Mandy Winger and Cally Ewing Set to Return to Say Goodbye to Ole’ J.R. on Dallas!

I am going to be balling my Dallas-lovin' eyes out this winter! TV Guide has revealed two sexy blasts from J.R. Ewing's (the late Larry Hagman) past will be present when the legendary character heads for the Big Oil Baron's Ball in the Sky later this year.

Deborah Shelton and Cathy Podewell will be respectively reprising the roles of lingerie model-turned-mistress Mandy Winger and hayseed bride Calpurnia "Cally" Harper Ewing on the TNT update of the original CBS hit. 

Of all of J.R.'s mistresses, Mandy might have caused his wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) the most heartache. Meanwhile, Cally was the child bride the ruthless tycoon was forced to marry after soiling her during a hunting trip to Hayleyville, Arkansas.

Cally eventually bore J.R. a son, whom he uncharacteristically let her raise without his influence. Wishful Casting: Billy Miller as J.R. and Cally's child, who shows up to fight John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) for his rightful share of the Ewing birthright!

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    TV Gord

    I wonder if they’ll ever mention J.R.’s other son, James. I know Sasha Mitchell has had his problems over the years, but he’s still a working actor.

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    This is very exciting news. I have been hoping Cally would make an appearance. I think J.R./Cally’s storyline was the last good storyline of Dallas. It’s great that Dallas’ reboot is paying such homage to the original-run. It’s bittersweet that Larry Hagman is dead and J.R. will be dying as well. Seeing J.R. in scenes with Mandy or Cally would have been great fun.

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    TC irene

    I have been dying wondering where James is and when he was gonna come back to mess with his little brother John Ross. This would be as good a time as any.

    Also, can we get a cameo from JR’s favorite secretary Sly.

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    OMG! I love Mandy Winger and I love Callie Harper Ewing! I agree Callie/JR was one of the last great storylines for the series and the fact that we may finally get to see that baby she had!!! OMG! This is going to be so great!

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    I cannot wait!!! All star showdown. Everybody waiting to see whats in JR’s will. Hope Callie brings that son back and oh my God can’t wait for a Mandy Winger and Classy Sue Ellen Showdown.

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    I love it! Gee, “General Hospital” writes true soap opera and brings back fan favorites = ratings increase, critical acclaim. “Dallas 2″ writes true soap opera and brings back fan favorites – ratings solid, critical acclaim. :)

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    omg Cally i thought id never see her again…i hope she shares scenes with Lucy cause they were friends…can’t remember if Sue Ellen was there when Cally moved in i think she was hmmm exciting…now where is PAM/JENNA/DONNA????

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    I really hope Abby Ewing (Donna Mills) attend JR’s Funeral After all J.R. really liked her. They slept togather..and he really liked her as his sister-in-law..After all Donna was more like J.R. Than we thought. She had power and sex appeal to get what she wanted..And that what J.R. liked.

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