Robin Strasser SHADES Dorian Ending Up a Senator on One Life to Live!

Robin Strasser is all geeked up to move Dorian Lord back into La Boulaie. The legendary soap actress spoke with TV Guide's Michael Logan about her decision to sign up for Prospect Park's reboot of One Life to Live, and while she seems happy to be on board, she sorta threw shade at Dorian's current occupation as a U.S. Senator!

TV Guide Magazine: Didn't she replace some senator who had to resign after a sex scandal?

Strasser: Who knows?

TV Guide Magazine: Sore subject?

Strasser: I have erased from my memory things that did not ring true. Moving forward! However and wherever we pick her up, it's all doable, because she has always been a glass-is-half-full-of-wacky-juice kinda gal. In that way I'm just like my character, the queen of revisionist history. [Laughs] Just ignore the past and wear a great hat!

Ouch! I guess La Strasser wasn't a fan of Game Change?

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    Who could blame her. I am saddened by the fact that we most likely will never get to see Kelly Cramer back in Llanview after what they did to Gina. I am in fear that we won’t have the people we rooted for back on our screen. Rex and Gigi are out….although I think John-Paul would have signed on but his ball and chain wanted more cash.

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    Secrets and Lies

    I don’t think Strasser’s going to last very long on the reboot – the minute she doesn’t get the storyline or airtime she wants she’s going to shoot her mouth off slamming the whole project and that will be the end.

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    Not sure what was so wrong with Dorian becoming a US Senator. The Dorian I remember always sought avenues to attain power and wealth in whatever way she could. But whatever. I missed RS and Dorian and will be glad to see her back on screen

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    I think Prospect Park will treat Strasser better than Cartini did. Dorian’s ending was poorly written…the same for Marty. Dorian likes power but it never rang true that she was into politics.

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    I think Robin will stay. She knows she is one of the heart and soul of the show and I think she appreciates that. She is a legend and I love her and I wish her all the best. As for the others, KATEHOWARD, who is the ball and chain?

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    Hmmm. I remember when Dorian was married to Herb Callison when he was running for Governor. Dorian likes money and power, which is why she was once married to Victor Lord, and has always used the name “Lord” thirty plus years after her divorce from Victor.

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    soapbaby, you are 100% right. If I watch Ron Carvialti and Frank thru the corner of my eyes sometimes its because of how Robin Strasser was treated. They should have not let their behind the scenes issues piss off fans of hers. She should have been back long before the finale if her health at the time permitted. If it didnt then it could have been a cameo or a mention of her. I dont remember that, did anyone else?

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    While he did a number of things right, Ron Carvialti wrote horribly for Dorian Lord. She was always a force to be reckoned with but under Carvialti’s pen she was reduced to a buffoon who floundered on canvas between appearances by David Vickers (Tuc Watkins.) Robin Strasser never phoned-in her performances despite the lame stories for Dorian. Behind-the-scenes issues or not, I would have liked to see Dorian Lord receive a stronger send-off, especially because she was not being included in the show’s finale.

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    @giogio: I thought when Dorian seized control of Buchanan Enterprises (when Jared killed Nash) it would mark Dorian’s return to villainess but no_ she continued to be toothless and I cannot remember how exactly she lost BE, but the story was really a non-starter.

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    Totally agree with earlier remarks about letting behind the scenes issue show on screen. No cameo, no mention on the network finale is a real sore point for me as a longtime fan. That is on Ron and Frank and was inconsiderate of the fans.

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