PC #62: 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

On today’s Pop Confidential podcast Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura dish the latest celebrity headlines, gossip, TV show developments and the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Did Jodie Foster come out at the Golden Globe Awards? Who had the best red carpet outfits? Argo won Best Motion Picture Drama while Les Miserables won Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.  Will the Golden Globe wins help or hurt Oscar contenders chances?

Justin Timberlake and Destiny’s Child each released a new single.

Shameless returned for another season on Showtime. Is Revenge suffering a sophomore slump? Downton Abbey was saved by Matthew Crawley.  Lady Edith was left at the altar. Will she end up an old maid?

Luke and Regan have been loving the return of Pretty Little Liars. Did Jamey and Jillian keep their deal for Jillian to watch The Good Wife if Jamey watched Person of Interest? Alicia and Peter have sex on The Good Wife. Deception continued to get better with its second episode. Fan favorites are set to return to Dallas for J.R.'s funeral.

All this and much more on today’s Pop Confidential podcast! 



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3 Responses

  1. Profile photo of luverica

    Seriously Jamey, you must do all Downton Abbey recaps that way. You are to Downton Abbey what Clarence is to The Bold and the Beautiful. Absolutely hilarious! As usual, it was another all around great podcast.

    As far as Jodie Foster is concerned, she can do no wrong. I’m biased because I have loved this woman since she was a child actor and so happy at the career she made for herself. I totally understand the other comments and Jamey, I’m of the same mind that a person has the right to process their coming out in whatever way they see fit, and it is a process that can be quite long and that’s okay. I do think she was quite nervous at first and was trying to make a little joke by coming out as “single” (and it got a laugh from me), but I personally feel her comments on privacy was very important and well taken. The part about her speech that stayed with me for awhile, that most people don’t seem to be talking about, was when she expressed her love to her mother. That right now made the whole thing worthwhile and I was truly touched.

  2. Profile photo of twb6yz

    I’m giving Jodie Foster a pass.

    No she never put her sexuality out there but she really never put ANY of her private life out there.

    With what she had to have gone through as a 19 year old who had a man infatuated with her shoot the President I can’t blame the poor woman for keeping her private life as private as possible.

    Give the woman a break. She’s earned it.

  3. Profile photo of tarpaz

    Great show, are you guys going to do a best and worst of 2012?

    I am in agreement regarding Revenge it’s too clutter with extra characters and story lines.

    Next episodes can you talk about some sitcoms and the Shonda Rhimes dramas.

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