General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn Slams Jon Bon Jovi by Calling Him “Less Drunk Than Jack Wagner”

This could make for an uncomfortable workplace environment if and when Jack Wagner returns for General Hospital's 50th Anniversary. Outspoken Twitter diva Nancy Lee Grahn stirred up a hornet’s nest during the Golden Globes with a tweet about Jon Bon Jovi looking drunk, which included a dig at Wagner. Tweeted Grahn:

Wagner retweeted Grahn’s words during the award show, and explained this morning in a series of tweets why he'd done so. Read his response after the jump!

Grahn tried smoothing things over this morning with two follow up tweets. She told one person it was a joke, and responded to another by saying she didn’t know he was an alcoholic or in recovery.

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    I give NLG a pass for a lot of the things she says but as a woman whose grandfather, Aunt & Brother were all functioning alcoholics and I myself still deal with the burden of knowing when enough is enough I call BULL on her not knowing.

    Don’t knock a guy who is trying and lay off my Jersey Boy Brother, he has done a lot for my state and if he wants to gets drunk off of free booze – I say power to him.

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    I am sure her comment was intended in jest. I only wish she was more mindful of her speech given how self-righteous she presents herself. I wish she’d talk less and focus on bringing more life into her performances. She unjustly walked away with an Emmy last year when she didn’t have the work to even submit herself for the nomination, yet she was vocal about Lexi Ainsworth’s Emmy loss the year prior. She generally comes off as a hypocrite.

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    [quote=Katiebug9624]How in the high hell would Nancy know if Jack Wagner had been an alcoholic? He hasn’t been on GH in YEARS she doesn’t know that man.[/quote]

    Because it was and is pretty common knowledge that Jack Wagner has had a history with alcohol/drugs in his past, so unless NLG lives under the one rock in Hollywood – she knew

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    I used to follow Ms. Grahn on Twitter but stopped many months ago because she is unkind, not funny. She rams her opinions down your throat and leaves no room for anyone else’s opinion. It’s good to see her get some of that back.

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    I think what she was trying to say was just that he looks like Jack Wagner, which he does. Not sure that she was saying anything about Jack being drunk, but just Bon Jovi looking drunk.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=sponge89]She rams her opinions down your throat and leaves no room for anyone else’s opinion.[/quote]

    Unlike 95% of everyone else on social media/message boards (myself included)! :-D

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    Well this might not be the most liked opinion but its Nancy’s twitter she can say what she wants BUT she should expect to be called out for something she’s said. Though I do think she just meant it in jest.

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    [quote=Katiebug9624]Really Ravennite613? I had no idea and i’m a junkie when it comes to hollywood gossip.[/quote]

    Yes – You can google it- I think most of it came to a head during his last rocky relationship with Heather Locklear

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    Why does anyone get offended by anything said on something called “Twitter”? The name alone tells you what to expect.

    These modern times……(shakes head and retreats back into his cave)

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    While this comes off terribly, and you can take or leave her political opinions, she’s not a stupid person. I feel fairly certain that she is sincere in not having realized Wagner had addiction issues.

    It seems clear that her *intent* was to say that the 2013 version of Bon Jovi looks more like 2013 Jack Wagner at this point than the old (younger) Bon Jovi (which is SO true)… except than Bon Jovi also looked drunk at the Globes. Ergo, a “drunk Jack Wagner.”

    It was a stupid, thoughtless, unvetted spur-of-the-moment comment that was just ambiguous enough to understandably offend others. In other words, it was a tweet.

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    I guess I’m the bad guy here because I think it was opportunistic in other ways for Jack Wagner. He could have contacted her privately but no, he chose to pontificate and create a firestorm when he knew she had no idea he was a recovering alcoholic. He’s using it for all it’s worth to promote himself and I don’t care what anybody says different about it. Worse things are said and meant to be said in a hurtful way and if anyone on this board can with a straight face claim they haven’t at someone else’s expense whether you knew them or not, made sport of, talked about them in a derogatory or pejorative way then I pat you on the back for being perfect. NLG apologized and I hope she doesn’t feel she owes the guy more than that.

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    And she had no clue he had struggled with alcohol. He’s handled this with selfish motives in mind and that should be obvious to everyone with eyes.

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    [quote=Katiebug9624]How in the high hell would Nancy know if Jack Wagner had been an alcoholic? He hasn’t been on GH in YEARS she doesn’t know that man.[/quote]

    I’ve never worked with JW or even met the man and I knew, I read it in an interview he gave I believe in People and then it was brought up again when Heather was going through all her issues. There is no way that NLG who worked in soaps in the 80s at the same time as JW didn’t know that, its way to small of industry and its extremely common knowledge, as in he is very open about it.

    I like NLG but she does this a lot, she shoots her mouth off on twitter in very rude and disrespectful ways and then acts like she didn’t know or it was a joke, and while sometimes its funny and not a big deal other times you know you’re hitting a personal area. This was rude and she needs to just own up to the fact that she crossed a line, and possibly think before she tweets.

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    I find that Nancy has a HUGE EFFIN mouth. The one thing that NLG should consider is to either get a better platform to bully and ridicule people OR just shut up! I am not defending Jack Wagner nor commenting on what Nancy said, what I am commenting on is the fact that she finds it necessary to COMMENT on everything on Twitter!!!

    Honestly, with all that shaggy hair on her head, you would think more sense would be under it.


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    [quote=TV Gord]The people who want her to shut up, I’m curious. Why are you following her?[/quote]

    I’d like to know the answer to that question myself. If these people who follow Nancy, want to shut her up so bad; then they need to block her on twitter. That will shut her up.

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    [quote=jesnie]:bigsmile: She was just kidding !!!! :bigsmile:[/quote]

    That’s too bad for NLG, especially because she, her sister, & her mother lived with the consequences of having an alcoholic father for many years during her young life growing up in NW Illinois.

    Sometimes biting, tongue-in-cheek humor does not translate well in print!

    Brian :star:

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    Some of you are ridiculous.

    Why would she make a reference to Jack’s drinking in the first place if she didnt already know about it??

    Of course she knew. The fact that she said it anyways despite her family’s experience with alcoholism just shows her to be a spiteful hypocrite.

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    Nancy tries real hard to be witty and cute and often misses the mark – what pleasure she derives from making fun of a disease is beyond me – but luckily people see her for what she is – Jack handled it wonderfully – and she should apologize – but I know she won’t –

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    SoapGuy- I completely agree with you. I think she had to have known or else why would she refer to him as “drunk Jack Wagner” unless she had known of him having an issue with being drunk in the past. I find it hard to believe that she has worked with him, or even worked on the same show with him or his ex (Kristina) and not have known. The soap industry is small and tight knit and basically an everyone knows everyone community. Just being a fan I myself have heard/read instances and know of soap actors (NOT JACK WAGNER in particular) who are “rumored” to have alcohol issues. There’s no way someone who has worked in the industry as long as Nancy has would not have known this about Jack. I think the “I didn’t know” claim is a cop out and a way of covering her behind because she ran off at the mouth, which she seems to do alot of. I love Nancy and usually give her kudos for not being shy of speaking her mind but this time I think she went too far and was hurtful to both Jack and Jon Bon Jovi.

    As far as people commenting that Jack is being “opportunistic” and was wrong to comment about it on Twitter, I disagree. You can imagine that his twitter was probably slammed with people questioning him or commenting on what Nancy said so he was probably addressing it because fans were expecting him to or asking him about it. I personally think that Jack handled it very professionally and that Nancy could take lessons from him in how to act with class and kindness.

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