Long-Running British Soap Opera Coronation Street Airing on Hulu and Hulu Plus


Anglophiles who are fans of the wildly popular British soap Coronation Street can finally get their “Corrie” fix online! Hulu has landed the exclusive rights to the world's longest-running soap, which has a huge following globally including celebs like, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Snoop Dogg and Piers Morgan.
When dishing about the soap, Hopkins said:

Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of Coronation Street.

Those who are Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers will have instant access to 11 episodes from the current season, along with two bonus Christmas special episodes. Check out an exclusive peek after the jump!

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    I wouldn’t watch a British soap if you paid me, except for Brookside which was sadly cancelled! Coro isn’t the longest runner if you count radio soaps, the Uk still has The Archers!

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    @Brettyboy; I live in a place called Warrington; which is 15 miles away from Manchester (corrie) and Liverpool (Brookie). I admit I watch Corrie; i think whatever country a soap is from its a huge achievement to be on after 50 odd years – but I share your sentiments over Brookside; a fantastic soap which finished 10 years ago this November. When it ended it had been poorly written, ludicrous storylines and this turned viewers off but had it been written as it had been since its inception in 1982 (especially as it was in the 90s) it would have still been on. There was a soap in the UK, Crossroads (1964-1988) and it re-appeared in 2001; 13 years later so here’s hoping for Brookie!!! And with the fantastic returns of AMC and OLTL I am sure they will be great successes and as I say with Crossroads; with AMC and OLTL not too long of an absence and so I am sure they will still be in the public’s affections

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    @ James 73 – I am from Derbyshire and visited Coronation Street when it used to be part of the Granada studios tour. I agree Brookside went south, in my opinion it hit rock bottom when Ray Quinn was being bullied by those girls!

    I wasn’t fond of either run of Crossroads, UK soaps just don’t do it for me. I should soon have 6 US soaps to watch again, GH, DOOL, BB, YR and soon OLTL and AMC again, I certainly haven’t got time to give UK soaps another chance!

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    Do you still live in Derbyshire or are you in America now?

    I used to enjoy watching Peak Practice; a kind of soap which I think was filmed around Matlock.

    I share your views on the soaps in this country; I would say with Crossroads in 2001 it got quite good viewers and then they revamped it again and basically killed it off as it was dreadful; it was a case of ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ lol.

    I went on that Granada Studios Tour a couple of times in the 80s and 90s and the set is soon to be rebuilt in Salford.

    I still hold out hope that Brookie could be revived someday; I think its the obsession that programme makers have in the UK (as in America) where they want to make reality programmes. I appreciate that it is business but if there is no variety then that is not good. There should be a mixture of genres instead of it all being geared to that.

    Finally with you not being impressed with UK soaps lol, I went and did some work experience on Emmerdale in 2008 and I lost count of the amount of actors who were complaining about poor dialogue and storylines lol

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    @ James 73

    Although I spend at least about a month a year in the states, I still have the misfortune of calling the UK home, for now at least.

    Never got into Peak Practise, though can’t say I ever really gave it a chance, I rarely watch British shows.

    Interesting point you make about ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ I think they tried to mend The Bold and the Beautiful in 2010 and look what we’re left with now!

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    If Hulu were to carry EastEnders, maybe the DC gang would start covering or occasionally check-in on the British soaps. The PHil Mitchell crack storyline was epic!

    I also would love it if Hulu would carry AMC 2.0 and OLTL 2.0 too!

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