Y&R’s Phelps on Steve Burton Get: “Steve Loved The Idea of Playing a Character Very Different From Jason Morgan”

The Young and the Restless' executive producer Jill Farren Phelps finally broke her silence on scooping up General Hospital fan favorite Steve Burton. Phelps sat down with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan and spilled the tea on how she convinced Burton to join Y&R as Dylan McAvoy.

TV Guide Magazine: It's no shock Steve Burton is joining Y&R, given your relationship. But how'd you make the magic happen so soon?

Phelps: We didn't start talking seriously until about five weeks ago. We put out the character breakdown for Dylan McAvoy and we were seeing actors for the role. I just kept thinking how great Steve would be in the part but, at first, it was just a dream. I talked to his manager and we were able to make it work out so that Steve could continue to have the life he wants in Nashville. Plus, Steve loved the idea of playing a character very different from Jason Morgan.

Phelps also shared with viewers what they should expect when Dylan hits Genoa City.

TV Guide Magazine: Back to Burton, what can you reveal about his character?

Phelps: Dylan is a war veteran who was greatly traumatized by what happened to him in Afghanistan. He was severely injured and was rescued by a family who helped him recuperate. He's not been heard from for a couple of years, which is why people think he's dead.

TV Guide Magazine: Will we be seeing any of that in flashback?

Phelps: No, but we will use flashbacks to bring the audience into the history of the Dylan-Avery relationship. Avery was the great love of his life, though I'm not sure she quite had the same feelings for him.

Dylan sounds a smidge like Jason, minus that pesky mob enforcer thing. To find out what Phelps had to say about Stephen Nichols' (Tucker) departure click here!

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    I’m loving JFP and Josh G. right now but if I see him with a mask on running around they gone fire her too. Cause you know what happened when the last EP would have dreams and start putting shit in the writers ears. LMAO! We had chipmunks and people’s psychotic kids running around terrorizing folks.

  2. Profile photo of bishbay

    I love Phelps’ attempts to make us believe that someone other than Burton could have gotten this role. Oh, Jill, you’re funny.

    This will be a disaster. Also, Burton lied to the press and by extension his fans. A shame, really–I would have loved if he’d disappeared to TN.

  3. Profile photo of liason4real

    Huh? You would think with all of Jason’s brain farts, the show would have had the character regain all of his memories. There would be no need for Kate/Connie’s DID nonsense, if the show had written Jason Morgan shooting at an enemy only to then freeze as he changed into JQ. JM could have spent months flipping back and forth as JQ.

    How would JQ deal with all of JM’s actions over the last seventeen years? :bigsmile:

  4. Profile photo of Divatude58

    Here are a few things that made me say hhhmmm:

    “He’s brand new. Initially, he’ll be with Avery and Nick and also Sharon. But there’s a long story for Dylan that takes him on a journey from character to character and, ultimately, to someplace you never dreamed he was going to go.”

    What does that read like to me…that Dylan will be in every story with everyone and the show will be centered around him for the unforseeable future…much like GH was centered on Jason Morgan.

    “And, let me tell you, getting Steve is a big shot in the arm for Y&R. ”

    If I didn’t think so before I am sure of it now. TPTB at Y&R are so out of touch with what viewers really want to see and what will bring them back to Y&R. It is not SB and Dylan McAvoy. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone is open to new characters. But Dylan McAvoy is not the reason viewers left Y&R and I doubt he is the reason that viewers return to Y&R.

  5. Profile photo of LisaM

    JFP says he will ultimately end up some place viewers never dreamed he would, since the first assumption was Sharon and they are already interacting I think this means he ends up with someone else. Phyllis is my choice because there is potentially more story for her, Avery, Nick and Summer. That would be more dramatic than Navery and Sharon. It also gives them a chance to mine Phyllis v Avery over someone who isnt Nick Newman.

  6. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    Given JFP’s past, you’d have to disconnect your brain entirely NOT to see this as you see it. Talk about your soap plot whose outcome is utterly predictable! My mom has been a Y&R fan since 1973; I can’t wait to hear what she thinks, because she still rants about that “Cricket person” messing up her story back in 1984. Dylan McAvoy will make Cricket look like an under-five extra.

  7. Profile photo of PNfan

    As long as they don’t jack (no pun intended) Phyllis up trying to give SB or Avery a story. Phyllis is my fav and preferably I’d like she and Nick back together but I wouldn’t be apposed to SB/Dylan. Just no Jack! I love him but I don’t want a redux.

  8. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101


    Nikki’s secret long lost son? Now THERE is an interesting twist, if I do say so myself… Imagine the old dude in diapers having a fit that there is another offspring in GC that he can’t control like a puppet! ! !

    Bye Bye Tyler McCall!

  9. Profile photo of pferrando

    I have no doubt in my mind that she created this story and character knowing full well who she’d have in it.

    If he takes too much time away from the characters the fans WANT, I hope people are vocal enough about it.

  10. Profile photo of lance_prentiss

    I’m wondering if there will be some type of connection between Dylan and Chance. Chance supposedly left Genoa City to return to the Middle East and since Dylan was stationed in Afghanistan…

  11. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’m looking forward to Steve Burton coming on board. I think he will make a great addition to the show and if they handle it correctly and don’t take it the silly soap route, it could be a fascinating story. My only issue would be that Nick and Avery be further along in their story before they brought him on … as well as being further along with all the other newbie stories.

    Right now, we saw just today on Monday’s episode, Noah (a newbie) pushing Adriana (a newbie… and I am sorry to say a slutty and pushy newbie at that THE ACTRESS is great). Tyler (a newbie) flirting like he is god’s gift to the WORLD with Lily. (So happy she finally AND BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENED put Tyler in his place with the fact she was a married woman).

    Then throw in the fact that soooooo many stories have started since Jill came on and NONE… NOOOOONNNNEEEEE… have taken off that to add one more to the show will only make it less enjoyable to jump into it. Sorry, but Jack’s story has sooooo many aspects to it that I don’t know which to route for. Do I want him to keep Jabot? Or do I want him to stick it to Victor and keep Newman? DO I want him to overcome addiction? DO I want him with Phyllis? Do I want him to STOP SEEING HIS DAD, already? And now, do i want him to work with the senator to get one over on Victor? Oh yeah, do I want him to keep the upper hand with Adam? Or do I want him to discover that out of all the ABBOTT’s Billy is worse than Jack ever was for actually siding with the Newman’s to have Jack fail?

    Throw me into the Newman world and we have 2 uber wealthy kids in Nick and Victoria and they both have daddy issues ebcause they go back and forth on love/hate of Victor. At least with Adam we know that he wants dad’s approval but still loathes the man more than anything. Do i want Victoria to make up with Victor and win over Adam? Or do i want her to work on her marriage? Do i want her to comb her hair? And Nick, do I want him to grow a pair and ACTUALLY take care of his baby daughter, Faith?

    And where’s Sarge? They bring on his nephew to be Jack’s assistant and this equally good looking black man is sitting behind a desk only to do Victor’s bidding. It makes no sense why the connection was never shown between these two characters.

    And once again we have the TUCKER WANTS A FAMILY story with Devon acting like a spoiled brat and forgetting that he bedded his dad’s (neil’s) paramour and Devon’s lil sister’s step-momma and DEVON can’t forgive Tucker for his Victor deeds? (Especially with Victor’s history?!!) Then throw in Katherine who can forgive Victor for everything he does but can’t overlook the EXACT same from her own blood THAT SHE WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY gave up decades ago and NEVER once looked for… and I don’t care if she was an alcoholic.

    Sure, I am all over the place in my comment here, but so is Y&R and that’s the point. There is not one rooting factor in this show right now the same as it was 6 months ago with Maria. Slow it down, Jill, and tell the story.

  12. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    [quote=bishbay]I love Phelps’ attempts to make us believe that someone other than Burton could have gotten this role. Oh, Jill, you’re funny.

    This will be a disaster. Also, Burton lied to the press and by extension his fans. A shame, really–I would have loved if he’d disappeared to TN.[/quote]

    Thank you! My feelings exactly…

  13. Profile photo of blake3b

    Remember when her friends from other shows were talented Emmy nominees like Justin Deas and Marj Dusay???

    Now they are Zak from Ghost Adventures wannabes like Steve Burton!

  14. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I’m curious to see Steve in this new role. I can understand him wanting a change from playing Jason. He really was looking bored in the role the past year. As long as he doesn’t take over the whole show, but I doubt Eric Braeden would stand for that.

  15. Profile photo of js3557

    I don’t think Burton lied to anyone. He wanted to live in TN with his family. ABC wouldn’t work with him to do it, so he left GH and moved to TN. Along came Y&R with a deal that would allow him to live in TN and still be on a soap. If you are upset that he isn’t on GH anymore, blame TPTB for not giving him the deal he wanted after over 20 years on the show. If you are angry at Burton for wanting a deal that would allow him to have his family where he wants to, then too bad for you. Burton’s first obligation is to his family, not to his fanbase.

  16. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I’m sure they can write the character differently, but if Steve Burton plays the same stoic, constipated, character then it won’t really mean anything.

    Having him play a crew cut wearing tough guy is probably not a great idea.

  17. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=blake3b]Remember when her friends from other shows were talented Emmy nominees like Justin Deas and Marj Dusay???
    Now they are Zak from Ghost Adventures wannabes like Steve Burton![/quote]

    I wouldn’t mind Deas or Dusay cashing in their FOJ chips. They have both been off my TV screens far too long.

  18. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Of course Steve has to think about himself and his family first. However he is an excellent business man and knows how to work the fan bases. He had to know this would piss some GH fans off. It’s not just to bad for those fans- it’s also to bad for him for loosing them. Jumping ship to a new soap isn’t always a good thing. The fans(Jasam, Liason and JFF’s a like) are not all going to follow. Some fans of this show are going to resent him- just as GH fans have resented OLTL peeps.. Guess we will see how it goes..

  19. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I am of the belief that Steve has no way to please everyone. So, he needs to please his family and himself. If he is happy in Tenn. and on Y and R, more power to him. Take good care of the family. The fans will survive.

  20. Profile photo of js3557

    I am following Burton to Y&R. I started watching last week to familiarize myself with the stories/characters. I like it so far, but they have the worst sets. The decor and furnishings look like they were stolen from a 1975 set. It’s distracting and dark.

  21. Profile photo of dutchess

    I don’t care about Avery, much less a man from her past. Nick belongs in a quad with Sharon, Adam, and Chelsea. Imagine if Chelsea had run off and had a one-night stand with Nick after catching Adam and Sharon kissing. How ironic would it have been if Chelsea had gotten pregnant with Nick’s child shortly after losing her baby with Adam. Fireworks!

  22. Profile photo of pferrando

    I do like it too Harlee, my friend! But would love to see this new ranch they keep referring to. And I would love to see more of Nikki “in her element” in that penthouse!

    I just adore a penthouse view!

  23. Profile photo of happy2

    I am open to giving Steve Burton a chance on the show. He has won several awards and has a huge fan base.
    I’ve seen that bridge and it really doesn’t shine all that much.

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