Hope Has a Plan For Marlena to Get Kristen on Days of Our Lives

Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) endured the awkward task of introducing new love Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) to old flame Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin), when the trio bumped into each other.

At the Brady Pub, Kate (Lauren Koslow) begged Daniel (Shawn Christian) to convince Chloe to give her supervised visits with Parker. Looks like the "I'm the only grandmother he's ever known" car worked, as Daniel said he would talk to Chloe.  

Marlena (Deidre Hall) admitted to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) she was feeling guilty over actually preferring Kristen with Brady, if it meant keeping her rival away from John (Drake Hogestyn). Hope told her former sister-in-law she couldn’t play by Kristen’s rules.

 Mrs. Bo Brady suggested using a new high tech bug to spy on Kristen. First she keeps quiet about Rafe (Galen Gering) attacking Chad (Casey Deidrick) at the wedding, forcing Chad to go along with a disturbing the peace charge. Now she's planning to spy on someone without a warrant? Hope is thisclose to netting herself an internal affairs investigation at this point! 

Victor (John Aniston) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) weren't happy about Brady’s relationship with Kristen. Once again, Brady defended his actions by saying how good Kristen made him feel. Maggie said his behavior was that of an addict.

At the hospital, Kate told Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) about Chloe being a prostitute. Kate said she couldn’t be the one to tell Daniel, so Jennifer would have to do it.

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    Thanks for the recap Luke. The Chloe/Brady/Kristen scenes were good. I’ve never been a fan of Eric Marstoff but I see chemistry between him and both Nadia Bjorlin and Eileen Davidson. That’s where the triangle should be (pentagon if you include John and Marlena) instead of the dead, dead, dead Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe triangle that is a-brewing. Daniel and Jennifer are such dead space and the worst aspect of the show (and that says a lot.) Victor being rather blase about Phillip’s child being ripped away from him bothers me but at least Kate’s been “hell on wheels.” Lauren Koslow shines.

    Hope needs a storyline beyond being the “talk-to”, dirty cop. Kristian Alfonso has been looking mighty fine.

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    Isn’t it wonderful… and by wonderful I mean shitty… how often the police officers in Salem disregard the law when it suits them but still claim high standards of morality & righteousness?

    That’s twice in two days that Hope’s basically said “screw the law, I need to protect my friends & family who are breaking it” without a whiff of conscience bothering her. :|

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    I’d say put Rafe with Hope but that might be too much smug self-righteousness for one couple.

    I’m not Hope fan but this “Bo is in the other room” routine is stupid. It totally limits the character of Hope by doing that.

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    Hope needs a man and not an off-screen husband. It shouldn’t be so hard to write out Bo. Afterall, he’s already never seen.

    I’ve said it before. They should find a bad guy (Justin Kiriakis must have a brother or two that we haven’t met yet) for Hope to fall in love with. Someone that causes her to be in conflict with her sworn duty to uphold the law.

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    I thought Hope & Justin had chemistry when the two flirted while Bo was carrying on his affair with Carly. I’d be all for a Hope/Justin/Adrienne triangle to give them story and drag the uber-talented Wally Kurth & Judi Evans off the sidelines.

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    That’s another good idea, soapbaby. The reveal of an affair between those two would blow up Salem, much like the recent almost-wedding.

    It would also create some conflict between Sonny and Will. It’s an endless source of fascination to me how Will Horton is related to EVERYBODY in Salem to some degree or another.

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    From what I’ve heard via soap gossip mills, KA put the kibbosh on Justin/Hope during that storyline Hope & Bo were having marriage problems the last time. I don’t know if she’s changed her mind & would be open to it now.

    But I still say put her with Rafe or get rid of him as he’d have no purpose on this show otherwise … unless the rumblings I heard of a Rafe/Nicole/Eric upcoming triangle are legit.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Count me among the millions of Days fans delighted to see the return of Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn). But I must say, the writers have given this former power couple very little to do since they returned to Salem. What’s more, why are they writing the onetime powerful Marlena as an insecure school girl so easily threatened by Kristen (Eileen Davidson)?

    While I’m at it, can someone explain why every storyline and every scene involves Jennifer (Melissa Reeve)? Of the entire Days cast, Melissa Reeve is the least talented actress and the least interesting character. I was very surprised to see sanctimonious, uber-Christian Melissa Reeve return to Days after she boinked co-star Jason Brooks and got caught by her husband, leading to a scandal that forced Reeve to leave Days. Her character was recast and played by Stephanie Cameron.

    I was pleased to read Days was reupped to 2014. The writers have ample opportunity to improve the writing and hopefully, write out Melissa Reeve.

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    love the soaps

    To tell the truth, i have found the character of Jennifer completely unappto renew her short term contract. If ealing in this last dismal third run. Her behaviour towards the supposed ” love of her life” Jack was reprehensible. He dies saving their daughter and in a nano second she is panting over the sainted Dr. Love aided by her aunt Maggie, aka egg mommy who seems to have forgotten that she has 2 daughters floating around somewhere.

    I watched days during the Christmas holidays, and found the kristen story most appealing. The addition of Chloe is good, but why is she written in such a way that she NEEDS Daniel. No wonder nadia b. did not want to renew her contract.

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    I agree that Melissa Reeves should leave the soap world already. She still has time to start looking for something else to do. After the Chick-fil-A thing transpired, my thoughts on her were tarnished, and it doesn’t help she is being pushed down the viewers throats in the most horrible pairing Days has had in a long time.

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