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Sonny breaks up AJ and Connie’s kiss, and pleads with Connie to help Trey. However, Connie refuses to pull the plug on her son.  Sonny informs her Alexis obtained a court order to override Connie's rights, and allow someone else to end Trey's suffering. Connie finally agrees to try again with Trey, and heads to the hospital with Sonny.  Before leaving, Sonny warns AJ to stay away from Connie. 

Steven points out Trey was an organ donor, and wants to use his organs.  Kristina claims Trey would want that, but Olivia reminds them they still need Connie’s permission. 
Monica’s not happy to see Lucy move in to the Quartermaine mansion.  Lucy explains she’s co-CEO of ELQ now, but Monica could care less. She just wants her out of the house.
Sam informs John she’s planning a memorial for Jason, now that she’s accepted his death.  John tells her about Todd’s bribe.  Monica arrives, and Sam wants John to tell her what happened to Jason.  Sam knows they need to accept Jason's death, and apologizes for not handling things better.  Monica asks about a memorial, and Sam suggests Monica help her organize it.  Monica feels Sam needs to find peace and live her life again. 
Tracy runs into Starr and Michael, and gloats about winning the ELQ battle against AJ.  They tell her about Trey’s accident, and Tracy is surprised and saddened to hear about it.  She offers them her condolences. 
Todd isn’t happy to see Johnny return to the cell.  Todd vows he’s not going back to prison, and wants to escape with Johnny’s help.  Todd's plan is to beat himself up and get sent to the hospital. However, at the last second, he decides Johnny should do it.  Johnny refuses, until Todd mentions he spent New Year’s Day with Carly.  Johnny beats Todd to a pulp, and he's sent to the hospital. 
Coleman wonders what man drove Carly to drinking, and she admits it's actually two men this time. Carly walks away and Carly sits with AJ. AJ asks Carly why is she getting so wasted.  In turn, she asks if he wants another one night stand with her. She pauses, and then complains about the men in her life, namely Johnny.  Carly tells AJ she hates him, and believes he’s trying to turn Michael against her.  AJ confesses he lost the ELQ race to Tracy.  Carly calls him a loser, and attempts to get him to drink.  When Carly decides to leave, AJ takes her keys. She puts up a fight, but picks her up and leaves. 
Tracy finds Lucy making herself at home.  Lucy wants a home cooked meal, and Tracy obliges. However, Lucy's attitude quickly changes when Tracy tells her the meal is duck. Ms. Coe runs out of the room horrified.
Lucy shows up at Kelly’s, and is shocked to see John, whom she calls Caleb. 
Olivia sits next to Trey and expresses her regrets about not getting to know him better. All she wants is for him to be at peace. Suddenly, she has a vision of Trey telling her he’ll be okay.  Kristina wonders if they’re doing the right thing, and Olivia tells her about the vision. 
Sonny and Connie arrive, but Connie’s still unsure about everything.  Kristina convinces her they'll all be together, and Connie agrees to pull the plug. She signs the papers, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  Kristina wonders how long Trey will live afterwards.  Steve feels it won’t take long. 
Everyone stands around Trey’s bed.  Kristina tells him they all love him.  Connie says she’s there, so he can let go.  Starr swears they won’t leave until he passes.  As Trey passes, Olivia sees his soul leave his body, and tells Kris he’s at peace. 

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    The next GH death will occur in 5, 4, 3, 2….

    RC has so far in the last year killed off Hope, Cole, Ewen, Joe Jr., Tea’s baby, Jason, and now Trey. Jeez. Trey/Krissy/Kate/Connie could have all left town.

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    Daniel St. John

    Anyone else feel their heads start to explode when the same people who have been telling AJ he isn’t Michael’s father and has no rights to be involved in Michael’s life were extolling the virtues of Connie’s parental rights in regards to Trey?

    Lucy living at the Q mansion is going to give us so many great scenes for however long she sticks around. I could watch an entire hour of her and Monica sniping at one another.

    Tracy is going to probably start second guessing just how much of winner she is when she has to work side-by-side with Lucy.

    The look on McBain’s face when Lucy called him Caleb was priceless.

    I love desperate Todd and his manipulating Johnny into beating him up was fun especially the little wave he gave Johnny as he was being wheeled out on the stretcher.

    And since Johnny is in such an honest mood and looking to come clean I am curious why he hasn’t confessed to killing his grandpa.

    The best scenes of the show were between AJ and Carly. This was the first time that Laura Wright wasn’t shrieking at Sean Kanan in their scenes together and the sexual chemistry between the two of them was five alarm hot! I was shouting at the TV for the two of them to jump each others bones.

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    TV Gord

    Other than Kristina and Starr, when did any of those others gathered around Trey’s bed show one bit of kindness to him? Why does he get so much airtime for his death? Again, I’m no Steve Burton fan, but the amount of effort that went into Trey’s death seems out of whack compared to Jason’s unceremonious dunk in the drink.

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    [quote=Perkie]I will admit, I cried a little.[/quote]

    So did I, which was surprising for me since I wasn’t invested in the character of Trey. What got me was the vision Olivia had of him telling her “Everything will be alright.” Thinking back, it might have been nice if RC would have threaded Trey more closely with Olivia and D, since Kate-Con, up until the last couple of weeks, didn’t want anything to do with him. A fact that, from a family perspective, also makes me sad. I have to give kudos to LLo for her sensitive handling of the scene by his bedside. Whether one likes Olivia or not, her commitment to the character, makes me wish Trey might have gotten to know his mother’s cousin and her Falconeri family, rather than be brought up to be, in the end, a tool for his father’s revenge.
    I actually felt for KSul’s Kate-Con too, and this somewhat “softer” persona has been a long time coming. It was nice to see her dialed down a little. Who knows how long it will be before the harsh and scrappy h**lion comes back full blast… 0:)

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    I loved everything about today’s show. It was written with a lot of heart. Trey’s spirit leaving his body, everyone gathered around him. Finally seeing the softer side of Connie. Still not seeing real emmotion from the actress playing Kristina. She always seems like she is forcing it.
    Loved the Todd and Johnny scenes. Roger Howarth always amazes me! Lucy and Tracy scenes were hysterical, especially about the duck. Lynn H looks amazing, but what did Jane Eliiot do to her hair? It’s too chopped looking, makes her look older, and she always looked so attractive.
    Glad that Sam is finally putting a closure to Jason and moving on. I like how John looks at her and is always worried about her. Easton’s daddy mode came out with the scenes with the baby. Loved the look on his face when Lucy said “Caleb”. Great show!

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    The one thing that yesterday’s episode proved for me is that using legacy characters such as Sonny, Carly, AJ, Monica, Tracey and LUCY in an episode while putting one newbie to death… sad scene with Trey… and not even mentioning the new nurses’ drama, General Hospital can be a great great show!!

    I really liked the scenes with AJ and Carly. I want to hope that in tomorrow’s episode that AJ and Carly come to an understanding where Michael is concerned and that it’s a good parental moment and not a “Carly wakes up at the Q mansion in AJs bed. Did they or didn’t they sleep together” moment. Because all that will prove is that after 2 decades on the show, the character of Carly has not matured one bit and the character of AJ is as diabolical as ever.

    Although I am not looking forward to the possibility of John being Caleb, I love the fact that they paid homage to Lucy’s past on Port Charles. I do hope that her stint on the show lasts far beyond the 50th Anniversary as there is so much possibility with Lucy both in her own story and the story of those she will bring back to PC like her children and husband.

    And last but not least, I have been saying it from the beginning that Connie is the TRUE personality and that Kate was the alternate. I hope that what occurred by the end of yesterday’s episode with the warming of Connie’s heart that we won’t see an integration of Connie with Kate but just Connie being more like what Olivia and Sonny knew her as as a teen and kid.

    Oooooppppssss… forgot, although I like the idea of Todd being able to manipulate Johnny, I don’t like it that Todd’s story is being played for laughs when it has to do with his granddaughter and Sam’s child. I think there is more of a need for responsibility on the character’s part for his actions for the fans to truly care what happens to him. Right now, I want Todd sent away to whatever prison possible and not to see him get off.

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    [quote; daniel]And since Johnny is in such an honest mood and looking to come clean I am curious why he hasn’t confessed to killing his grandpa [/quote]

    He did. He confessed to Dante and Diane mentioned it when she came to get him for his arraignment.

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    Really great episode. Kinda was annoyed that Trey’s death was made such a big deal because he’s only been on our screens for a few months, but they were really nice scenes. I was rather confused as to Olivia’s scenes with Trey because I never found them to be close at all. I honestly think they needed her “abilities” to play these scenes out the way they wanted and so they quickly made her close to Trey and tried to explain it in the dialogue. Not that it seemed fake because Lisa LoCiero sold the shit out of what they wrote, but still, it seemed a bit off. Still don’t like Kristina…hoping for either a recast or for the actress to get it together. Don’t understand the Kelly Sullivan hate, I think she is doing a fantastic job and I do think Kate is the alter and Connie is the real one. Here’s hoping Connie sticks around and learns to become a better, loving person after this (ALA “My Fair Lady”

    LOVED Monica and Sam and hoping we get a good Jason memorial.
    LOVED Tracy and Lucy and Lucy and Monica! Oh that is gonna be a crazy house!
    Todd and Johnny scenes were fine…Todd needs to pay in some way for what he did and here’s hoping he doesn’t get off scott free.
    Was it wrong that I wanted AJ and Carly to have mad, passionate, hate sex? Seriously, they had chemistry. And who will AJ get romantically involved with because I’ve got to say, he’s had a lot of chemistry with a lot of women on this show so far…Carly, Sam, Liz, and I think he even had a small scene last week with Sabrina where I thought, “that could be hot.” Sean Kanan is just hot.

    As a fan of “Port Charles” (and not watching General Hospital religiously), I LOVED Lucy’s recognition of McBain as Caleb. And surely today, she will recognize Sam as Livvie. I really think it’s cool how they are recognizing these characters from the same town played by the same actors and not just brushing it off. Loved what they did with Lorenzo/Tomas (anxiously awaiting to hear about that) and now with Port Charles. It’s so great they are recognizing that history. I don’t feel as though GH will be overrun with vampires soon, but an explanation about everything would be fantastic. Was the whole vampire saga of PC a dream Lucy had? Was some sort of curse put on Caleb and Livvie changing who they were forever? Maybe when Kevin shows up on our screens, we will get an explanation. I am looking forward to it!

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    I doubt very much GH is going to bring the vampires back from PC. I think this will explain John and Sam’s connection in some way with Lucy recognizing them. I for one, like the reference to PC, because I thought Micheal Easton was so sexy as Caleb, and this was way before the “Twilight” movies. I like seeing him getting recognition for the role he played. He was hot! I also see chemistry between Carly and AJ. Hot sex, that’s what the soaps need! Bring it on!

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    Jane Elliott is that master-class of actress that makes her every moment count. Case in point: The brief reaction Tracy had at hearing of Trey being near-death impacted me more than the entire week and 1/2 of story’s asking to his death. I do Kelly Sullivan has been doing fine work but the acting and story has been lacking. Lindsay Morgan is a bad actress. Kristen Alderson proves time and time again she cannot carry dramatic story and Chad Duell has resorted to making the same scowl to express every emotion. Jane Elliott should teach acting classes on-set.

    I know many here dislike Sonny but I think Sonny behaved honorably throughout this event and he ha shown a great deal of compassion toward Connie despite her attempting to hurt him (ie. kissing AJ.)

    Carly and AJ had great chemistry at the bar. Not sure where it might be going but I would like to see an ongoing interaction. AJ also had chemistry with Connie but his chemistry with Carly eclipsed those earlier scenes.

    Lisa LoCicero continues to sell what could easily be a train-wreck of a character.

    Looking forward to seeing Lucy’s reaction to “Caleb.” I didn’t wach much of Port Charles but I am familiar with the foray into vampires. Lynn Herring/Lucy Coe is just what General Hospital needed! I am loving Michael Easton onscreen again after being MIA. Hopefully the chemistry between McBam can be recaptured after their long break interrupted a promising romance.

    I suppose I enjoyed the episode more than I initially thought. So much focus on Trey’s death and the story’s acting really annoyed me. I never cared about Trey so his death felt overdramatized. The character’s introduction was terrible, his story shuffled off to the backburner and he wasn’t seen for a while before his death. The character had no real connection to the canvas so the attempt to make his death meaningful fell flat. If only Trey had connected with Tracy or Olivia, perhaps I would have cared. Ultimately, I wish Trey and Kristina would have moved to California.

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    Kelly Sullivan is such a great actress. Her character is so troubled and she delivers it. That scene with Trey made me cry. It was sad for him and for her as a mother who did the wrong thing and couldnt stand herself for it. She cant deal and Kelly delivers the part. I would think its really hard to play a DID story line. Even Bree Williamson on OLTL really acted her heart out with that part.

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    I have loved and admired Jane Elliott from her Guiding Light days as Carrie Marler, where she had THREE different personalitys and she would change from one to the other on screen!!!!

    I have never forgotten that!!

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    I liked the Olivia scene with Trey. I guess Im in the minority because I think K Sul has been doing an excellent job. And with the integration, I would hope that Connie would still be the dominate personality. AJ and Carly were hot together. Then LW seems to have chemistry with a couch!

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=TV Gord]giogio and robertscorpio, I am on Team Sullivan, too![/quote]

    Count me in as well….I freaking adore Connie (as long as she is not blackmailing my Johnny) – I for one hope this is the personality that is the real and Kate is the alter.

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    hey guys, I got scared after I said I like Kelly Sullivan. I almost deleted what i said for fear, but she is so intense. I think she is doing a wonderful job.

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    I couldn’t believe how much I cried during this episode. The character of Trey has annoyed me since his arrival, and I have never cared for the character of Olivia. But the scene between those two got me started tearing up and I never really stopped crying until the episode was over.

    Connie is another character I wished had gone away … but again, the last few days, she has really grown on me. And today I was really feeling her pain. I was on her side. Good job Kelly Sullivan.

    Again, the weak spot in the story is Kristina … big surprise. So so very weak.

    It’s amazing how good stories are when a show’s history is respected, vets and family members are utilized, etc. Specifically, seeing Monica at Kelly’s meeting with Sam and seeing Monica with Lucy and Tracy serving duck to Lucy. These little things draw me in and make me care about what’s going on.

    Thank God AJ did not pick up that drink. Carly looked as pathetic and vindictive as ever. But loved them together.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]I have loved and admired Jane Elliott from her Guiding Light days as Carrie Marler, where she had THREE different personalitys and she would change from one to the other on screen!!!!
    I have never forgotten that!![/quote]
    Another longtime GL fan! I loved Carrie and her relationship with Ross.

    [quote=Perkie][quote; daniel]And since Johnny is in such an honest mood and looking to come clean I am curious why he hasn’t confessed to killing his grandpa [/quote]
    He did. He confessed to Dante and Diane mentioned it when she came to get him for his arraignment.[/quote]

    He did? I must have missed it…no one seems to mention the one premeditated murder he committed they just keep talking about Cole and Hope.

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    I had to laugh when Carly said something about hoping to see Sonny kick AJ’s ass. It’s just funny because SK is so much bigger than Sonny. Plus I wanted to kick her when she kept talking smack about Mikey joining ELQ. This is why her character has always pissed me off. She makes it sound like running his families corporation would just be the worst thing in the world. To me she came out as looking like a total looser in this confrontation. I am also sick of her constant your gonna turn my son against me.. He is a man now- he can make his own decisions.. But it kind of makes me think karma because I still blame her for the Q’s loosing Jason..

    By contrast that’s why I loved the Sam/Monica interaction. They were just lovely together. Out of all the ladies in Jason’s life Sam always encouraged Jason to be involved with the Q’s. I get so much pleasure out of seeing Monica being able to enjoy her grandson.. Plus Sam and John were smoking hot together. Their chemistry is crazy off the charts.

    I cried at Treys passing also.More so I felt bad for him- where was all his other fammily and friends.. Seriously when Star said something like everyone who loves you is here around you- I was like did the kid crawl out from under a rock.. Ohh well.

    I also enjoy the character of Connie- but mostly because of KS’s portrayal of her..

    I want Johnny out of prison already!!!

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    The last two weeks have, IMHO been the salvation of connie. I too think kelly s has been doing some great work and finally they have given her the right material. I am hoping that a light bulb goes off with sonny and he says wait a minute, kate now knows the secret about cole and hope and didnt reemerge and kate watched trey die and didnt reemerge maybe she really isnt the true personality but rather the alter. He could then go to konnie and suggest that idea but that if thats true she needs counseling to deal with the reality that her alter lived her life for her for twenty years. If she doesnt fear integration, kevin could treat her and they could bring connie around to be less the animal print wearing, screeching loon that steals manuscripts and more what we saw the last few weeks – the lost woman who still looks in the mirror and thinks she will see the 17 year old rape victim in the mirror only to find a stranger looking back at her.

    I disagree completely about aj. I thought he had great chem with carly and konnie but none at all with sam or liz – decent scenes and decent friend vibe, but no heat. I too think they should consider aj/carly. Im WAS hoping for a blair/todd/carly/lorenzo/skye/jax/konnie/sonny constantly rotating type of a story but they could still go there with just a few of those characters not on the canvas.

    Loved sam/monica.

    I cried a lot both at the ILY between them and the death scene. I think its unfair to compare this send off differently than the jason one because I truly believe frank and ron THOROUGHLY believed that jason would eventually come back. Im hoping they recast. And while I agree that trey should have been more integrated in with dante and olivia, Im not surprised that olivia would care now. thats in keeping with her nature. I wasnt bothered about alexis and sonny talking about maternal rights vs. being less concerned with aj. First, alexis is driven by guilt with kristina – guilt regarding her confusing feelings toward being kept from her dad and guilt over the fact that she was kidnapped. Given that aj was behind that kidnapping, its no surprise that she has forgiven sonny but continues to loathe aj. As for sonny, he has ALWAYS favored maternity over paternity. He stayed with lily even though he didnt love her and even though the woman he DID love wanted him. He has largely allowed carly to call the shots with morgan and michael and treated her differently – look at how many times he told brenda and kate that he had to because she was the mother of his children. He forgave olivia because she was the mother of his child – someone else keeping a secret that big from sonny would have resulted in thrown barware. And he taught the same to jason, who favored carly over robin many a time because of michael, who favored carly over his brother as the mother, who let liz keep jake a secret when that wasnt what he wanted, and who let monica stay in the dark, even though it wasnt what he wanted. That is CONSISTENTLY sonny’s position, maternity is everything.

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