Ex-One Life to Live Lovers David Gregory and Bree Williamson Reunite in Deception!

Former One Life to Live love interests David Gregory and Bree Williamson  will soon be appearing on the same soap once again. Gregory announced on Facebook, he has landed a recurring role on NBC's freshman soap Deception, which currently stars Williamson as deceased heiress Vivian Bowers. Gregory posted:

Deception airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on NBC.


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That picture is so not flattering for David.

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Kendall Troy wrote:
That picture is so not flattering for David.

I agree, there have to be tons of better pictures of the two of them to choose from!

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I'll be watching! I love the show and love David! I would watch him read the phone book! lol

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@everyone: Unless the picture is gonna make him some money or lose him some it does not matter. He already got the job. DC is not an agency.

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more white chars on deception? that won't encourage more people to watch bec every show has to have this white char and that white char! victor garber is already repelling potential audience members bec he's a horrid actor. yes a black actress is the lead. yet meagan goode's char is the daughter of the help! typical hollywood. she couldn't be a meddlesome neighbor? a family friend? a part black relative? nope bec that would make a black char on the same socioeconomic level as the rich white chars. typical hollywood racism from the "tolerant" crowd.

hollywood promotes the idea that white actors can portray a char of any race bec of "artistic" bs w/ genghis khan being portrayed by mickey rourke and fictional japanese characters being whitewashed and portrayed by tom cruise. but they'll scream that it's "unrealistic" for meagan goode's black char to be on the same socioeconomic level as the whites. it's abt classism and making racial minorities of lower standings compared to whites. hollywood wants unflattering roles for racial minorities. but if the racial minority char is a better role then casting directors will make it open to any race.

it's the same racist idea that racial minority char goes to a white actor bec he is the "best actor for the part". that's comlete bs bec that's assuming people of color are not qualified to portray their own race. actors of color would obviously be furious that roles for them get cast w/ white actors. the audience feels the same. hollywood's abt "finding the right man for the role" when the char is Asian american. This typecasting causes stereotypes to form w/c leads to discrimination and the dumbing down of society as a whole. Despite the number of black actors available they are still being typecast. for hollywood black equals poorer than whites.

It's strange that there are some people who not only are accepting of the status quo but try to shout down people who are against the status quo.

"stop whining about race." and yet hollywood screams abt lgbt issues and everyone has to support that cause.

"there will always be racism!" yeah! there will always be racism from hollywood. but no one would say there will always be homophobia bec the only minority group hollywood is concerned w/ are lgbt people who are white.

"will smith is successful! therefore racism doesn't exist!" and yet will smith is the only A lister and hollywood hasn't given more opportunities for racial minority actors as leading men and women.

"it's all about money!" will smith is the most profitable. yet that hasn't encouraged more opportunities for racial minorities.

The problem w/ hollywood is that it's akin to having white only establishments. hollywood says the "audience" is racist and would only be comfortable if the leading black char is a daughter of the help and not equally rich as the whites. the black lead is more palatable bec she's of lower class than the whites. it's the same thing when hollywood says people won't accept an Asian american leading char and Asian american actors to hollywood's A list. hollywood prioritizes a racist group who can't stand the presence of other races. hollywood values a "racist audience" w/c can't stand other races as leading chars and A listers. that wouldn't be hollywood's mentality on homophobia.

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Sweetie I work in an office where a few of the patients are from UES, Park Avenue and Hamptons but pretty well off. I am black and my co-worker is as well. Most of those clients do not like me because I am the office manager, I am in a real college and I do not behave in a stereotypical manner. I have always been a fan of the rich white female leads on t.v. so it has been ingrained in me to act as such, and that does not seat well with certain white folks. On the other hand my co-worker is tres intelligent but ghetto. They adore her and I felt hurt at one point over this but than I realized what was happening. It was because they felt that I was an elitist. Because black educated people who come from a decent middle class background think they are better than white apparently. But I digress, it is a superiority complex for some and it will never change. I have learned to not care about petty things like this. For crying out loud look how our first black President is treated. So I understand your anger but please be rational and understand that things will only change if action takes place. What are you doing to make things better?