Gabi Better Not Get Between Sami and Her Grandbaby on Days of Our Lives!

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Rafe (Galen Gering) fought over whether Will (Chandler Massey) or Gabi (Camila Banus) was the one responsible for hiding the truth about Will being the father of her baby. Rafe blamed everything on Will, because he took Gabi to the abortion clinic. I swear, Rafe can be a single-minded, Neanderthal sometimes.

I especially enjoyed the part where Sami told Rafe the pregnancy was about her, because it was her grandchild. Leave it to Sami to make Will’s anguish about her. She threatened Gabi, warning her that she will not keep her grandchild from her. One thing is certain, Gabi will never keep Sami from her grandchild. Did anyone else flash back to Kate (Lauren Koslow) issuing similar warnings to Sami about Will?

Rafe said he saw a another side of Sami—one he didn't like—and didn’t think they could be together. Why does Rafe always seem to give up on Sami so easily? 

After defending Will so vehemently, you could see Sami’s pain at hearing he was with Marlena (Deidre Hall).

Nick (Blake Berris) continued to lurk and eavesdrop on Will and Lucas’ (Bryan Dattilo) conversation. He seemed shocked to hear that Lucas had gone to prison for Will.

Chad (Casey Deidrick) showed up at the coffee shop, where he and Sonny (Freddie Smith) had words. Chad gloated to EJ (James Scott) about his mischief making. Later, Abigail (Kate Mansi) wasn't as interested in sharing in Chad's glee, nor was she ready to accept his apology.

Sonny had no interest in hearing what Will had to say either. After talking with Marlena, Will tried again to talk to his live-in lover. He told Sonny he wasn’t sure how everything was going to play out, but he still loved him. After Will left, Sonny whispered that still loved Will.

Sami returned home to discover EJ waiting for her with a glass of wine. EJami, game on?

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    [quote=bonobochick]The only thing missing was Sami punching Rafe in the face.[/quote]

    Yeah, I think I’m one of the very few who actually doesn’t mind–even likes–Rafe and the Rafe/Sami dynamic but I’m definitely not on board with him here(though it’s nice to see some things never change; Sami made it all about her in 10 seconds flat–I think that’s a new record for her). Still, another great episode punctuated by Chad’s continued lack of remorse over putting Gabi on blast(well, except for hurting Abigail and ruining Will and Sonny). This whole character arc for Chad has completely turned me around on Casey Deidrick; couldn’t care less about him when he was with Melanie but since she’s left Chad’s been hell on wheels and Deidrick has been aces the whole time.

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    Alison Sweeney was ON FIRE (and very orange due to spray-tan!) I loved Sami going in on Gabi and wish she would have gone in on Rafe too. Sadly, Camila Banus, Galen Gering and Blake Berris continue to be the weakest links in the story. Chandler Massey is doing good work. Loved Will & EJ and then Will & Marlena. I squealed at EJ waiting in Sami’s apartment. EJami eclipses Safe and I cannot understand why the writers feel that Safe, specifically Rafe is worthwhile.

    Kate Mansi and Casey Diedrick impress and while the new Cameron is very attractive the actor is clearly not “TV-ready.” His line-delivery and blocking was terrible.

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    I don’t care why Rafe gives up on Sami. Let’s just hope it skips. I can’t stand these two together–they’re so boring. And Rafe is so obnoxious.

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    I love Galen Gering, Rafe and Sami and Rafe together. I have never thought Sami belonged with EJ–Nicole is for him.

    Yes, Camila Banus and Blake Berris are very weak. (But Camila Banus must have the most beautifully shiny hair in daytime!) I have really disliked Berris and his character of Nick since his return–the character is horrible and Berris has played him very flat a lot of the time.

    And how about some shout outs for Bryan Datillo who kicked butt in his scenes with Chandler/Will, which were also very well written

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    Samantha Jean showed out over the last two days and I loved it! Put that Gabi ho to shame Sami!

    I hate what they have done to the character of Nick!

    And it would have been a refreshing change in same old storylines to see Sonny stand by Will in all of this.

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    I go back and forth from barely tolerating Rafe to mildly disliking him to outright detesting him. By now he knows his little sister is no angel and yet he’s placing all the blame on Will.

    Unlike Y&R, it would appear that the actors on Days are so grateful to have a job that they take whatever the writers give them and play it the way it’s written, even if it makes no sense or makes their characters hard to like.

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    It would be very interesting for someone to point out to Sami that she’s just like Kate when Kate was protecting Lucas the way Sami is protecting Will. That would be funny. Or to have both Kate and Sami run into Gaby and rip into her together and then realize they are standing on common ground. I’m not saying end their rivalry, but just shed some new light on it too. It would be amusing to me.

    And Nick has been SO annoying since coming back. I find no redeeming qualities to the character at all. I believe he said he only signed on for a year, I can’t wait for it to end honestly. It’s nothing like the Nick I remember, nor have they shed any light on to why he is so homophobic.

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    [quote=snags]…. I believe he said he only signed on for a year, I can’t wait for it to end honestly. …..[/quote]

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s not just the character. It’s the fact that Blake Berris seems to be killing time until something better comes along.

    One problem though is even after the year is up, he’ll still be onscreen months later since they tape so far in advance.

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    Loved Sami telling it like it is, and giving Gabi of piece of her mind! It was time someone did!

    And I think it was just right for Sami of all people to tell her BECAUSE she knows what it is. Like she said: “You should have looked familiar to me!” – that is correct. I don’t find it a tad bit hypocritical. Sami knows from personal experience what a young scheming bitch can do to other people’s lives, and doesn’t want her son to end up a victim like i.e. Austin did.

    And I am so glad to see Sami in mama bear mode! Not to mention she looked great in her wedding attire. Plus, anything that helps her and Rafe break up is a GOOD thing.

    LOVED the short but sweet scene between EJ & Will at the coffee house. EJ still cares about “young William” so much. I can’t take it!

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