Taylor and Brooke Meddle in Their Daughters' Lives on The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope (Kim Matula) congratulated Rick (Jacob Young) for winning the competition. He asked her if she had forgiven him. She said she would get past it, eventually. After Rick left, Hope told Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) she was focusing on getting her life back together aka hooking back up with Liam (Scott Clifton).  Brooke tried to talk some sense into Hope, but that was sort of like a high end escort calling a curbside hooker “money hungry.”

Liam informed Katie (Heather Tom) that Bill (Don Diamont) had stabbed himself. Is it any wonder this woman ran away from these people?

Pam (Alley Mills) interrupted Eric's (John McCook) sketching with an offer of food. Rick stopped by to talk about Forrester, but their conversation quickly turned to how Eric was dealing with the loss of Stephanie (Susan Flannery).

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) struggled with keeping Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pregnancy a secret. This lady has to be the worst shrink in soaps. She has absolutely no concept of privacy and personal choice! Taylor assured Steffy her secret was safe with her, before eventually picking up the phone to call Liam. She might have hung up before spilling the stork news this time, but give ole' loose lips time! 

Brooke stopped by Liam’s house to talk to him about Hope. Brooke apologized for not coming clean about Bill and Deacon's (Sean Kanan) meddling.  Mama Logan then told Liam he needed to decide once and for all between Hope and Steffy.


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Didn't Brooke recently state that she and others were too involved in their children's lives? Or did I imagine that?!?!?!

Hope is acting like a tramp, Steffy is hormonal and Liam needs to seriously grow a pair and now that this triangle is heating up again, we can all moan, groan and head for the porclein throne.

Haven't been watching long but may very well give up if things don't change very soon.

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Not only was it odd that Taylor was shocked and, from the strain to create a facial expression, dismayed at the idea of her daughter being pregnant, BUT Taylor is also a doctor so she knows she has to keep it quiet until ONE steffy sees a doctor to confirm the pharmacy test. TWO, allow Steffy to tell her boyfriend. AND FINALLY... Steffy said nothing about terminating the pregnancy so WHY is this Taylor's drama?!!!

As for Brooke going to Liam's backdoor I found that to be the oddest part of her visit to her wishy washy step-nephew's place. Sure, Brooke's daughter is constantly letting everyone know she has matured and all that blather most morons say to make us believe they can read but honestly I just wish that Brooke went there and said LISTEN, we've been going over this for years now... DECIDE and gain a pair!!!

As for Bill stabbing himself... Katie should have said something more than make a joke over what Liam said to her. Not only did Bill "stab" himself in the chest because Liam was "done with him" but Katie and 4 other women had just done an intervention with him over his moods and alcohol. Katie should have forced the issue more. It made absolutely no sense and is just more proof to how stories on B&B are never EVER consistent.

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The beautiful, sexy Brooke Logan has morphed into Stephanie Forrester. How sad is that...I agree with Jamey Giddens...Brad Bell needs to take a leave of absence to get his mind right