Fen’s Jealousy of Jamie Turns Violent on The Young and the Restless

Jack (Peter Bergman) told Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Adam (Michael Muhney) he planned to call Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and confess for the hooker’s death. Adam and Phyllis tried to convince Jack that Victor (Eric Braeden) didn’t know the truth. Jack said Victor wouldn’t have to tell the police; he’d just have to spread rumors. Jack was done with the lies, and there would be no more cover up. 

Victor held a press conference and was about to spill the beans on Jack's condition, when Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) interrupted. She took him aside, and demanded to know if he was going to break his promise to her. Victor said he didn’t give a damn what other people thought about him. He asked if Nikki was giving him an ultimatum. Did Melody Thomas Scott look faboosh in that pink dress or what?

Eventually, Victor informed the press he would make his announcement later.

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael discovered money and other things were missing from their house. The duo confronted Jamie, but Jamie defended himself. He became upset over their accusations, and left. Michael started thinking Fen set up Jamie.

Paul (Doug Davidson) found Fen (Max Ehrich) at Crimson Lights. He asked if Fen was okay with Jamie (Daniel Polo) living at his house. Fen said it was fine, because it was short term and he’d be gone soon.
A thought crossed my mind as I watched their scenes. What is the likelihood Paul ends up adopting/fostering Jamie, at some point down the road? It just might work, especially since the PI just lost Ricky (Peter Porte).  

Murphy (Michael Fairman) and Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) were eating, when Tucker (Stephen Nichols) interrupted. Murphy forcefully told him to leave, and then started choking on something. Tucker had to give him the Heimlich maneuver.

Fen and Jamie got into a fight atop the building where Jamie was preparing to sleep. The two started pushing and shoving, and the show cut to a commercial. When it returned, Paul was on the roof looking for Jamie. He discovered Jamie lying on a lower roof, amid the snow.

Michael arrived at the Abbott mansion, where Jack confessed to being responsible for the hooker’s death.

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    Tonights episode had me crawling OUT OF MY SKIN!!!! Not only was it boring but it was an enormous waste of the VETERAN casts time!

    First we had Jack annoyingly wanting to confess to NOTHING! GAWD, when Jill took over I finally thought that Jack would become what Maria never had him become and that’s a winner. Now all she has done is make him more of a MORON than before and even more of a LOSER than Victor ever thought he was!

    Then we are forced to watch Tucker for the MILLIONTH time try and get the old battle ax, Katherine, to approve of him!!! Why I will never know when all Tucker did was discover he was the son that she gave away on a drunken whim after his birth and did NOTHING WHATSOEVER to find him until he found her! Now he is constantly trying to win her approval. (Hmmm, he’s doing the same with Devon who slept with his father’s girlfriend, who happened to be his mother’s step sister and his little sister’s step mom!)

    Of course we had Fen who is more like a Baldwin/FIsher than a Fenmore trying to cover up his dirty deed with Jamie. Boring. Send the kid to boarding school and Jamie to his grandmother’s place in another state so that we might actually get teenagers who aren’t a step closer to taking a gun to school or to their heads! Honestly, the teen set on this soap are soooooo darn depressed that the BULLY story is the least of their worries.

    Of course, we had Victor walking around playing “20 questions” or “I’ve got a secret” with everyone INCLUDING the press that it just makes him look pathetic! When will the security at NEWMAN learn that VICTOR NEWMAN does not run the joint so having a PRESS CONFERENCE AFTER HOURS is not allowed!!!!

    Honestly, you would think after all that Victor did with Sharon and the destruction of the company and then him losing control of the company, the staff at NEWMAN would be singing DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD and saying to him “you ain’t my boss anymore so beat it! You’re not allowed in!” The laxed security at NEWMAN is just as bad as the laxed security RESTLESS STYLE had with its passwords for their website!

    Sorry… I am one more week away from forgetting about being a fan of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS after 20 some odd years! The show is not worth the attention or time.

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    hey mon

    Dont forget the stalkers, shoot outs at weddings (Victoria/Ryan/Tricia & Genevieve/Jack/Patty), mob story, and of course, a strip club (a Kay Alden & Bill Bell trademark).

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    [quote=pjc722]Tonights episode had me crawling OUT OF MY SKIN!!!! Not only was it boring but it was an enormous waste of the VETERAN casts time!
    ………etc, etc, etc………
    Sorry… I am one more week away from forgetting about being a fan of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS after 20 some odd years! The show is not worth the attention or time.[/quote]

    pjc, Thank you very much for so eloquently stating what I’ve been thinking ;)

    Both of the Bell shows (Y&R and B&B) will be coming off my DVR soon unless something drastic happens. B&B doesn’t matter much since I just started watching that a few months ago.
    But Y&R…I have been watching, off and on, since the beginning, so I will have a much harder time giving up on that one.
    It’s so sad to see how far the mighty has fallen :(

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    Y&R isn’t awful anymore and trust me i don’t want MAB to ever return, i enjoy the pacing and the fact that it’s less cartoony. But Y&R is my favorite show, i want to LOVE IT and not just find it passable.

    The dead-hooker and money stories are boring as hell, PB is bringing it and going hard for that fourth emmy but that’s pretty much it.
    I don’t care about the new golden girl Avery and the Nick owning a club story is so deja vu (Crimson Lights and Restless Style anyone?.) We already know that Nick can be successful outside of Newman Entreprises, why are we watching this story for THE THIRD TIME? The so-called business stories are just silly and are about unqualified people switching positions every other week.

    Again i don’t think everything is bad, the day to day dialogue and the characterisation are better than they’ve been since 2005/2006. JG and JFP also ended the “Victurd and SyPhyllis Always Win and Get Away With Everything Hour” and of course we’re all thankful for that and i now remember why i used to love Michelle Stafford.

    JG’s Y&R is still a work in progess and being critical of it because you want it to get even better doesn’t make you a hater.

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    Y&R IS awful!!!

    I dared to watch one episode, the Friday one, and wish I hadn’t. Boring, disinteresting, wrong characters in the wrong places, etc.

    For instance, this Fen/Jamie storyline. What was wrong with Summer being the bad seed and Fen being the voice of reason/ good guy trying to calm her down? They totally did a 180 on this storyline and are trying to make Fen a new Ricky. It would have been totally more palusible for Summer to be the bad seed, her mother’s daughter, while Phyllis of course scolds her and forgets all her own deeds.

    If they wanted a character like Ricky, why not just bring Ricky back? You don’t have to do a repeat of him with Fen. The only good thing in this storyline is that it does bring Michael and especially Lauren into the forefront. I am glad about that.

    And this Jack and the dead hooker storyline is prepostrous. Yes, Jack is a ladies man, but would he just up and leave with a strange woman and have sex with her just for the fun of it? That is not the Jack I remember, and not the one I want to know either.

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    OK, if anyone has ever seen my other comments about Y&R and this new team they will also see JUST AS MUCH PRAISE for their casting and writing abilities! The newbies all can act and what Josh’s team has them say is spot on and so much better than the lines that Maria had them uttering.

    BUT that doesn’t mean that the stories themselves are any good or even the situations the newbies and the oldies are put in are that believable!

    Here how it goes, FINALLY Jack wins over Victor by getting Newman and it’s a ONE episode victory that then sees him opt for surgery and drug addiction in the very next week! There was no true buildup to pain and the need for surgery. This story should have been told slower and more dramatically. First Jack should have won and it should have been more effective than him walking into the office on a FRIDAY, announcing he owns NEWMAN on Monday and then by the following Friday he is having Surgery to repair his back and then addicted to pain meds the following week.

    In the old days this story would have taken 2-3 years to evolve and not 2-3 months!! None of it is remotely believable in the short window of time!

    I am not saying they were not good plot points but the speed they are being told makes them out to be bad. Jack didn’t get a chance to revel in his FINAL VICTORY over Victor. We didn’t see him double cross or manipulate Tucker (that is the one missing link in this whole story since it’s Tucker’s enormous amount of stock that got Jack the job and Tucker is no where in the story). We got no time to see Victor try and figure out what to do and see Jack PRANCE around town gloating over Victor. I want to love this story but haven’t had the time since each week it has a new dimension or new plot.

    Now we have the dead hooker and Jack’s rehab in the cabin in the woods after seeing Nikki, Katherine, and anyone else struggle with IN-PATIENT treatment! I know Phyllis is strong but Sarge… a tough as nail guy… should have been there to carry this “we don’t have money for a hospital set or extras walking around in the background” story because a guy coming off OXYCODONE (whatever they called it) would be sooooo fixing for a hit that skinny RED would be a twig in his hands. Plus the dramatic reveal that Sarge’s nephew is working for Victor while Sarge’s friend is struggling would have been a greater plot point then it was this past week.

    I’m loving Leslie being on the show because the character was GREAT, tough as nails and reminded me of Drucilla without being Dru. But now the writers have her giving up her high profile job as a criminal defense attorney (more lucrative than a corporate INHOUSE counsel) to work alongside the chauvinist Neil?! I say that Neil is a chauvinist because of the way he forces himself on women as if they NEED him and how he doesn’t listen to them til he works them down. The writers have made her “nice” like Harmony and Devon’s Tyra or even Karen (Neil’s last wife). All three women failed with Neil because they purred up to him like a cat to it’s owners lap instead of being “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” like Drucilla! That is why Leslie will not work because she has lost that identity just for a FORCED UPON THE FANS romance!

    Her brother Tyler is OVERLY confident, as well, to the point that he is gross. His flirting with Lily from day one in front of everyone including father, brother and husband is wrong. It doesn’t endure him to me other thanwishing all of his scenes were in the steam room instead of the hallway. Give us a more human character. Plus he is SOOOO great at what he does that he moved to Wisconsin?! Sorry, but the writers have had the other newbie Adriana call Genoa City “a city in the middle of no where” so if Tyler is that GREAT at design he would be in NYC or LA or San Francisco/Austin, NOT Wisconsin.

    All the newbies are being forced on us RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE and they are not developing any true story where we would like them first and then see them gel with story. Tyler should have come to town and met Lily and liked what he sees but then had more story where we see him develop a friendship with Devon or Neil or even Kyle so that there is more to him then a creepy stalker. Mason has no definition to his character at all since coming on board and makes no sense why he would jump on board with Victor when it was Jack who gave him the job and he is Sarge’s nephew.

    I just think that if the stories are told in a longer period of time we would buy into them. I can buy all that is happening with Jack but I can’t buy it or care if what is 3 years worth of drama is now 3 months of junk. Its simple to slow down the pace of the shows because fans watch soaps 5 days a week so they need to be a slower pace. Y&R had more fans when the stories took years (maybe a full year) to tell and not 1 week.

    As for the plots from the past years someone brought up, I never said they were great but that doesn’t mean the stories today are any better.

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]While it has gotten better, this show is boring. I’m just not connecting with the characters or stories anymore. I’ve taken B&B off of my DVR with Y&R soon to follow …[/quote]

    Like you, I feel the stories are pretty pathetic right now and appear to only being on their way farther downhill. How sad. What a bunch of crap that is being fed to us and as a over 30 year watcher, am saddened.

  8. Profile photo of giogio

    ALL soaps go thru a period of being boring. My mother calls those days “picking up loose pieces” for whatever that means. She says those boring days are leading up to a new storyline. I get bored also but Im worndering what those pieces are going to amount to. Something exciting Im sure.

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    I totally agree with you stoney07. In fact, there’s very little I’m not enjoying as opposed to this time last year when it was “there’s very little I’m enjoying.”

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    I’ve thought for a couple of weeks now Jamie might be Paul’s chance at the “redemption” he seems to feel he needs in the fatherhood dept. Maybe Chris will get her chance up at mommy-bat.

  11. Profile photo of PNfan

    I check out at least 4 sites and I have to agree to a point. I’ll say that its mostly happy campers watching and for the unhappy ones, I don know what’s missing for them.

    Here’s how I view it. We are down to 4 soap opera’s (that mess ABC is trying to do online Prospect Park aside) and if Y&R is even on the planet in 2yrs I’ll be surprised and so for now? my complaints have adjusted to the realities of the times where daytime is concerned.

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    Okay don’t stone me, but Y&R’s main problem for me is that it seems to have an identity crisis. These characters look like the ones I have been watching over the years, but they don’t really act like them.

    Also, the show seems like a generic soap all of a sudden. I think it’s the simple plots and dialog. It’s really tough to say what’s missing, but something is off about Y&R.

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    hey mon

    Let’s not complain it into the ground. There is always something good on Y&R to watch. Fen is being ‘spot on’ in his jealousy of Jamie, although I miss Summer being on-screen. And the good thing is that Max, who plays Fen, is well able to pull off all of these scenes.

    Jack, Phyll, and Adam talking cloak-and-dagger about Stephanie has also been a good time. Seeing Adam and Red trying to get Jack to conceal his dirty deeds has been priceless, even Billy getting in on the deal.

    Nikki confronting Victor on Thursday was top notch, and she looked MILFy delicious in that dress. She wasn’t a diva prancing around, she was sticking up for a friend, and reminding Victor that he would be alone soon, again, if he didnt back off.

    It’s been a week very light on Chipmunk and Chloe. (Still hoping for a Kevin’s bi- or gay awareness s/l) There’s been a Murphy sighting. Adriana is in the background. The missing puzzle pieces have been Summer and Kyle, but cant have everything.

    Josh G is not the savior of Y&R, nor was MAB the ultimate villain.

  14. Profile photo of pferrando

    For those of us who love the real Y and R, it’s not boring.

    I’m enjoying the writing because it’s so much more realistic than when MAB was writing. If I have any issues with the show right now it’s not the writing…I really am not thrilled with some of the new faces, new sets and new music. But a much more BALANCED show. Thank god.

    I didn’t like Jack being so preachy on Friday, but it’s nice to see people accepting responsibility for their actions. I wish Michael and Lauren, and Paul for that matter, were on more often. And I really like Fen and how they are writing him. Was nice to see Murphy…and I love Adam anytime he’s NOT around Sharon. Even ole “Red” doesn’t grate on my nerves these days. Then of course we have Victor…but really he’s always been Victor. I don’t think he WILL come out 100% on top this time.

    As someone mentioned above, other than this heavily pro GH site, there are MANY more positive comments about the direction of the show elsewhere. And of course we have the ratings to show no one is leaving in droves.

    Soooo…methinks that a lot of the negativity is coming from people who either didn’t watch pre 2006, or they are GH’ers just being negative to be negative. Other’s thoughts on that? :-)

  15. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    pferrando — you’re right about a lot of things. It’s just the slap I needed that I have been giving myself all week realizing that everything will never be perfect on Y&R. It never was during Bill Bell, then Kay and John; and it never will be today.

    The things I liked about MAB could never happen in the ‘real’ Genoa City, because they were MAB-fantasy, and almost stupid.

    Like the intensity of Shadam, and the feelings that Adam had for Sharon. Let’s face it, it wasn’t love he had for her, it was a sick anti-Nick obsession. Adam switched babies at birth, and then covered it up for months. Then he basically ‘framed’ Ashley at his trial, and made her look crazy, even though he gas-lighted her. Then the whole Skye thing, and then the Sam thing, and then Adam going berserk on Sharon, and throwing away the camera data card. Did I love it? Yeah, like a crazy, weird roller coaster ride at an amusement park (and I mean a Cedar Pointe, OH coaster — 400 ft high). But stupid, weird, and unbelievable.

    So once we focus on writing, I guess the Show is a lot better. Cause there seems to be a plot, and a direction, that Josh G is taking The Show.

    Missing the Craziness of Sharon of trying to run Newman Enterprises. The always Jack-intense Patty Williams. The simultaneous dopple-gangers of Patty/Emily and Sara/Lauren. Crazy Gen and her always changing personality. To name a few. Those are things that we have to leave behind now.

  16. Profile photo of harlee490

    Peferrando…. :bigsmile: Thank you as always because I know what you mean when you say so eloquently quote:

    “For those of us who love the real Y and R, it’s not boring.”

    I understand that deep love of Y&R and you do to…we don’t always agree on some things but I know you want to see the best in Y&R and tell the type of stories again what Y&R does best in business character driven :love: stories.

    Y&R is leaning in that direction again since ’06 in very much their style. Oh not always happy about certain aspects the music but not as much lately, some sets are great, some needs more effort, new faces mixed emotions…if not on every day which they haven’t and the key is being more BALANCED! I’m not against all the new production touches lately either.

    I am so enjoying Y&R completely after 6 years being miserable…I :love: Y&R.

  17. Profile photo of stoney07


    It’s just my opinion, but MAB would work WELL on another soap. I think if she started her OWN soap, she could thrive there. But she just didn’t work for Y&R, and the fact that she thought she DID made matters even worse.

    So I’ll take this slower paced, more character-driven show any day. Everyone has their own opinions, likes, and dislikes. I was just pointing out that every other site that I’m a member of, the majority thinks that Y&R is good again. But I respect everyone’s opinion here…even if it does seems suspicious and cause me to wonder if these people even WATCH the show.

    Either way, I’m enjoying the show and I hope it continues to get better. I accept the fact that I’m in a very small minority around here, which actually makes me come MORE…to add a little balance to things ;)

    And I can ALWAYS count on pferrando as well :D

  18. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I’ve actually watched Y&R since either 1986 or 87. I got into it because my grandmother watched it, a reason so many of us started watching soaps. After reading the last several comments, I wanted to at least speak up as being a “long-time” viewer and fan of the show who thinks that, yes, it is boring and is still missing the mark.
    Just remember a few of the many incredibly compelling and carefully crafted sorylines that we were so lucky to enjoy during the wonderful years when Bill Bell and team was at the helm: the baby trafficking ring with Rose, Nina, Cricket and Danny, the arrival of Philip Chancellor II and his social awkwardness that led him to alcohol dependence, Nikki faking her imminent death to try and break up Victor and Ashley, Ashley’s breakdown and ending up at the state-run psych hospital only to be later reunited with her father (I’ll always remember the scene when he found her there!), the Cassandra storyline with Paul and Victor, Sheila Carter and the wonderful suspense of her torturing Lauren and her own mother for years….need I go on??
    These stories were planned and executed so masterfully with excellent writing, a focus on rich characters and very satisfying acting. Now, even under the new regime, the plotlines are just not meshing. Everything seems randomly connected with characters that hardly even resemble their former interpretations. It seems many of the actors are just thrown into storylines they don’t really fit into because the producers/writers just aren’t sure they know what to do with them. There isn’t that sense of buildup of suspense to conclude in something satisfying for the viewer.
    So, at least for this longtime fan, “for those who love the real Y&R, it is not boring,” does not hold true.

  19. Profile photo of pferrando

    Stefan…you are right…Bill Bell had a LOT of fantastic stories. In my opinion almost all of them.

    The difference with his storytelling is that he usually crafted one of these stories you mention above, and then told it for months or even years…and he didn’t have multiple murders, etc. ever at the same time.

    I hope that Josh is still getting his footing and we will see some of the more exiting ones you are looking for. I’m just so glad that things have slowed down and my head isn’t spinning trying to keep up like I was during MAB.

    And for my guy Stoney…I’m there with you! ;)

  20. Profile photo of stoney07

    It took Bill Bell at least a YEAR to get to the climax of the story. Josh Griffith just started airing in October. We’re in January, and already people are yawning saying the stories are dragging, the pace is too slow, it’s boring, etc…

    The reason Y&R isn’t as “great” anymore is not because the pacing is different, it’s because our attention spans are different…myself included. I’m seeing the characters I recognize again…and while Jack may be an addict right now, he’s still JACK ABBOTT, the guy who lets his father’s legacy and his hatred toward Victor Newman drive him to do ridiculous things, but eventually he follows his conscience. That is the Jack I’ve always known, and it’s the Jack I’m seeing right now.

    Phyllis is no longer the doormat to Nick Newman. She’s stronger,and while she’s not quite as edgy, at least this PHyllis RESEMBLES the Phyllis I grew up with.

    I don’t think the characters are OOC…I think they were OOC with MAB, and now they are back IN character. I think the stories are far more compelling now than with Patty/Emily and Sarah/Lauren. Or with Summer and the peanut butter cookie allergies. Or with Kevin and the Chipmunk Head. Or Sharon the bodybuilder who threw Skye into a volcano in Hawaii and had trial in GC. Or Sharon the whore who had a 3 way WTD storyline. Or Sharon who married Victor. Or the who murdered Diane, when half the cast bashed her head in with a rock. Or even under LML where we had Clear Springs which meant absolutely nothing. We had Brad Carlton turn out to be George SOMEBODY…after 20 some years on the show. WE had the reliquary storyline. We had Daniel watching Amber’s breasts online and Lily divorcing him because of it.

    And I haven’t even MENTIONED Daisy and Ryder, Devon having sex with Aunt Tyra, Meggie’s pointless story, Cane’s entire family popping up out of the blow, Genevieve biting Colin’s lip, “Ghost Cane” literally stalking Lily and driving her crazy, but never once attempting to tell her the truth. ALL this was in the past 6 years….

    And HONESTLY, no one sees progress with the storylines now? The show isn’t better now? I think we are expecting the Bill Bell days and it ain’t gonna happen. It didn’t even happen under Kay Alden and Jack Smith. Sure, their show was the closest it would ever get to the Bill Bell days, but those days are GONE. And if we can’t get Kay and Jack back, I don’t understand what’s so horrible about Josh Griffith. I honestly believe he’s doing what’s best for Y&R right now, and that’s finishing out MAB’s crap, not copping out and making it all a dream…he’s carried things on, and now the storylines are new. It’s not contrived plot points (like *cough* GH *cough* yea…I said it damnit) or ONE single storyline dominating (like B&B)…but it’s pretty well balanced now, the stories TO ME are interesting enough to keep me watching, and they are all seemingly building to a climax. But it takes time, the same way it did for Bill.

    We can’t on one hand ask for MAB’s head on a platter, and then just THREE MONTHS after the new regime, write them off and say the show is horrible, and then compare MAB to JG.

    This isn’t to any particular person on this site, but it’s just what I’m noticing. Most of the complainers about Josh Griffith are the same ones who emphatically HATED MAB. Let’s face it, the hatred isn’t necessarily to the writers, it’s to the show. Nothing Y&R does will be good enough anymore, because for some reason everyone has rose colored glasses on where the past is concerned. Bill Bell wasn’t on top of his game from start to finish. He had his boring spells as well. Hell, I even got weary of the show for a while in the ’90s. I said it once, and I’ll say it again…Y&R isn’t nor has it ever been non-stop action, or suspense, or thrills, or horror. And I’m glad it’s back to being psychological, family drama, corporate intrigue, etc.

  21. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    You’re right about our attention. We are 3 clicks away from seeing whatever we want on the Internet. Sci-fi, News, Lesbian Porn, you name it. So I suppose that Y&R should try to be what it has always been, Y&R. Keep the Head Writing skills separate from the Executive Producer. Probably would have been better under the MAB regime’. The direction was good: stalkers, Murder Mystery, dopple-gangers, and a lot of good old fashioned Daytime Drama.

    But the dialog, writing, and moving forward the plot was not that great, and the wrap up on most story-lines were lousy. The most glaring example is Diane’s Murder, which turned out to be Diane trying to murder Nikki. At the same time was Patty shooting Jack. Instead of following through with another good month of Patty, she was gone. Dumb.

    So it’s too bad, like another poster has said, that MAB could not have continued as EP, with Josh G writing. Cause I sense the spirit of JFP with the whole Adriana-thing, which is a bust. And even today, Tyler is still even hornier than ever, with sex on his mind.

    But I have to believe that the perfectly unfolding Fen/Jamie s/l has to be the work of Josh G. As well as the unexpected resignation of Jack from Newman, and really trying to over-come his problems in life.

    Good work Josh.

  22. Profile photo of tedew

    PNfan … I like that idea of having Jamie become a son for Paul.

    Regarding Fen’s involvement. I just hope this story line does not stretch too much longer. I can’t stand the thought of Michael being the only one to be suspicious with Lauren erroneously keeping faith in her Macaulay Culkin like son.

    pjc722 … I do agree with you regarding Jack to an extent. It is kind of annoying seeing him taking the entire blame for this. However, I have a feeling he will snap out of it. And don’t forget that once again all of this is Victor’s doing. There was no crime committed except for the disposal of the body but Victor is once again the catalyst for all that goes wrong.

    But I do think some of the negatively expressed here is way off base. Y&R is not worse and in some cases much better than under the previous regime. Just give it a bit more time.

    Now … if they could just figure out a way to sideline EB/Victor.

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