Bill’s Insta-Alcoholism Doesn’t Make a Shot Glass Full of Sense on Bold and Beautiful

Bill (Don Diamont) wasn’t happy to discover Katie (Heather Tom) had sent his single malt scotch on a “little vacation”, along with his other booze. Katie told him the last thing he needed was fewer inhibitions, because he needed to cling to the last few he had. Katie and Bill’s relationship is one of the few bright spots on The Bold and the Beautiful; even if Bill’s instant “alcoholism” doesn’t make a shot glass full of sense.

Eric (John McCook) came downstairs and discovered Pam (Alley Mills) making two martinis. While he wasn’t upset with Pam, he did ask his well-meaning sister-in-law to leave.

Eric said he and Pam were two halves of relationships with Stephanie (Susan Flannery) that were over, and that he could no longer accept her kindness. Despite saying this, Eric wept in Pam's arms.  

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) continued to interrogate Liam (Scott Clifton) about his intentions for Hope (Kim Matula). Liam and Brooke repeated the lines we've heard them recite dozens of times before about the Liam/Hope/Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) triangle. Someone needs to put us out of our misery.

Later, Bill and Brooke met up at Liam and Steffy's sex cottage, where the Stallion told his sister-in-law his wife no longer trusts him. .

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    Really….. the writing on this show has gone downhill faster than Steffy on a pair of cheap skis.

    Ok, you have Bill’s instant drinking problem; Steffy, who is usually pretty smart about all things, leaving a pregnancy test in her office ( for her mother to find!! ); and snarky Thomas running around the offices of CF…

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    The Eric and Pam scenes were amazingly acted and written and had me crying. Bravo to John McCook and Alley Mills. I love that we’re seeing Eric’s grief and regret about the way he took Stephanie for granted while she was alive. I am also enjoying the slow build to an inevitable Brooke/Bill/Katie triangle. While I really enjoy Bill and Katie I can’t help but be intrigued by Bill and Brooke getting together. Overall I’m thoroughly enjoying B&B right now even though I hate that Liam is thinking about going back to Hope after finally getting to enjoy him the past few months with Steffy!

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    Well Thomas, probably because B&B is one of the biggest television export products in the world. So, I dont think it has anything to worry about, but…the show is a mess.

    Again, the worst storyline right now is this drinking non problem with Bill. Its so boring and HTom isnt even buying it herself, so it seems. I love Bill and Katie, but when Brad writes a story like this, and we are supposed to believe there is a drinking problem, then at least let HTom lash out to her alcoholic husband. But now, not only the storyline stinks but the way its brought to us viewers is so not exciting, thats hard to even look at our screens.

    Liam is a fool, but at least that story is consistent. Again, there would be no problem with this triangle, if the rest of the stories are also consistently written, but thats not the case. There is no depth and no consistentcy in the other storylines around the triangle.

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    I feel that someone has to defend this soap but I don’t know why it should be me? Bill’s drinking seems to be part of plot by his secretary and I am waiting for that shoe to drop. This period of the show reminds me of when Victor first appeared on Y&R. Brooks sisters were climbing out of windows to get off the show. So, the writers had to come up with short term solutions for the characters that stayed.

    That being said, I wish that the show took more time to explore the newer characters. Erica Kane was so well defined that the audience could anticipate her responses for 40 years. Liam is a complete mystery to me. There were moments of interest. For example, Bill is constantly challenging Liam’s masculinity which could be Liam’s motivation for stringing along two girls. However, Liam never talks about his motivations, he just reacts. Mona Kane was around to explain Erica to audience but B&B doesn’t use the generational aspects of the show for that benefit.

    Imagine if Liam had a talk with Eric about what it feels like to be an aging playboy?

    Or if Steffy had a conversation with Brooke about how difficult it was to be taken seriously when your sexuality becomes an issue in the workplace?

    B&B would be well served by taking a note from Days. Those scenes with Marlena and Kristin are endlessly fascinating and if that story goes nowhere for months I would be riveted to watching those two spar on screen. A conversation between two characters is cheap to produce but when done well is the essence of soap. I’m constantly thinking about how the British soap Eastenders had it’s highest rated episode with 30 minutes that contained two characters and one set, but tons of intrigue (Den’s divorce). That’s all that I want as a soap fan. I’ll leave fake face masks to other fans, I like 30 minutes of glamour and little character development.

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    No Sodsince…there is no big plot behind Bills drinking. Really, if you actually believe that, then you are not familiair with Brads writing.

    It was just a scene to show us viewers that he actually has a so called drinking problem and that he has it for a very long time, because his secretary knows. No hidden plot, no shoe to drop, just plain dumb writing!

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    I agree booze26; when I watch GH I find myself constantly predicting where the show is going with its stories; with BB I’m just bored and have no faith that the stories are going anywhere. The show needs a new EP and new writers.

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    Katherine Kelly Lang wants Brooke in a triangle with Bill and Katie so Brad Bell creates a triangle in his usual clumsy way with absolutely no buildup. Typical. Katie wants to change Bill while Brooke is willing to accept him the way he is. This is just a rewrite of Steffy/Bill/Katie triangle which Bell abruptly ended to throw Steffy in the Hope/Liam mess. Brill has simply taken over the Still part of the triangle. I caught today’s episode and Heather Tom looks less than excited and she was a big proponent of the Steffy/Bill/Katie triangle. Steffy and Katie had potential to be great antagonists but we already know how things play out when Brooke is involved.

    My understanding from a reliable source is that it was Ronn Moss’ and his ego who had issues with Still which is why Steffy was initially thrown into Liam’s sphere. BB has enough issues without Bell constantly cowtowing to his actors. RM may be gone but KKL still has too much say on the ‘writing’ and in Bell’s case I’m using the term loosely.

    I won’t even go into the horrible never ending Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle.

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    Snizzle…its all speculation whatever you say. I dont believe for a minute that the actors decide anything that is written right now, not even powerhouse KKL. This is Brad Bell and only Brad Bell. Its his show and he is not affraid to give up on an actor/actress. Besides KKL sees how difficult it is to get a job, look at her friend and collegue RM. SO I dont buy that story of KKL interference.

    The episode described above, was actually the best episode of this week. Because fridays episode was a complete bore. I cant even believe that you actually end a friday episode and expect people to tune in on monday. I cant even believe there are actually people left to tune in on monday. But hey, its Brad Bell, who knows, there could actually pop up a good episode all of a sudden.

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    Watching today B&B made want to vomit. The way how Liam was smiling and bragging to Bill about having two women in love with him, made me so mad. I will never understand the attraction to Liam Spencer. The original triangle I could understand Brooke and Taylor’s attraction to Ridge. Ridge was attractive and had mountains of charisma and most importantly he acted like a man. Liam on the other hand is not attractive, has no charm, very indecisive and behaves like a little boy.

    The other problem is Brad writes Hope to be so unlikeable. After seeing Liam with Steffy the last few months I can’t understand why he would go back to Hope. Steffy is fun, strong, sexy and loyal. Hope is sanctimonious, hypocritical,weak and boring. I can’t understand why any man would want to be with Hope. Akin back to the original triangle, Bill Bell made Brooke and Taylor interesting women so you can understand Ridge’s dilemma. The Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle, there is only one clear choice and it’s Steffy. But if Brad keeps writing Liam like this I want Steffy to take the baby and be by herself.

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    Instant alcoholism/addiction seems to be a standard cop-out in the writing department on every soap. When they don’t know what else to do with a character, they give them an addiction, out of the blue.

    And they’re so subtle about it!
    How many times did they show Bill gazing at the scotch bottle?
    How many times did they show Jack (Y&R) grabbing a pill bottle?
    How often did Lulu (GH) reach for the wine bottle?

    In real life it takes a hell of a lot longer than a couple weeks to become addicted to anything. And after substance abuse lasting a whole two weeks, you don’t go through the kind of withdrawal that Jack’s going through.
    I just hope they don’t go down that road with Bill. He bugs me too much already.

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    B&B is a disgrace. William J. Bell must be turning in his grave.

    The show is simultaneously boring, disgusting, redundant, repulsive and hollow. Just nothing about it is right.

    If I didn’t feel for the B&B fans, or be someone who wishes good things to all soaps in the future – I would say cancel this ish already.

    And it is evident that Brad Bell does love KKL. He is somehow infatuated in her in a way that makes him want to cater to her characters storyline and place her front-and-center, no matter what. It might not even be KKL’s doing, I just think Brad has a definite crush on her.

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    I am surprised that no critic whether in print or online blogs has addressed the BREAK NECK PACE of stories on soaps today and that being the REAL REASON why they have been faltering for so many years! In years past, if a character like Bill or one like Jack on Y&R developed an addiction it would take months upon months to become a problem. We would see the characters in other stories and see the increased used of pain meds or alcohol and by the time it was the time to address the issue, the audience had been clued in for months to see that they were now clamoring for characters to address the issue.

    With Bill, for a week leading up to Caroline’s fall we saw Bill constantly drinking. Then Caroline fell and there was an intervention PULLED together in 5 minutes. The same with Jack. One minute he is taking over Newman and then in the next he is being knocked out by an intervention pulled together in 5 minutes. Sure, on B&B they called Taylor into the fold and she is a professional but I am sure even her professionalism in real life would have been a discussion over the pros and cons of confronting the man and that EVERYONE had to hold steady when it came to the ultimatum. The same with Jack but there was only Neil, a recovering alcoholic himself but in the years I have watched the show I have never seen Katherine or Nikki… 2 recovering alcoholics… go to him for support.

    These are two examples of telling stories that could be HUGE DRAMATIC payoffs for these shows but they are told in a vacuum so the fans don’t have time to develop any real attraction for the story.

    With Jack, as I have said numerous times on this blog, the story there was a 4-5 part storyline starting with his being shot under Maria and his taking over Newman under Jill. All the parts of this story now are good but because they are being told ALL WITHIN the first 3 months of Jill being in charge there has been no time for fans to reconnect with the Jack of old or the relationship with Victor now. With Bill, we all saw that he just got angry at Caroline but never touched her. He was even walking away from her when she slipped back in that conversation and fell. I may have bought it if as he was yelling at her he kept getting in her face and she kept moving backwards and then slipped and Bill, with drink in hand, couldn’t react in time. The way it was told was a pure accident and the INSTA-ALCOHOLISM part of it fell weak!

    With Jack’s story we have soooo much going on that to root for one part of it is hard because I am left thinking do I want him to win over on Victor or come clean on his association with the dead hooker? Do I want him to get over the addiction or fall further downhill? Do I want him to retain Jabot and get rid of Newman OR just leave the show?

    Too much and none of it worth answering.

    And Bill’s is more of a “just dump Katie and sue for custody of the child” story for me. Katie for weeks and months was battling post-partum depression and then on the very day Stephanie died and while lying in an emergency room bed she discovers her fears were wrong and NOW SHE IS CURED. Her battle is not mentioned and Katie is now battling Bill over his alcohol. I truly know about “functioning alcoholics” but they actually destroy lives and themselves more than Bill has. He is surrounded by a 50/50 support group of people split down the middle. Liam wasn’t even included in his first intervention which made it weaker in the essence of story punch and now Brooke is half-heartedly siding with Bill over being able to drink his beloved 25 YR SINGLE MALT SCOTCH. Even the crazy act of ‘stabbing” himself in his wad of cash strapped to his chest has gotten ZERO attention after Liam told Katie that he did it on the VERY day they confronted Bill about his drinking. I don’t even think Liam knows it was done and can’t believe that Katie hasn’t seen her horse hung husband naked since to see he has no stab wound… which would make the story more dramatic.

    B&B seems to like the aspect of speed in story telling. They think to repeat the same lines everyday and then come to a small resolution after a couple of weeks is story. People who watch the talented actors on this show act out the same lines day in and day out come to expect that of this show. The insta-alcoholism will be just one more example of the speed and lack of depth to all their stories that this show loves to deliver.

    With Y&R its not the case. Fans love stories told slowly and with more indepth discussion that on any soap. It’s been it’s hallmark for decades. But now, it’s a week in and a week out type of storyline with some being told over and over again… Tucker and his parental and son acceptance has been his ONLY story for years now.

    When people will start calling out these 2 shows as well as DAYS and even the “loved for whatever reason” GENERAL HOSPITAL is beyond me. It seems the producers and writers no longer care what the fans are clamoring and ignore social media altogether to gather intel on what we like and dislike and only pay attention to themselves and their narrow view of what we want.

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