PBS to Air Primetime Soap Special

With PBS being most famous right now as the network of Downton Abbey for its American viewers, it's only fitting they should air a primetime soap special.  Since 2008, the series Pioneers of Televsion has documented the early rise of various television genres.

 On Jan. 22, audiences will see an episode entitled, "Primetime Soaps," which will examine the first love triangles, baby swaps and mental breakdowns to reach primetime viewers.  Shows such as Peyton Place, Dynasty, Knots Landing, and Dallas will be examined.  Watch the PBS promo after the jump!

Watch Primetime Soaps – Preview on PBS. See more from pbs.

These were the first serials of night time TV.  Without such groundbreaking shows, today's viewers might never have met Beverly Hill 90210's Brenda Walsh, Grey's Anatomy's Meredith, or Downton Abbey's own Dowager Countess. Whether you watched Dynasty and Dallas back in the day, or tune in every week for the Dallas reboot on TNT and Scandal, this special seems must-see for any fan of the genre.  

Pioneers of Television: Primetime Soaps will air Jan. 22 at 8 pm EST.

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    TV Gord

    I saw Michelle Lee, Joan Van Ark and Donna Mills promoting this on The Talk on Friday. It was a lot of fun! They were on for about half of the show! Knots was my favorite 80s prime time soap! Falcon Crest was a close second for most of its run. I loved Dallas for years, but it got too cartoonish for a while, and I could never take Dynasty seriously. My girlfriend at the time was hooked on it, so I ended up watching it most of the time, but I only cared when the season-ending cliffhangers happened (because they were so entertainingly stupid)! Haha. I don’t think entertainingly is a word, but it’s the only one that fit there. :-)

  2. Profile photo of goyankees

    Hey, what a great idea! Wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC if there was a network that was devoted to Soaps?? They could air the remaining Drama’s that are still on the air in Primetime, and say, soaps like the ones mentioned above during the day??

    How GREAT would a network like that BE??


    BTW, I am a former Soapnot viewer. But the GOOD NEWS is, even tho I’m child-less, I can see Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins ANYTIME!!


  3. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I too watched the Talk (and added Pioneers to the DVR, bumping a couple of regulars) when I saw the ladies would be on and it was fun tripping down memory lane, Knots was rooted in the real world and launched a couple of big careers, Oscar winner Halle Berry and Emmy winner Alec Baldwin to name 2.
    I wouldn’t use the word stupid for those nail biting cliffhangers, more and more far fetched but not stupid.

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    I have both Soapnet and Disney Jr, which my 4 year old loves, much to my chagrin. Soapnet was a big help in keeping up with GH when the networks here in NYC were wall to wall Sandy. I also spent weeks rehooked on Veronica Mars.

  5. Profile photo of goyankees

    Invest in a DVR STAT Maxsmom, cuz one night last spring, I came home, got dinner ready, and sat down to watch my Y&R….. and – POOF. Gone. No warning from Comcast (Southern Connecticut area)…Soapnot just….disappeared.

    IMO, ABC Daytime has done nothing to help Daytime at all. That’s why I don’t watch GH. (or the View, Kelly Ripa, NOTHING excpet a few minutes of GMA in the morning) I don’t care WHO they bring back to GH.

    Prospect Park, however, will get my viewership.

  6. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Dynasty was the Gilligan’s Island of soaps, campy and over-the-top from start to finish. It was extremely good escapism and never for one moment tried to be realistic, perfect for the horrible eighties. I loved it, though not as much as Falcon Crest. Unfortunately, it hasn’t held up well.

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    TV Gord

    I finally got around to watching this tonight. I can’t believe they excluded Falcon Crest. It was a major part of the genre. There was more than just Dallas, Dynasty and Knots.

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    Wishful Recast: TERI HATCHER as Pam Ewing if Victoria doesn’t want to come back. That would be great to have Pam come back with all that Wentworth Tool and Dye money. They could just say she had facial reconstruction just like Steven Carrington. lol

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    Cynthia Cidre and the Dallas Cast worked it out Monday night. From the intro to say goodbye to JR to Judith Light in her sons Dynasty esque mansion was magnificant. The whole show was outstanding. Love the attention to detail. The new Ewing Energies offices that set was the shit with the fabulous green screen. The Barnes Global board room was the one.Pamela taking the helicopter to her Rolls Royce Ghost for a quick ride around the bin to her fabulous penthouse at the Museum Tower. JR telling Pamela Rebecca I’m one for one flushing out Pamela’s I plan on going 2 for 2. There is nothing like this show right now. The new opening credits will air the funeral episode with faces so get ready. Its gonna be a bumpy ride with the powerful Ewings, Rylands and the Barnes for 13 fabulous episodes.

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    TV Gord

    Good news, bobbyew: it’s 15 episodes this season! I agree with your review of Monday night. It’s too bad the ratings were so bad. (Monday nights are bad news for Dallas.)

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