Who Should Elizabeth Find Love With on General Hospital?

Frank Valentini’s interview with Sara Bibel, in which he discussed Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) impending love story, made me ponder who might reawaken our favorite Port Charles nurse’s flame of love.
Since I’ve never thought of Patrick’s (Jason Thompson) and Elizabeth’s relationship in brother/sister terms, I have always hoped they'd explore something more. At the same time, I think Elizabeth and AJ (Sean Kanan) have onscreen chemistry together.

There are a number of eligible single Port Charles men or former residents who Elizabeth could be find love with. Johnny’s (Brandon Barash) chances with Carly (Laura Wright) seem to be deteriorating, especially with Todd (Roger Howarth) working so hard to keep her. John McBain could take interest in Elizabeth, since Sam (Kelly Monaco) is still adjusting to Jason’s (Steve Burton) absence.
Maybe General Hospital could develop another Elizabeth vs. Sam rivalry, but over John this time? Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) could return to Port Charles to woo Elizabeth, though Valentini’s hint Liz’s soon to be man is already on canvas might pose a problem there.

Who would you like to see Elizabeth paired with on General Hospital?

Who Should Elizabeth Find Love With on General Hospital?

  • Someone else. (15%, 595 Votes)
  • Bring back Ric Lansing for Elizabeth (14%, 576 Votes)
  • Elizabeth and Todd (1%, 27 Votes)
  • Elizabeth and Patrick (9%, 361 Votes)
  • Elizabeth and John McBain (5%, 210 Votes)
  • Elizabeth and Johnny (12%, 486 Votes)
  • Elizabeth and AJ (44%, 1,802 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,057


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39 Responses

  1. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I thought that AJ and Liz had chemistry in their recent scenes, but I also believe that Elizabeth really loved Jason. In mho…. it is too soon after Jason dying for her to look at his brother in this way. I could see them becoming good friends though. They could both use a friend…someone to count on in times of trouble…or just to share time with.

    I don’t see Patrick and Liz’s relationship as brotherly/sisterly at all. I personally have always loved their friendship. BOTH have stepped up for each other numerous times. They could easily move into romance…BUT…”My Liz loving heart” does not want this because she will always be second choice as long as Robin is alive…so I say no to Patrick.

    John McBain and Sam have chemistry overload. If they don’t pursue this relationship…the TPTB would be insane. So no to John.

    Sigh….I love Todd…he totally cracks me up…and because I know he will always get a lot of air time, I would want to consider him for Liz…BUT I just can’t see these two together. I have to say I am loving Todd with Carly…which is amazing…as I normally can’t stand Carly…once again Couple Gold….They need to proceed ahead with Tarly. So no to Todd.

    No to Ric…the man poisoned her and tried to kill her while married to her….He is too unhinged for a normal relationship…Do I love the character…of course…BUT anyone going back for a second round, with that kind of toxic history …would be insane…I want a good loving relationship for Elizabeth this time…so no to Ric.

    So that leaves Johnny…I say bring him on….Clean him up first though LOL.

  2. Profile photo of Cordelia Chase
    Cordelia Chase

    Elizabeth and AJ might work. The actors do have some great chemistry and most of the Quartermaines like Elizabeth, or at least ambivalent to her.

    I’ve always seen Liz/Patrick undertones, but I don’t want it to happen because we all know eventually Robin will come back, and Patrick would and should choose his wife. Elizabeth doesn’t need that heartbreak.

    Elizabeth and John? No thanks. I can totally seem them as friends, best friends even, but nothing more. Also, can we PLEASE discourage any future Liz/Sam rivalry? Jason and Lucky were enough. No more. Liz and Sam are not Erica and Brooke.

    I can definitely see Johnny giving Liz some sexual healing. Really, the woman needs a no-strings relationship in which she gets some satisfaction. She’s cried and been hurt enough. It’s exhausting have to watch it over and over and over again.

    Elizabeth and Todd? Barf. I don’t see a rape survivor getting hot and heavy with a convicted rapist. I love Todd like whoa, but not with Elizabeth. No way.

    I always liked Liz/Ric. I’d like them even more if Ric were sane.

  3. Profile photo of lcrtorch

    No to AJ – not because he’s Jason’s brother-but he looks just like Jason he has the same demons as Lucky, and slimey like Ric.

    Hell no to Todd – RAPIST

    No to Johnny – He should be in the Starr/Michael s/l

    No to John – Sam

    If they can get Tyler Christopher back for the Cassadine s/l, I wish they would start the relationship that the old regime never did.

  4. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Although Todd and Liz would be good I think a lot of people would be upset since he’s a rapist. Although I can see them falling in love and Liz finding out later he is a rapist and the fall out from that. Just like when Lucky found out about Luke/Laura.

    Johnny and Liz seems cool but I’m not too overjoyed.

    In that interview, Frank didn’t even know people hated that stupid Sabrina character. He actually said he thought everyone loved her!! I fear for GH in the long run if this guy is too stupid to note the obvious.

  5. Profile photo of fantasyfan

    Elizabeth and AJ – This might be okay but I can’t really say I want it. I’d rather have them just be friends I think.

    Elizabeth and Johnny – Maybe. I’d be good with a friendship that evolved into more after he was was redeemed a bit. I think they’d be cute together and it would mean she actually had a real storyline.

    Elizabeth and John McBain – Nope. I think he works well with Sam and I don’t want another triangle.

    Elizabeth and Patrick – I’d totally want this if Robin was actually dead. I never got a brother/sister vibe from them at all. However, since Robin’s alive I’m not interested in them being romantically entangled since it would just mean Liz would end up hurt in the end. However, I really wish they would show more of their friendship. This whole Sabrina/Britt/Patrick thing is just ridiculous.

    Elizabeth and Todd – No. Just no!

    Elizabeth and Ric Lansing – No way; if he comes back it should be for Alexis.

    Elizabeth and Someone else – Yes, please bring back Nik. I’d also be okay with them bringing in someone new and interesting for her!

  6. Profile photo of ssa

    Jax, please. Liz and Jax had great chemistry dating back to when she was going to be the surrogate mom for his child with ???? I don’t remember the wife. A transplant from Liz’s son Jake saved the life of Jax’s daughter Jocelyn. Letting Liz have a step-mother relationship with Jocelyn would be really sweet and would heal some of the pain of Jake’s death not just for Liz, but for me as a Liz & Jake fan. And it would drive Carly nuts, which is another plus.

  7. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    In the 11 months or so that I’ve been watching GH again, I have to say I haven’t seen any kind of personality in Liz, so I can’t picture her with anyone. Maybe a wallpaper salesman.

  8. Profile photo of bishbay

    I ship Liz/convent. Or Liz/Antarctica. Liz/the Moon. Liz/under the sea, swimming with mermaids! Liz/the Sahara Desert, hanging with the Bedouin. Liz/North Dakota oil rig, keeping it real with the leathernecks. Liz/the Earth’s core. Liz/new life in New York City! Liz/Rio de Janeiro (Carnival!). Liz/Moscow (brr!). Liz/the Serengeti. Liz/Carnival (cruise line nurse!) Liz/running with the gazelles in Africa. Liz/living with the Aborigines.

  9. Profile photo of liason4real

    Ewen was brought on for Liz, and RC decided to make him involved in Robin’s kidnapping. Liz could have had a fun and flirty romance with Ewen.

    Nicholas? No. Liz has always seen Nik as a brother more than Patrick.

    Patrick? Yes and No. There are Electric fans out there, but we all know with Robin alive that Patrick would go back to his wife. Yes, Robin gave Liz the go ahead to be with Patrick, but I would rather see Liz with a man that is all about Liz, and not his soon to be alive wife.

    Todd? No.

    John? No.

    AJ? I don’t think so, because Liason has that thing that will never die and AJ would eventually lose out to Jason’s memories with Liz.

    Sonny? Heck, no!

    Johnny? How can Liz be with Johnny a mobster when the show constantly refused to allow Liz/Jason to be in an open relationship even though they shared thirteen years of history and a son?

    Ric? Heck, no! Ric tried to kill Liz twice, and she remarried the man which was a huge turn off.

    Matt? No. Matt is way too childish and immature for Liz.

    Spinelli? No.

    Sonny? No.

    Jax? It would be fun to watch Carly’s head explode as LiJax fell in love and Liz ended up helping to raise Jake’s kidney.

    Liz has not been in a romantic love story since 2010, when Guza finally pulled the plug on Niz (thank you soap Gods!).

    Lucky? Hell to the no! Liz/RH has gone down that road with all three versions of Lucky, it is time to let that couple stay dead.

  10. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    As much as I agree that Liz and AJ have chemistry, I am against them as a couple.

    Johnny disgusts me so no to that one.

    Would be open to a Liz/McBain coupling but not interested in a triangle with Sam.

    I have always thought Liz should have been in the role that Sabrina is in with regards to Patrick so I am all for that couple being oven a shot.

    Never thought of Todd but it would be an interesting choice and I bet Rebecca and Roger would have great chemistry.

    I love Rick Hearst but no a million times to Rick Lansing.

    Who else is there currently on the canvass? Sonny is a definite no. Dante? Would be a bit messy and call for Liz to play the role of home wrecker so no. Hell no to Spinelli. Shawn would be an interesting choice.

  11. Profile photo of spixiefan721

    I want Liz with McBain, and I admit it is because I have the alterior motive of wanting SAM with JOHNNY Z!!!! I just think they would be smokin hot.. they are such tortured souls, it would be great, at least for awhile until/unless Jason came back!!!!

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I voted liz and johnny because though I prefer him with maxie, Im afraid they are preparing to ditch johnny and I would take him with liz over no johnny at all any day. He might even help me finally start to like her again.

    She has ZERO chem with any of the others.

  13. Profile photo of spixiefan721

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]I voted liz and johnny because though I prefer him with maxie, Im afraid they are preparing to ditch johnny and I would take him with liz over no johnny at all any day. He might even help me finally start to like her again.She has ZERO chem with any of the others. [/quote]

    See, this is why I don’t want her with Johnny…. Johnny is one of my favorites and I just fear that I will end up having to FF through his scenes in the samae way I have to FF through Sam and McBain, even though I love Sam. Just really can’t stomach McBam and I don’t want Liz to ruin Johnny for me. :( Well I guess we’ll see what happens.

  14. Profile photo of THEBEST

    McBain? Maybe. They would have to chem test them so I could see how I feel, but he already has EXPLOSIVE chemistry with Sam…

    AJ, YES! Sean Kanan has chemistry with virtually every woman on the show. I’m always down for anything to expand the Quartermaine family.

    Todd has chemistry with everyone on the show, but not exactly romantic chemistry. The only woman that is evenly matched to be with him is Carly.

    Ric’s currently not on canvas, so I don’t think it’s him. I was a LiRic fan yrs ago, but after the crap he pulled with my Liz, HELL NO!

    I don’t see this brother/sister chemistry with Patrick that FV is talking about. I think he was just defending the Sabrina character & her storyline. “Electric” has great potential! Besides, they haven’t really played their friendship as heavy in the recent months as they did when Robin first “died”.

    I could get jiggy with Liz & Johnny. Once he eventually gets out of this legal trouble that he’s in, there’s gotta be someone that can help rehabilitate him. He & Carly are done. Starr is NOT an option anymore. I guess if they insisted to keep Britt around, she could be a viable love interest once she’s exposed for the bitch she is. I wouldn’t mind Johnny with Maxie, tho. I like Ellie & Spixie’s time has come & gone IMO.

  15. Profile photo of Cordelia Chase
    Cordelia Chase

    [quote=GHvetfan]Ravennite – that would be out of the blue. Who? Maxie?

    I vote Mac so Maxie’s head explodes.[/quote]

    This needs to happen, and a smirking Elizabeth should insist Maxie call her “Mommy.”

    Also, Mac is hot. Yum.

  16. Profile photo of svexsal

    This post got me excited that Ric might be coming back. But then I realized there’s no reason for him to do so and that it’d just be a bunch of clutter on our screen if he did. Maybe the discovery and my long suspicion that Cameron is actually Ric’s and not Zander’s.
    I’d be down for Liz and and older man. But who’s available? Nobody. Exactly.
    So if I have to choose, I guess AJ because it’ll give Sam, Sonny and Carly a reason to interact with her and repeat – almost verbatim – their lines from 2002-2003 when Liz and Ric were first involved.

  17. Profile photo of 96meimei

    I love the relationship that Elizabeth & Patrick have always had–the scene when she was in Shadybrook was heart breaking–and FV obviously doesn’t know from sisters & brothers because that so isn’t what has been shown. Yes the writers co-opted and Elizabeth s/l for oh so boring Sabrina. I would love them BUT there is that Robin factor.

    AJ-no real objections haven’t seen them together but in one scene since I don’t watch GH. I have no problem with him being a jm brother. SK is good looking and suits her just as SBu did so I wouldn’t fuss about it if it were a real relationship and not him trying to use her because I’m sick of that direction for her.

    Johnny Z. I thought they would work about a year ago and BB is a good actor just gets crap s/l. I could see them becoming friends and falling in love–maybe.

    Jax-oh yeah I could see them together no problem, in fact he would probably be the right guy for her, plus you get to se Carly’s head spin around like a top. He’s sexy and so is she when written properly, he loves kids and she has two cuties.

    John McBain–no got Sam cooties-and they seem to be right for each other chemistry wise

    NO to Lucky–don’t ever, ever go there again–no way, no how–NO also to Nic

    Absolutely NO freaking way for Elizabeth with rapist Todd–let carly do that they are well suited.

    Ric Lansing-god no-psycho sneaky snake attempted to kill her twice so that wouldn’t be a good idea no matter how good he is now. I actually always liked him with Sam–go figure.

    Sonny–dumb idea, too smarmy

    No to Dante, Spinelli–lol, Shawn–no not really

    Despite the nay sayers Becky has chemistry with nearly everyone even that boring Sabrina seems perked up around her. She is a great actress and brings out the best in her partners and I would love to see her in an excellent love story with a guy who wants her and works for her and she works just as hard to be with him. Every soap needs an anchoring great couple–GH doesn’t have one of those she and AJ or Jax or even Patrick could be that couple.

  18. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Woah Woah Woah!…..Todd or Johnny…..Really?!?! Two rapists being paired with a victim of rape…HELL NO!

    If JJ has no plans to return and if Tyler C does come back to portray Nik for the 50th Anniversary and sticks around, explore their relationship, AJ is gross, John is for Sam, and I’d rather not see another Liz vs Sam round 9999 for goodness sakes, Ric as someone previously mentioned is too crazy to be paired romantically with Liz espeically with their past and with Patrick, it wouldn’t be as effective as a viewer since we know that Robin is alive.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I just have seen a number of posts where todd and johnny are talked about equivalently and I just dont see it. Even IF you are going to say johnny was a rapist because he didnt believe connie could give informed consent, at the same time connie was threatening essentially to have johnny killed if he didnt go with it. While I might otherwise say yeah having sex with someone who cant consent is rape – and I WILL say that about aj if aj has sex with connie believing she isnt real to get revenge on sonny – the element of his life being on the line changes things totally for me. If as I believe they make connie real, then he really isnt a rapist but just did something really really morally wrong and by that standard, who in PC doesnt deserve to fry? All that said, worst case scenario, he STILL cant be mentioned in the same breath with todd. Todd in terms of soap rapists is in a league of his own. The ONLY reason todd is even remotely viable for me is that he nearly gave up his life for marty and I STILL find that the only character that makes me forget his past is blair, solely because of the chemistry.

  20. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Todd has at least acknowledged his role as a rapist. Has Luke? I don’t know. That’s a sincere question. I have never heard that he has accepted responsibility.

    The other thing about Todd that people like to ignore is that Todd is not a serial rapist. It’s not a behavior for him. He chose a wrong and an evil path when he took part in the gang rape of Marty, but has he been a serial rapist, as so many others in real life have? No. He has atoned to an extent. Because everyone has labeled him a rapist, he has never been able to see himself as anything but evil, so he succumbs to that side of himself more than he should.

    I’m not saying Todd should ever be let off the hook for the things that he has done, but I do think he has tried as best he can to atone for what he did to Marty, and she did more or less for give him (whether it was to him or to Victor-as-Todd, it still counts).

    If Marty forgives him, and Todd has tried to atone, it’s now the problem of those who won’t forgive him. If you can’t get past it, that’s on you.

  21. Profile photo of SZima

    I was going to vote Ric until I was reminded of all the crap he put Elizabeth through.

    I am really liking the rapport between Elizabeth and AJ, and if AJ truly HAS changed, I would like to see them happen…Lots of story potential there with him being Jason’s brother and all. However, Valentini said it was NOT AJ when asked directly.

    Since it’s supposed to be someone already on canvas, it’s very limited and not too promising. The only one left that I wouldn’t mind…IF HIS RECENT ACTIONS CAN LOGICALLY BE EXPLAINED AWAY…is Johnny. I’m one of the ones that liked Johnny & Carly and he was really sweet with Josslyn, so I could see him with Elizabeth and her boys.

  22. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I am glad they are taking their time giving Liz a new romantic partner. She loved Jason, so she needed time to get over his death. Besides, under Guza and Phelps, all the women seemed so weak and under the thumb of their male interest. I want to see Liz grow and become strong and stand on her own for once. I see a bit of chemistry between her and AJ, he is very attractive, but I could see her turning Johnny around.I’m sure Ron C. knows how popular Becky is and just wants to give her a good storyline. We have to stay patient. I just want to see some REAL romance for a change.

  23. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    I would rather it not be AJ. Liz has already been with an addict and I really don’t want to see the poor girl having to leave her kids with a sitter to go search the bars for her man. Patrick would be my choice because it would be really good stuff if they really fell in love only to have Robin show back up. The turmoil would be brilliant with those 3, I believe.

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=FaisonFanInTexas]I would rather it not be AJ. Liz has already been with an addict and I really don’t want to see the poor girl having to leave her kids with a sitter to go search the bars for her man. Patrick would be my choice because it would be really good stuff if they really fell in love only to have Robin show back up. The turmoil would be brilliant with those 3, I believe.[/quote]

    I couldn’t agree more, I feel a lot are mentioned they don’t want AJ because he is Jason’s brother but my big issue is that it would be another addictive personality she would have to look after.

    I was all for Patrick but I would hate them to start something when I truly believe that Patrick already found his true love (Robin) so I would always feel like she wasn’t getting everything from him. And I must confess I’ve always loved their friendship

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    TVGord – Im over it but I havent forgotten it if that makes sense. Im over it in that I was entirely comfortable shipping tnb hardcore for eons but at the same time I havent forgotten it. Im not sure I believe marty ever forgave todd one or todd two (i think more todd one than todd two but even though she said on several occasions that she was tolerant of todd/bordering on forgiving at the same time we saw with the amnesia story that residual hatred was right there under the surface). I just dont buy the idea of liz and todd because of her history with rape. you would think carly would be of similar issue because of her faux rape history with ric, but that part of carlys history was swept under the rug it seems when tb left the role and lw took over. Her carly seems way more morally flexible than I think tbs carly was growing in to.

  26. Profile photo of Grimm

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]How about liz and sabrina hooking up in the first GH lesbian relationship.[/quote]

    I think you’re close and that Valentini is totally playing the pronoun game with reference to Liz “Love interest” being “someone” on canvas already.

    Liz/BRITT will spin out of the eventual Patrick/Sabrina hookup. Liz throwing Dr Westnile the bitchface was a pre-amble much in the way when 2 opposite sex characters hate each other..you know they are going to fall in love.

    Liz’s love with be Bitchy Britt’s salvation (shades of Otalia on GL!)

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