Chad Unknowingly Exposes Will’s Secret on Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives started with Gabi (Camila Banus) walking down the aisle to marry Nick (Blake Berris).  As the couple started to say “I do”, Chad (Casey Deidrick) interrupted the wedding by saying she should tell the truth about who the real father of her baby is.

I loved how Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) arrived just in time for all the drama to go down.

Rafe (Galen Gering) went all caveman on Chad, causing Hope (Kristian Alfonso) to pull them both out into the church foyer. The three missed out on all the drama inside.

In the church, Nick desperately tried to cling to the lie, but Will (Chandler Massey) wouldn’t let him. He revealed to everyone that he is the father of Gabi’s baby. As much as I loathe Gabi’s plot point pregnancy, I’ll admit the climax delivered.

Gabi ran out of the church. When Nick tried to follow, Julie and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) stopped him, demanding he explain. Sami (Alison Sweeney) was furious and wanted answers of her own from Will. Will said he had to talk to Sonny (Freddy Smith). Sami followed Gabi out of the church and unloaded on her former sister-in-law.

In the bridal room, Sam unleashed on Gabi for "seducing" Will when was vulnerable and trying to make him give up his son. Rafe walked in to hear Sami calling his hermana a "lying little bitch". I have to admit, the wedding day revelations was a smart way to put Safe at odds again.

Best lines of the episode:

Will: “Congratulations dad, you’re going to be a grandfather.”

Billie to Kate: “Oh my god. If Lucas is going to be a grandfather, that would make you…”

Kate: “Don’t…don’t’ you even say it!”

Kate fired Nick from Mad Word, as he was attempting to explain things to his cousin Hope. Nick told her to buy out his contract.

Victor (John Aniston) followed Sonny to his coffee shop and put things in perspective for his grandnephew. He rated the wedding a "7" on a 1 to 10 scale of Salem's wedding scandals, since no one was shot or blackmailed. 

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) was furious that Will would let another man raise his son, given what went down with Sami, Austin and him all those years ago. Lucas vowed that Will shirking his responsibilities as a father was over.

The second best line of the episode was when Caroline (Peggy McKay) asked Eric (Greg Vaughan), “How could you possibly know your gay nephew was the father of Gabi’s baby?”

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    Can we talk about Hope giving Chad a citation for disturbing the peace in order to cover Rafe’s butt for ASSAULT? Really Hope? I mean, that was brassy hypocrisy at its finest. |(

    ETA: I don’t need Safe at odds. I need that ship destroyed a la Lusitania, never to set sail again. Just say no to Safe.

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    One of the best episodes of Days in recent memory. The vets really delivered. You have to love how Sami tore Gabi a new one for doing stuff that she herself has done since she was 16 years old and continues to do up to the present day. And Casey Deidrick has come a long way as an actor.

    Occasionally, this regime does shock and awe really well. It’s a pity they’re so incompetent at building a story logically from day to day while maintaining viewer interest.

    Again, great episode!

  3. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    This was the first Days episode in a long time that had me paying attention the whole time! My favorite though was the anticipation of Sami confronting Gabi … and boy did Sami deliver!

    Rafe is an idiot.

  4. Profile photo of Patchworks

    I was thisclose (thisclose I tell you) to dropping Days from my DVR. Then I saw Kristen obliterate John and Marlena’s relationship. I gave Days one more week to show me something. When the powers that be focused on this non-storyline of Nick & Gabi’s wedding, I was ready to say goodbye to my favorite soap again. However, after the aftermath of the wedding, suddenly (and surprisingly) I’m riveted. I guess I just have to be patient for the payoff. (Proper payoff rarely occurs in soaps anymore, so color me surprised.)

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    I missed this episode but after hearing the praise for DAYS on the recent DC podcast, I watched most of today’s episode. I enjoyed the story and performances from Chandler Massey, Deidre Hall, Kate Mansi, Casey Diedrick, James Scott and Alison Sweeney. Blake Berris and Camila Banus are beyond TERRIBLE and it’s a shame that their characters drive so much of this story. Nick Fallon seems as if he should coming out of the closet, not marrying a women and telling her how much he loves her. Freddie Smith left me completely flat and Will/Sonny have no chemistry. The new Cameron is very attractive but not very good. I don’t think I could get into DAYS these days given how very bad the bad performers are.

    So much spray-tan (Alison Sweeney looked the most unnatural oompa-loompa shade of orange I’ve seen this side of General Hospital.) Blake Berris had a ton of makeup all over his shirt collar.

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    For the first time in a LONG time I enjoyed an episode of DAYS. Sami giving Gabi a verbal beating was the best thing ever. I’m looking forward to Will, EJ and Sami going after Gabi to secure Will’s rights. I wonder if Sami will finally get what EJ has been trying to tell her about a father’s right to be a part of their child’s life. We know that it has yet to dawn on the caveman.

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    This was great soap opera. Mostly because the reveal at the wedding gave all the vets of the show something to do and to be a part of the story. So many great moments of the show but honestly my favorite was when Victor was consoling Sonny and recalled the past wedding disasters. As well as Vic’s veiled insult of Maggie’s cheap cruise wear attired relative. Too funny.

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    [quote=kgbmc]Loved Sami – loved Lucas even more – but Chad – Chad was the best. Good show. Days don’t let Nick raise Will’s baby.[/quote]

    Yep, never was a big fan of Chad when he was with Melanie but damn that character is on fire when he’s out for vengeance; Casey Diedrick has been killing it of late and especially in the last couple of episodes now that Chad has soundly put Gabi’s dumb ass on blast(though I do hate that it’s gonna affect the potential Chad/Abigail pairing–Deidrick and Kate Mansi are great together). Again, DAYS has been so on point in the last two weeks, with Monday’s ep being the best episode this show’s seen since around the time of Will’s coming out. Here’s hoping they can keep the momentum going.

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