her cause of all the stuff I hear everyone talk about. I would rather see Sophia with Neil, than leslie. I liked Sophia. I dont know why she was put on reoccuring. Neil is a hot hunk and he needs chemistry.
    To add, since the new writers took over Im not enjoying this show anymore. I dont like that they burnt down Glo Worm or the Newman Ranch. WTF possed them to burn down iconic places. I dont like the Avery cooking, or the Bonnie and Clyde stuff. I may be dropping this show now that my others are coming back. I dont like what the new writer did.

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    Regardless of what people have heard or think about Victoria, she was such a huge part of the show and made such an impact that most fans would welcome her back with very open arms.

    I really don’t give a shit about what goes on behind the scenes. Especially if it doesn’t show on screen, which it never did.

    So she has an ego. So what. Looks at a lot of the public figures out there, and so what if she’s “only” a soap actress. She was DAMN great in that role and everyone knew it. The show could use Dru back.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]First Avery, then Leslie…… is Katherine going to be next, daydreaming of a shirtless Murphy stirring her afternoon cocktails??
    Why not? I loved shirtless Neil and enjoy that the writers are putting some fun back into Y&R. It’s a 180 degree turn from the sadistic story lines like Diane’s murder, which featured one character after another assaulting Diane, over and over and over.

    If ole Murphs in shape BRING IT ON! Katherine deserves to have some fun after being after being saddled with the always depressed Tucker for the last 3 years. Sick of Katherine having to play mommy to a man’s who almost a Senior Citizen himself.

    Fantasy and fun shouldn’t stop just because of age. I thought Kay, Colin, and Jill were hilarious when Colin appeared to Kay in Jill’s pink robe. Too bad JG wasn’t writing back then he could have had a field day with the 3 of them living in the Chancellor mansion.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am a fan of Victoria Rowell but if she is going to be banned for life from YR then I really think the part should be recast because Dru’s absence leaves a huge hole in the canvass. VR may be awesome but if Terry Lester and Brendaa Dickson can be replaced so can she.
    There are a grip of black actresses in the age range necessary to play Dru ( between 40 and 50ish) that are available. I bet Renee Jones would drive her tractor off the farm and straight to Genoa City if she was offered the role. And if not her there are many capable actresses out there…Lauren B Martin, Amelia Marshall, Jasmine Guy, Valarie Pettiford, Tracey Ross, Persia White, Renee Elise Goldsberry…all would be viable candidates.

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    pjc722 … your post #5 is again right on the mark. Especially the paragraph concerning Adam. Those two spawns of Enkil and Akasha, I mean Victor and Nikki, never realize or accept that their spoiled selfish attitude of entitlement toward their new found half sibling from the get go is what set so many events in motion.

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    hey mon

    tedew — You are a hoot. I can picture Victor being in ancient Egypt long ago.

    Congrats to Kristoff St John being in such great shape for a guy in his 40s. What an example for all of us who are approaching 50 yrs of age. I am looking forward to Leslie being a bigger part of the canvas in the year to come. Hopefully, Josh G will mellow out Tyl;er a little bit, before everyone starts hating him — he’s way too forward, and the Lane people are scorching the earth in their dislike for the guy.

    As far as Victoria Rowell coming back. I’d welcome her return in a Motown second. Yesterday, I was watching her on ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories” and she seemed just as forceful and radiant as ever. Who’d have thunk she grew up in the same as as Steven King? Come back Drucilla.

    And what a change a year makes for Chelsea. Last year at this time, she was persona non grata. Having arrived in Genoa City, as part of Victor’s scheme to hurt Billy. Now she’s a smart Mrs Newman (the only normal one), having gracefully given up adoption of her little child to her sister-in-law. How long will she put up with the other Mrs Newman (3X over) barging in on her husband?

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    TraceyAbbott…can’t wait the walls of NE to come life…to be heard though out. Hopeful Victor is there…taunting ;)

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]I m waiting for the slap down between Sharon and the victorious Chelsea![/quote]

  12. Profile photo of Divagalore

    As much as I loved Victoria Rowell as Drucilla, its obvious Sony/JFP doesn’t want her back, so i’m not going to sit here almost 6yrs after her departure, and assume she’s going to save Neil from a boring S/L. Victoria is a fantastic actress, but if Y&R is serious about giving Neil a love life, and creating a matriarch character for the Winters clan, they could definitely do it by hiring a talented actress that they’re willing to invest in. So i’m at the point if a new actress did come on board, I would prefer she be a new character opposed to reprising the role of Drucilla. Again, great character that I truly enjoyed back in the day, but I just don’t see a lot of long term viewers being happy with anyone other than VR in the role. I could just see it now, there would be so many complaints and comparisons of how she’s “not Dru”. This is why I think a new character would be most suitable for this part.

    Just speaking of Neil’s love life…I started out liking Leslie, but now i’m bored with her cat and mouse role she’s playing. All of a sudden her having issues with being involved with a co-worker is so lame. One minute they’ve grown close enough to start sleeping together, then he returns to work and she no longer wants romance with a co-worker….now she’s fantasizing about him?? GMAB! It was the writers that decided to isolate all the black folks at Jabot, so this is just feeling like another failing relationship for Neil as soon as it starts to take off. I definitely have to give KSJ credit for sticking it out with this show for 20+yrs, b/c the brotha is just being so misused at Y&R, its not even funny. I actually feel for the actor based on some of the scenes he’s had recently. Neil’s a great looking guy with a beautiful body, and deserves to have just as many S/Ls, and love in the afternoon as Nick, Billy, Adam, hell even victor, but he always gets shortchanged. I don’t know when was the last time he’s had a consistent story that was interesting. I will admit it was better times when Bill Bell was at the helm of the show, and we actually saw Neil(and family) in front burners, but things changed drastically these days. So even if Dru was to return, that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting what we want to see. The current regime seems to have their core favorites that gets heavy focus, and I gotta keep it real, “The Winters” don’t seem to fit within that group.

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    Diva…well said and I’ve said the same thing. I like Leslie, but now something’s off with this pairing. Writing gone wrong? I don’t know.

    I did like today’s episode where again Lily basically had to tell creepy Tyler to get lost. I’m worried what’s in store here…not that someone may come between Lily and Cane, but that they may have him force himself on her, which would be a huge…YUCK.

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