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A hung over Carly wakes up in Todd’s bed, and thinks she slept with him. AJ appears in a towel, and Carly is shocked. He reminds her of the previous nights events, and admits they didn’t sleep together.  Carly’s surprised by her actions, and freaks out when she sees her hair.  AJ tells her she did it to herself.  Before AJ leaves, he advises Carly not to do anything else stupid. 

Tracy gloats to Monica that she beat AJ, thanks to Lucy.  Tracy makes an online announcement of Lucy's new status as co-CEO at ELQ, just as Monica reads a newspaper article about Lucy’s meltdown.  Tracy views the article as well, and can't believe Lucy would do such a thing. She immediately regrets posting the ELQ announcement. 
Anna and Duke are back in Port Charles, and Anna gets right to business. She's briefed on Lucy’s situation, and decides to check on John first.
Duke hears about Lucy, and drops by to see her.  At first, Lucy is thrilled to see Duke, but her attitude strangely changes after touching him. She declares he isn’t Duke, but Joshua Temple, another vampire.
Felicia and Mac are happy about Lucy being back in town, until Alexis updates them on Lucy's recent stunt. The couple is shocked to learn Lucy would try to kill a detective.  Felicia heads out to see Lucy, while Alexis decides to call Kevin.
From a hospital bed, Todd complains to Diane about getting the charges dropped.  Diane informs him the bribe and attempted escape will be a serious problem, because he’ll be considered a flight risk.
John wakes up to find Sam at his bedside.  The two joke about the crazy lady and vampires.  Sam thinks it would explain their connection. Sam updates him on the Todd situation, and John asks her to check up on him. 
Sabrina’s upset about Lucy, but Felix thinks they should continue doing everything as planned with the Nurses' Ball.  Sabrina’s also worried about working so closely with Patrick.  Felix reminds her the ball is more important than her feelings, and quite frankly, the ball needs her.
Felicia visits Lucy.  Lucy warns her to stay away from Duke, and tries to explain about the vampires.  Lucy claims she’s a slayer, and it’s her job to kill all vampires, including killing Caleb.  She begs Felicia to believe her and finish the job.  Felicia promises to stand by her at the arraignment, but that’s it.  Lucy’s upset she doesn't have a lawyer, until Alexis shows up. 
Sam walks into Todd’s room, as Diane mentions his knowledge of the DNA results.  Sam’s angry Jason never knew Danny was his son due to Todd keeping the secret.  Diane warns Todd not to say anything, before she heads out.  Sam grabs a pillow, and Todd asks if she’s going to kill him. She decides against it, for Danny’s sake.  She’s happy Todd will lose everything.  Diane returns to take Todd to his arraignment. 
Anna and John get caught up with each other’s lives.  He asks about Duke, and Anna claims to be happy. However, she later confesses she can only see Faison when she looks at Duke, and it feels awful.      
Monica is happy when AJ returns home, but quickly asks about the smell of alcohol on him.  AJ swears it's due to Carly spilling a drink on him.  AJ sees the newspaper article, and Monica tells him Lucy has lost her mind.  AJ decides he may have another shot at ELQ.

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    Loved the Sam/John scenes.

    Loved the Anna/John scenes.

    Loved Felicia/Mac/Alexis. Felicia/Duke/Lucy.

    Loved Diane/Todd and Sam/Todd.

    Loved Tracy finding out about Lucy.

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    Aside from Sabrina, I loved this episode. Sam and John are perfection. They were meant to be.

    Loved Lucy going crazy. It was kind of odd how real Duke and Felicia reacted to each other. Faison’s Duke was more thrilled to see Felicia than real Duke.

    I did not like the AJ and Carly scenes. Only because of the history of AJ and Carly. I love that he was the better person and helped Carly out but I do not want them to get close at all. AJ needs to be in his own storyline away from CarSon.

    I totally loved the scene when Sam overheard Todd and Diane talking about Todd having those DNA results. The reaction on her face when she overheard was perfect. Also her going off on Todd was good. I so love John and Sam.

    John got so much chemistry with Anna. I loved how Tracy used an IPad (!!!) to release that statement than found out Lucy on the front page of the newspaper calling her crazy. LOL.

    The part I loved the most…..Alexis had Kevin Collins number in her phone!!!!!!! I don’t know why but I loved that. Shawn/Mac got that great friendship chemistry. I would love to see Alexis/Shawn/Mac/Felicia/Lucy/Kevin hanging out.

    P.S before anyone ask, Kevin could NOT be Sam’s father. Nor his twin brother Ryan. Alexis got pregnant by an older man. Kevin and Alexis are like the same age and Alexis would have noticed when she came to town almost 20 years ago that Kevin/Ryan was her baby daddy.

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    TV Gord

    As someone who collected Soap Opera Weekly from its first issue, I have to say I’m enjoying this Lucy Coe Goes Cuckoo storyline from a unique and hilarious perspective. I used to read about all of these things going on in Port Charles and chuckling at how the vampire stuff was only on the Team B show and never infiltrated the mother ship show. Now we’re seeing it all come home to roost! Watching Lynn Herring and Ian Buchanan today was nostalgic, even though I never actually watched the shows back then. Reading about them was vivid enough for me (oh, how I enjoyed Soap Opera Weekly back then).

    In the past few months, I’ve enjoyed GH with the OLTL characters, a visit from AMC’s Skye. Johnny’s connection to the Soleitos takes me back to The City (one of my all-time favorite soaps, which I still miss to this day). Now, they’re folding in some Port Charles stuff (which I never watched, but enjoyed anyway).

    It makes me wish/hope one of these days someone from Monticello will show up in Port Charles. :-) Maybe Serena Faraday can show up to help Connie with her DID!

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    As much as I liked BW’s acting as AJ, when it came to facing off with the Carly’s he worked with, he always came off as a fly weight when sharing scenes with any of them. SK matches LW in height and physical stature, and his AJ is a worthy opponent for her Carly, as well as offering what I find to be an intriguing, crackling energy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him toy with her and I was actually (pleasantly), surprised he put the brakes on the “Who did I sleep with?” game. Maybe he’s gonna pick his battles a little more cunningly to counteract whatever his ex and the mob boss throw at him. I’m not rooting for him, just as I’m not rooting for Carly and the mob boss. But I’m willing to watch how this part of the “back from the dead” Q story unfurls. And I hope FV and RC take a look at possibly giving these two another go around…

    Okay. I like Felix. I can’t wait to see what else he says about Carly’s hair :bigsmile: …

    CH was her customary dry, witty, beautifully outfitted Diane, and I love how she and RoHo just bounce their banter off each other. I’m surprised she didn’t smack him when he indignantly asked her why she left him with Sam. Me? I laughed outright, even though that aspect of his character drives me nuts. Todd and Maxie share the ability of turning a truth back on the person who stated it originally. And they also share the ability of looking wounded and making that same truth sayer feel guilty and/or apologetic. Or in Diane’s case, no mercy, deal with it…

    I liked seeing KeMo’s Sam go off on Todd. If I really think about it, it wasn’t enough, especially after the ride she took on his back when he tried to escape from the ER. I had a wish that she might have used that pillow a bit more forcefully. ;) Good thing her better angel was whispering about Danny in her ear…

    McBain has amazing recuperative powers that he could move as much as he did… :~

    FH has such a way with using her eyes to convey shifting emotions that range from concern for her colleague, to sadness about Robert, to confusion about how she’s going to deal with seeing the face of the man she loves morph into that of her mortal enemy. Lots of stuff going on there…

    JE just makes me smile. And I’m pretty sure LC had a fun time chortling Monica’s glee at Tracy’s expense when she revealed Lucy’s front page melt down. Where is that app that allows you to call back the “I want you to know who ELQ’s new CEO is.” when you need it…

    Stay warm, stay safe…
    Swan!… 0:)

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    It is difficult to follow posts filled with actor’s initials instead of character or actor names…Takes too long to figure out who is being referred to. I do not readily recognize or know actor’s real names.

    I really hope that the character of Todd Manning will remain with GH. He is a delight!

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    I LOVED the ENTIRE SHOW, with the exception of the Sabrina/Felix scenes. I did not like the heavy handed way that Felix inferred that Sabrina was the Nurse’s Ball Savior… and without her it would not succeed. I am still having a hard time accepting how they are making this newbie, such a driving force for this storyline. I get that Sabrina is necessary in it because of the Patrick connection, but Elizabeth should be playing a more visible role in bringing the NB to reality. Frankly….Liz seems to be left out in the cold on this storyline…and I for one don’t like that…. ALSO where the hell is Epiphany???…She is the other main nurse at this hospital…and a good singer to boot. She should also have scenes in this. Sabrina and Felix…the new kids on the block… should not be eating this entire story line up. Not right.

    Other than that…the show was awesome today…I was thrilled to finally have Anna return.

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    I enjoyed the show. It was funny and interesting.

    I agree that Liz should be more prominent in the Nurse’s Ball story. She and Epiphany are the actual nurses. Sabrina and Felix are only student nurses. Liz has more connections to the city and to the ball itself. Liz has more of a connection with Robin as well. It’s ridiculous that she has been seen so infrequently. I get that they planned a story involving Liz/Jason/Sam/McBain and that it was trashed when Burton left, but these writers are supposed to be creative. Why couldn’t they figure out something else for Liz? Why not give her a story with Patrick that we would care about instead of throwing all of these newbies at Patrick and leaving Liz out in the cold?

    I found the Sam/Todd scenes hysterical, and not in a good way. Whenever Sam fights a man (Ethan, Todd, etc) it comes off as ridiculous. She is so incredibly tiny that she ends up looking ridiculous. The only reason she got the drop on Ethan that time is because she kicked him in the back and he didn’t want to hit a woman. I never felt this way when she fought Carly or another woman, but against a man it comes off like a child trying beat up a grown man. It looks pathetic and comical rather than tough. Even when she jumped on Todd’s back, it was silly. He could have shaken her off like she was a piece of lint. She can’t be over 5 feet tall and can’t weigh more than 90 lbs. Maye it would be different if she showed some martial arts skills that would make me think she could stand her ground against an adult male?

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    J Bernard Jones

    Ah, Gord, Serena Faraday would be a hoot…and about 70-80 years old! (Of course, she could be be de-aged like Nicole Drake was…alrhough that never sat well with me; dang I miss Maeve Maguire.) but I’ve been thinking that GH does bear quite the passing resemblance to Edge the last few months. Too bad the P&G soaps share a different universe from the ABC owned shows.

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    Another episode I just adored.. Loved the use of all the characters- seeing Mac/Felicia, Alexis/Diane, Sam/John/Todd.. Love Sam when she is in fiery mode..

    FH is just a Goddess. Her and McBain have really great chemistry. I love her parting line of don’t have the steak. I felt like it was almost adlibbed in there by the actors..

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    [quote=csidelady44]It is difficult to follow posts filled with actor’s initials instead of character or actor names…Takes too long to figure out who is being referred to. I do not readily recognize or know actor’s real names.[/quote]

    I couldn’t agree more! I sometimes need to go to SOD’s GH Cast and Credits page to figure out who the hell they’re talking about! And sometimes that doesn’t work, if they’re not on contract!

    It really doesn’t take any longer to use a character’s name for those of us who are not as knowledgeable as you.

    It would be appreciated…Thank you very much :bigsmile:

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    I really enjoyed this episode and it’s no surprise it featured a balance of vets and other characters. The previous two/three weeks were especially painful because of the focus on many unlikeable characters and Trey’s death which had no emotional resonance. I wish the show had more balance in the storytelling so we never have to have three straight weeks of Kristina/Trey/Starr/Michael/Connie/Sonny/Spinelli/Maxie with generous doses of Mousy Nurse v. Bitchy Doctor over Patrick. Argh.

    On to this episode, it was such fun and the stories felt balanced. Loved seeing Anna back in Port Charles and I could appreciate the angst of Anna/Duke and hope it’s explored. Mac and Felicia having breakfast at Kelly’s was adorable and I am glad the show remembered the connections between Felicia, Mac, Felicia, Duke and Anna. Lucy’s “mental break” is enjoyable for me and I would love it if the entirety of “Port Charles” was all in Lucy’s mind. That way, the supernatural elements in Port Charles could be explained away AND characters featured on PC could be imported to GH (for example, Karen could still be alive…she died on PC.) And, YAY! Kevin is returning!

    Tracy/Monica was a lot of fun as was AJ/Carly. I don’t find Sean Kanan to be at all physically attractive but I’ll be damned, he has tons of charisma! AJ & Carly have immense chemistry and I would like to see their relationship explored. It could be an old-fashioned, soapy, “hate/love” relationship full of snark, intensity and passion. I shipped Tarly but I am now shipping Carly & AJ.

    The Sabrina propping has got to stop. Sabrina is my least favorite character on GH. She’s petty and whiny and proves time-and-time again that her intention of reviving The Nurses’ Ball was to reel-in Patrick. She’s a succubus. Where is Epiphany?

    Sam & McBam are wonderful. I am glad McBam has been reunited and picking up steam. Sam’s confrontation with Todd was weak-ass. Sam comes across completely non-threatening. Alexis too. Where’s their inner-Cassadine? I loved Alexis v. Sam over the years because the actresses were on-fire. Sadly, that all got gutted when Sam was made Alexis’ long-lost daughter. That plot-point really hurt the characters IMO, particularly Alexis who was taken from being Sam’s contemporary to being an old matron.

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    I thought it the minute I saw it and I feel it even more now. I am so team Aj and Carly! I want to see a slow build to a relationship with them. I feel that too much has happened in the past for these two to instantly start jumping into bed.

    The storyline from PC is interesting. It is funny though how the shows were so separate unless the nurses ball was going on. I am not sure exactly where they are going but it seems to me that they are probably going to whitewash the whole history of the show. My guess is they are going to say Lucy has gone crazy!

    GH has been on fire lately last for the horrible new staff at the hospital. Please for the love of God resurrect Emily or bring Rebecca back and then resurrect Emily. Both were doctors. They at least have a tie to the canvas and are much more interesting than Britt. Sabrina while cute is lame. Give Liz more story and get rid of Sabrina! All she is is a place holder for Robin. They could have made her Serena and that would have been interesting. I am excited for her return though.

    Highlight of the whole show was Diane! If she isn’t on contract Cartini is dropping a huge ball!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=J Bernard Jones]Ah, Gord, Serena Faraday would be a hoot…and about 70-80 years old! (Of course, she could be be de-aged like Nicole Drake was…alrhough that never sat well with me; dang I miss Maeve Maguire.) but I’ve been thinking that GH does bear quite the passing resemblance to Edge the last few months. Too bad the P&G soaps share a different universe from the ABC owned shows.[/quote]

    Agree, agree, agree. Sadly, I was just delusional enough to think people of Monticello froze in time when the show ended. :-(

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    I absolutely loved this episode!

    Loved AJ and Carly! I for one think AJ is damn sexy. He’s that sexy “average” guy on soaps and proves you don’t have to be ripped to be sexy on a soap. I find him incredibly sexy…the jock of my dreams :) Although, on his interview many months ago on Daytime Confidential, I found him to be quite irritating.

    Monica and Tracy are a delight as always.

    I even liked Sabrina and Felix today. Especially Felix! He has great charisma and I am so looking forward to him having a storyline and love interest. As a gay man, I know many who are like him and it’s not a stereotype at all. He’s fabulous. Sabrina, while I don’t dislike her, I hope she gets a backbone soon.

    Anna and Duke back in PC where they belong! Mac and Felicia having breakfast! Alexis, Shawn, Mac, and Felicia remembering Kevin and Lucy! Felicia and Duke being by Lucy’s side! Such GREAT throwbacks! I had forgotten Ian Buchannen was on Port Charles!

    I have to say, I think it’s pretty clever of GH to tie in both worlds of GH and PC, it’s pretty clever. I really feel bad for Lucy Coe because she is SO convinced about everything and poor thing, no one believes her. I wish Kevin would come in or call and back her up in some way. Lynn Harring is performing beautifully, but I don’t want her to be thrown into that crazy lady status. She used to be quite the sex kitten. Does Lucy know of or have history with Heather Webber? Because I don’t think she’ll know what she’ll be getting herself into…

    I also want to say that while I think tying ABC soaps together is pretty amazing, where does it stop? So far, they connected McBain/Caleb, Lucy/Port Charles, Sam/Livvie, Tomas(OLTL)/Lorenzo….what about other different character/same actors who’ve appeared in this universe. Carly/Ally (THE CITY), Olivia/Jocelyn (THE CITY), Angie Hubbard (AMC/LOVING/THE CITY)/Dr. Ellen Burgess (PC), Tomas/Lorenzo/Danny (THE CITY)

    I’m not saying that have to do all that but why doesn’t Tracy recognize Carly as Ally or Olivia as Jocelyn? It’s just interesting to note.

    If the supernatural stuff of Port Charles was actually in Lucy’s head, like many are suspecting, we could very well bring back Karen and Eve because I suspect the only time of Port Charles in Lucy’s head was all the supernatural stuff.

    Anyways, it’s all very exciting but it could get confusing from the analytical side of it.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Another little tidbit I found amusing: Carlivati once blurred the Proctor & Gamble/ABC soap universes on OLTL. When Kim Zimmer was on OLTL as Echo DiSavoy and around the time The Two Todds story was coming to a head. It was a group scene where everyone was commenting about how unbelievable it all was, theorizing about why these two guys could claim to be Todd Manning and Jack (Andrew Trichetta) made an offhand comment along the lines of

    “Do you remember that lady in Springfield who was cloned?”

    A straight up, direct reference to the infamous Reva Clone story (with Reva & clone played by Kim Zimmer) from Guiding Light! LOL

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    J Bernard Jones

    DonnyA2001 wrote:

    I also want to say that while I think tying ABC soaps together is pretty amazing, where does it stop? So far, they connected McBain/Caleb, Lucy/Port Charles, Sam/Livvie, Tomas(OLTL)/Lorenzo….what about other different character/same actors who’ve appeared in this universe. Carly/Ally (THE CITY), Olivia/Jocelyn (THE CITY), Angie Hubbard (AMC/LOVING/THE CITY)/Dr. Ellen Burgess (PC), Tomas/Lorenzo/Danny (THE CITY)

    I have a theory that I explained in another post about what might be going on, in terms of which referenced characters are included and why others are not (slightly paraphrased):

    A) GH is referencing the connection of Tomas & Lorenzo (largely off screen) with the hunt for Lorenzo Alcazar (GH)/Tomas Delgaldo (OLTL), both played by Ted King.

    B) If there is a general rule of thumb in the way that Carlivati is handling the ABC soap universe, it might be this: One of the characters must not or might not turn out to be “real” or be the “true” identity of one of the roles.

    So, for example, “Lorenzo” [along with Luis] probably wasn’t the “true identity” of the character who appeared on GH, as was not the person who pretended to be Duke Lavery after plastic surgery, when played by Gregory Beecroft.

    Nico, Janet, Ally, Jocelyn and Sonia were “real” characters with “real” lives and therefore would not fit into this specific kind of retcon. That is why Ted King’s character of Danny Roberts from Loving/The City would not fit this paradigm, i.e. Danny was “real.” That’s also why Dr. Ellen Burgess from Port Charles would not be a part of this paradigm, as well, because Ellen was a “real” character separate from Dr. Angie Hubbard from AMC, both played by Debbie Morgan.

    I also wrote in that same response, to another poster: “With the exception of the Edge of Night, which shared its universe with the Proctor & Gamble serials, ABC soaps have been a part of the same universe for decades going all the way back to when GH’s Steve Hardy visited Llanview shortly after One Life to Live premiered in 1968 and with AMC being a direct spinoff of OLTL. After ABC/Capital Cities bought GH, AMC and OLTL and produced Ryan’s Hope/Loving/The City, the shared universe was tightened. It was firmly cemented by the Skye Chandler/Rae Cummings multi-soap crossovers, soap blizzards and, even more recently, CGI tornadoes. If those questions are in some way meant to invalidate what is going on in this upcoming little arc, then one must pose these kinds of questions about every actor who went from one ABC soap to another playing different roles, where even if a character on Show A had not come into contact with that actor’s character from Show B there may have been multiple ways for that character to have seen or heard of the other actor’s character from another show within that universe.”

    In other words, it’s not necessary that every character “should” recognize every other character simply because the same actor played a different role within the ABC universe. If I’m right about what I believe is Carlivati’s “rule of thumb” here, then those issues largely go away.

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