The Talk Posts Best Weekly Audience Ever; Matches The View in Key Demos!

The ladies of CBS Daytime's The Talk have a lot to celebrate this weekend. The chatfest delivered its largest weekly audience ever the week ending Jan. 13. The Talk also posted its best women 18-49 ratings since September, according to the folks over at Nielsen.

The Talk averaged a record audience of 2.49 million viewers, up 10 percent year-to-date. Among W18-49, The Talk hit a 0.8/05, giving the daily talker its best rating in that demo since the week ending Sept. 28. Among W25-54, the program averaged a 1.1/06 for the ratings cycle.

Something tells me Babs and Co. at The View might wanna start worrying. The Talk matched the ABC hit among W25-54 and among W18-49 for the first time this season in a week of regularly scheduled broadcasts.

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    I believe ABCD needs to worry because of those A-hole heads destroyed their daypart and not taking The View into consideration. Their thought it was safe and with the last 2 years of cancelling their soaps it has had a profound efffect in ratings (espeically in demos) slide on The View….people hate ABCD for what they did to their beloved soaps…just desserts! :love:

    GO on with your bad self The Talk. :party: I’m a fan now. :bigsmile:

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    TV Gord

    [quote=harlee490]GO on with your bad self The Talk. :party: I’m a fan now. :bigsmile:[/quote]

    Even though CBS did exactly the same thing to Guiding Light and As The World Turns.

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    Hey CBS did want cancel those beloved shows of mine, but there wasn’t in fight left in P&G either in that front. They wanted out more then CBS and can’t fight something when the producers of these soaps wanted out. So I sucked up and realize I will never have those soaps back and loyalty lies in CBS still and came around and dvr TT now. I do enjoy the chemistry between those group of women. TT is completely different then TV, The View has much more politic view and TT has more comedy and hot “pop” topics…sad but true. ;)

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    @TVGord: CBS did not own GL & ATWT and therefore could not cancel the shows. Proctor & Gamble pulled the plug. ABC on the other hand owned and cancelled AMC & OLTL without a plan for suitable replacements.

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    TV Gord

    CBS isn’t blameless. I don’t believe they wanted the shows. My understanding is they didn’t want to pay the licensing fees being charged by P&G, which were becoming unaffordable, considering the advertising revenues coming in.

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    TV Gord

    Does this ring a bell?

    Statement from Brian T. Cahill, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of TeleNext.

    “When Guiding Light was cancelled by CBS in April, we promised our fans we would do everything we could to find a new home for the show. In the ensuing months, we have engaged in serious discussions with many networks, leaving no stone unturned in our effort to place the show elsewhere. Unfortunately, despite the urgent and dedicated efforts of many people, we have not been able to secure an outlet to carry the show moving forward.

    We are extremely disappointed with this outcome, but we are confident we have exhausted every possible option. While it’s hard to imagine Guiding Light coming to an end, we’re so very proud of the amazing feat the show has accomplished with an unprecedented 72 years on radio and television. The show has made an indelible mark on broadcast history that likely will never be repeated. We’d like to thank all the members of the cast and crew who have brought Springfield to life for the past seven decades.

    The good news is we have some powerful stories planned during the show’s remaining months that will celebrate the show’s rich history. We continue to appreciate our fans around the world and are grateful for their unwavering support of the show. We hope our viewers will continue to tune in to be entertained and touched by the drama, the love and the family that is Guiding Light. ”

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    Never watched The Talk. When GL and ATWT was taken off the air I left CBS daytime. Back in the day when we had quality talk show host worth watching. For example Dick Cavett and the lovely Vicki Gabereau who asked really good well thought out questions and actively listend to their guests without interuption. These days the talk shows seem like one copy format and formula after another sorely lacking good solid interviewing skills.

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    TV Gord…PLEASE that was nothing but talk on Telenext heads, because they didn’t put forth an effort because P&G want out. That is what they call spin. But CBS was looking into alternative programming realizing the time was coming for those soaps to possibly cancel. It’s a fact.

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    TV Gord

    Who says it’s a fact? Sources?

    It’s funny that CBS never corrected anything Cahill said. If he said anything incorrect, CBS shareholders would sure want the record cleared up.

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    Anyone who watched the P&G soaps in their final few years could tell that P&G gave up on the shows in terms of production and creativity. Perhaps CBS is not completely blameless however it doesn’t change the fact that P&G wanted out of the soap-game. CBS uses it’s current daytime line-up to create synergy across it’s programming. Y&R and B&B are not hidden or minimized like ABC did with AMC, OLTL and continues to with GH. The only reason that GH remains is because The Revolution and GMA In the Afternoon failed miserably not because that network believes in the soap.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Cancellation is always a function of network prerogative since cancellation is the negative function of scheduling, i.e. removing a show from the schedule. Producers do not cancel shows. If a producer or production company feel they want to end a show (such as “Lost” producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof), you will always find in every interview done on the subject that said producer went to the network to get the clearance/go ahead to do so. Normally this is because a show has reached a certain age, creative impasse or a natural end date in storytelling. Even so, this is still a rare occurrence in television, where networks — who have rights of first refusal to any show they bring to air on their network, if not outright financial stakes in series produced under the same corporate umbrella — will usually fight to the bitter end to keep a successful show (translation: profitable) on the airwaves even if the producers want out. And production companies rarely want out of producing shows, since an even lowly rated show is generally a source of revenue & jobs for the production company.

    While the DC bloggers have more direct insight than I do, while it is true and well-known that both Proctor & Gamble and CBS both were interested in getting out of the wholesale soap business, CBS had the greater desire to get out of the “client owned soap” business than Telenext wanted to get out of the soap production business (

    In regard to the Brian Cahill letter, we can’t vouch for the actual enthusiasm of Telenext/P&G to find a new soap homes for Guiding Light (and later As the World Turns); in fact, many believe they had none at all. Producing network quality shows for streaming/internet was and still is in the experimental stages and no one knows how profitable any of it will be from Prospect Parks’ AMC/OLTL reboots to Netflix’s $100 million investment in House of Cards. However, what we do know is this:

    When CBS cancelled “The Edge of Night” in 1975, Proctor & Gamble shopped it that year to ABC where it lasted for nine more years. After CBS cancelled “Search for Tomorrow” in 1982, Proctor & Gamble shopped it to NBC where it ran for four more years. The Proctor & Gamble model was that they would continue to produce the shows as long as they would receive a certain level of licensing fees from the network and somewhat favorable advertising terms. P&G gets a platform to hawk their wares and the network would get relatively cheap content to fill the schedule. There are a lot of additional factors involved, but that’s the gist of it. Once a network decided to cancel a show, no more licensing fees for the production company, end of show. End scene. The point is that P&G had a history of shopping even low rated, cancelled soaps to new network homes…if they could find one.

    Times, economics and audience tastes have changed since then but that was very likely as true of GL and ATWT: if P&G could find a network willing to license, it’s likely they would have continued producing the shows in some form or another even if they weren’t completely enthusiastic about it.

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]

    The only reason that GH remains is because The Revolution and GMA In the Afternoon failed miserably not because that network believes in the soap.

    January 10, 2012, Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee in light of GH’s ratings & critical reception months following the axing of The Revolution & GMA in the Afternoon:

    “I’m thrilled to see General Hospital rocking and rolling in the afternoon!…Soaps is one of the great genres. I think we do soap operas particular well.”


    Exactly! And higher ratings, great stories, and praise from fans and the media!

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    J Bernard Jones

    soapbaby wrote:

    The only reason that GH remains is because The Revolution and GMA In the Afternoon failed miserably not because that network believes in the soap.

    January 10, 2012, Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee in light of GH’s ratings & critical reception months following the axing of The Revolution & GMA in the Afternoon:

    “I’m thrilled to see General Hospital rocking and rolling in the afternoon!…Soaps is one of the great genres. I think we do soap operas particular well.”

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    Hmmm, I doubt that any network exec would issue a “zero-confidence” statement on any of their programs. I am more than happy about GH’s success but it seems more much of 2012 to be in spite of rather than with the support of until GH showed promise and the other daytime programs failed.

    I base my opinion on actions versus spin put out my network executives, particularly the execs at ABC who axed AMC and rebounding-OLTL on the same day.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Spin or not, it’s extraordinarily rare for any executive anywhere to publicly use the word “thrilled” in relation to a product & its current market & critical performance they don’t believe in at the time they say it.

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    C’mon everyone…GL limped along for about 3-4 years and needed to be cancelled. It’s a sad fact. I watched it for years, but couldn’t stomach the format right before cancellation. Nothing could have saved that show.

    ATWT, though I believe was cancelled prematurely like OLTL, but P and G just wasn’t behind it. It would have needed a lot of attention anyway as its ratings were eroding fast as well. But a smart exec should have given it more time.

    I watch the Talk once in a while and am not a big fan, but I am thrilled for CBS Daytime. The have strong shows that seem to support each other now and that reality means that both Y and R and B and B could potentially be around for a long time. If you’ve seen the latest ratings, B and B continues to inch up, and Y and R is looking good as well.

    Congrats to CBS.

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    I think CBS Daytime really is smart. The talk shows support the soaps. The soaps support the talk shows. I miss GL & ATWT greatly, but the business plan seems to be working for CBS.

    Years back, Leeza Gibbons featured “Days” actors a lot..and did a cameo on the soap I believe. This is the kind of support that needs to be done again. Jeff Probst did have one episode featuring “Days”, awhile ago.

    ABC should be doing the same thing with GH. There has been some crossovers, but it could be much more.

    As soap fans, I do think we have a responsibility. We need to watch, obviously, but we also need to shout from the rooftops about what we LOVE about our shows. No matter how bad a show might be right now, there has to be something- an actor, a character, a scene- that is worth praising. We want the soaps to be around forever. We need to do our part to make that happen.

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    The talk’s ratings surge should show hollywood that a tv show w/ racially diverse women can be a hit. it should encourage more racial diversity from hollywood and not the same old monochromatic tv shows w/ only white people.

    Shouldn’t daytimeconfidential write more abt Scandal from abc? It’s a really soapy primetime show w/ more racial diversity that what hollywood usually offers. Scandal’s a ratings success w/ its pretty fashionista kerry washington!

    Scandal draws 3.52 million viewers for its 18 to 49 demo and 8.4 million total viewers! Scandal typically ranks as the NUMBER 1 show on 10 p.m. Thursday w/ the 18 to 34 demo! Great accomplishment there for Kerry Washington especially bec she’s the only African american lead actress on primetime that is until meagan goode’s show w/ that horrid victor garber.

    Scandal has a healthy number of people tweeting during the broadcast. Scandal “parties” on Facebook have friends watching and commenting w/ each other. The episode before its hiatus generated nearly 3900 tweets per minute and a total of 157601 tweets. Lead actress kerry washington and the cast of supporting actors live tweet during scandal’s episodes w/ the audience!

    According to the nyt hollywood executives are less eager to discuss Scandal’s success among African american audiences. Scandal is the highest rated scripted drama among African americans with 10.1 percent of black households and an average of 1.8 million viewers watching during the first half of the season. Typical RACISM from the “enlightened” crowd of hollywood! if scandal failed then tons of “tolerant” hollywood people would claim that a dramatic tv show w/ a racial minority lead actress could not succeed. the racists of hollywood must be furious w/ scandal’s success!

    hollywood’s racist to actors and to the audience w/ their lack of portrayals of racial minorities. The relevant context is that people of color are already under represented and then actors of color get typecasted w/ stereotypical roles. Olivia is not a stereotypical black female char who has attitude and is there for comedic relief and yet the show is a ratings success. Scandals’ success should encourage hollywood to create more tv shows w/ racial minority leading chars who are not stereotypes!

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    AMC actors dropped by The View a lot since there sets were next door to each other before it moved production to LA. Then OLTL actors started to be featured more on The View since it tapped in NY. So ABC did try to promote their soaps on their talk show.

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