Shemar Moore to Anderson Audience Member: “You Want Some Six Pack in Your Life?”

Almost 20 years after he first set the standard for sexual chocolate in daytime as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless, Shemar Moore is still being asked to lift up his shirt by horny fans. Watch the Criminal Minds star drive Anderson's audience crazy—and piss off his publicist—after the jump! 

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    hey mon

    I find it stupid that Shemar has to do this every time he is on a Daytime talk show. But, I guess it keeps the ladies happy. I am doing a side by side with KSJ and Moore, and for once, Kristoff is in better shape than Shemar. Kristoff is rocking, so Moore, you had better get working on your lats.

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    Restless Vixen

    I’m glad I’m not the only naysayer, hey mon! I am a lady. Shemar Moore is a good looking man, no doubt! Would not kick him out of bed for eating a cookie (teeheehee!) But I’m kind of over him essposing his abs whenever he’s on TV. I thought he was supposed to be so evolved from his “training ground” of daytime and wanted to be considered a serious actor [/shade]. I guess the grass aint that green on the other side called primetime and he’s still more recognized as “Malcolm” than anything else he’s ever done. Oh the irony!

    I get it! He looks good, he’s in shape…but so is much of Hollywood. And I have to agree, KSJ is in better shape right now. And so is the actor who plays Tyler. That dude is FOINE as hell. And at least his grill was tight BEFORE he started working in daytime [/shade]. I do love Shemar, but I’m still mad at him for going so long with a jacked up grill during most of his tenure on Y&R.

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