TV and Film Actresses Sparkle at 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Julianne Moore (ex-Frannie Hughes, As the World Turns) and Amanda Seyfried (ex-Joni Stafford, All My Children) were among the former soap actresses who sparkled on the 70th Annual Golden Globes red carpet on January 13, in Los Angeles. See more red carpet photos after the jump!

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    Maggie smith is downton abbey. She gets the best lines like “she’ll bury all of us” and “i thought you were a waiter”. Great at comedy and w/ the dramatic storylines. tbh she’s carrying abbey bec it’s become too soapy. That cancer storyline is too melodramatic w/ what’s her name clashing w/ mr. carsen and then not telling him. Then she closes the lights. Her life is being extinguished like that light. No need for the soapy metaphor w/c made the whole thing annoying. macclaine’s char eats like she’s uncivilized despite all of her wealth. Her boorish char goes outta her way to be rude. She’s brought nothing to the show while her daughter still acts like a dumb dumb. Great that maggie won the gg and beat ott jessica lange from that disgusting mess ahs.

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    wth is wrong w/ tarantino? He drops the n word backstage after his gg triumph while fielding questions from the press. Who used a slur against gay people backstage after his show won at the gg? Isaiah Washington. He had to go to “rehab” for that. hollywood ran him outta town for that. But it’s crickets for tarantino. Typical hollywood. Bashing racial minorities by dropping slurs is accepted but it’s unacceptable when people drop epithets against the lgbt community. He may have uttered the n word but hollywood won’t create a backlash against tarantino and make a statement against racial discrimination.

    The win for lena dunham was awful! How hilarious were the reactions from Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek and Lucy Liu while dunham was giving her speech?! All of those actresses had experienced career lows when they were not very active w/ high profile projects after making names for themselves. All actresses must have experienced disadvantages being racial minorities w/ the lack of roles. And all those racial minority actresses have maintained their physical appearances and had to claw their way thru hollywood to get their parts.

    And yet lena dunham uses hollywood nepotism to land her own show bec she’s the daughter of prominent artists! There’s lena dunham giving a gg speech for the show she directs! And writes for hbo! And stars as its lead actress! 20 something narcissitic lena dunham wrote a show abt white women only while racial minority women were relegated as background chars despite it being a ny based tv show. And now has her gg! hollywood rewards shows where racial minorities are removed from the narrative and calls that show “the voice of a generation”. That’s degrading. Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek and Lucy Liu should be annoyed.

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    downton was not “soapy” when it began. it was too elegant to be called a “soap” w/c have trashy elements to it. downton abbey always seemed to aim for more.

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