Valentini to Access Hollywood on Genie Francis’ GH Return: “It’s Not a Guest Appearance”

What exactly has General Hospital's Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) been up to in Europe for the past five years? Showrunner Frank Valentini spoke with Access Hollywood at ABC’s TCA after party, where he offered up the skinny. Valentini stated:

“She’s coming back because Port Charles is her home and there were reasons why she was away,” he told at ABC’s bash last Thursday, following the Television Critics Association Winter Session 2013. “I think it’ll be exciting for the audience to discover what those reasons are and to sort of stay with a little bit of the mystery of Laura’s return.”


Will Francis' stint at GH be a short one? Not according to one half of Cartini: 

'No, it’s not a guest appearance. We’ve hired her, we’ve absolutely hired her."

Photo of Genie Francis courtesy of Hallmark Channel

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  1. Profile photo of TheMikeDubin

    I have total confidence the dynamic duo will do this right! I am really looking forward to Laura coming back. The show is great, but will be even better with this element added. However… should I see her start biting Luke’s lip.. then we have a problem!

  2. Profile photo of days4ever

    This is fabulous news. When I think of GH I think of Laura (and Luke) so it makes sense that she is back where she belongs and on contract. I am hoping that Lucy, Kevin, and Scotty are long term returns as well. All this great soap news is making my head spin lol!

  3. Profile photo of Myst Stied
    Myst Stied

    I’m glad Genie will be on awhile an glad to see the old school vet again but the vet that bought me back to GH is in a come. I wish FV will tell us what the static of Tristan Rogers on gh and when will Robert be back. I’m just not as excited about vets returning when my favorite vet is in some stupid when he’s more productive being up and about. Having Luke/Laura/Robert soap royalty on in a story of their own will be a dream come true for some longtime viewers..

  4. Profile photo of giogio

    Back in the Luke and Laura days they made GH a household name. They blew the roof off of GH. People love Laura. She has such deep dark history as well as Light. She is a one of a kind character FV knows it and he’s running with that hire. Good for him.

  5. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Oh happy day! It’s great to see so many vets return, this should be a lot fun since Scotty is coming back as well. SBu’s exit put on a ton of dough back into GH’s piggy bank

  6. Profile photo of jthawk

    I don’t think Frank will let Genie go all lip-biting crazy like she did on Y&R. There she had minimal direction from Maria – but Frank will stop all that, just like he did with Ian!

    Good for GF being there for good. Although at this point in story they either need a Nicholas or Lucky back on the canvas, if for nothing more than the 50th anniversary.

  7. Profile photo of Marland Fan
    Marland Fan

    It will be great to have Laura back because it won’t be Guza’s version of Laura. I trust RC and FV to do right by this iconic character. I’m hoping for one more L&L adventure for GH’s 50th anniversary.

  8. Profile photo of wiggum

    probably because if she’s on contract, she’s guaranteed a certain amount of money a week, if she is on reccuring, there is no guarantee. FV is very good with the budget stuff

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    YES! :) :) :) :)

    I kinda hoped it would not be just a short stint. And I know Cartini are big Laura fans, so I doubt they would lure Genie on without having her on contract. Yippeee!!!!

  10. Profile photo of richie

    i could not agree with you more! the lack of respect guza and co showed laura and miss francis was appalling! RC and FV are doing an incredible job of creating gripping, entertaining story, while embracing GH’s rich and legendary history! Now if only Mr. Corday could get a clue….

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