Bill and Katie’s Romantic Dinner is Spoiled on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) organized a romantic evening at the cottage for Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill (Don Diamont), so they could focus on one another. Brooke left, but when she returned to the main house, she discovered Taylor (Hunter Tylo) there. While Katie was out of the room getting their plates, Bill took a drink. When she got back, they kissed and Katie asked, “Are you kidding me?” The two argued about his drinking, yet again, before Katie stormed out.

Taylor told Brooke she had a warning for her daughter Hope (Kim Matula). The two started arguing about which daughter should be with Liam, (Scott Clifton) and why. After Taylor left, Brooke returned to the cabin and told Bill she had seen Katie drive off. The two discussed his drinking. Bill wanted his freedom to do things. He asked "What next?" in regards to Katie’s controlling ways. 

Meanwhile in Paris, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) googled whether she could drink green tea while pregnant. Later, Taylor called Steffy on video conference, and asked if she had told Liam about the baby. Taylor advised her daughter that if she was having concerns about Hope, she should return home. Steffy didn’t want Liam to choose her because he felt responsible for their child. Steffy felt Liam should get Hope out of his system, before she made any moves.

Now, this is what’s wrong with The Bold and the Beautiful.  Pregnancies and babies are guaranteed drama on soaps, especially for one-time bad girls such as Steffy, and yet the show isn't going to use it to manipulate Liam? Why do all of B&B's relationship storylines have to be so repetitive and boring?

At Liam’s house, Hope and Liam shared a pizza.  Hope kept going on and on about their current perfect situation, and how the two of them should be together. I’m not loving this “we should be together and pretend nothing else happened” Hope.

Marcus (Texas Battle) told Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) she was helping keep Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) legacy alive by assisting the needy.

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    Daniel St. John

    It was universe does watching people do Google searches and eating pizza equal good TV?
    This show is in desperate need of a new creative direction because Brad Bell is a tapped out well.

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    GH has not been “SAVED” as everyone keeps saying! It’s much better but in no way is it SAVED or anywhere near what it was in its heyday.

    Right now its the soap world’s version of LOVE BOAT or FANTASY ISLAND with the number of guest turns the show has taken since Valentine and Carvarlati took over. Sure the writing is better and the stories paced much nicer than before, but the ratings are still placing this show in third in overall ratings well behing Y&R (and that show is still boring) and even though it’s key 18-49 demo is extremely good compared with Y&R, it still a fluctuating number that has it UP and then down and the UP and then DOWN.

    But I do agree that SONY and CBS have to pull the plug on the Bells on this show too or just threaten Billy Jr with the unemployment line. To have the exact same story with the roles reversed for the women but the man still waffling between them both is ridiculous!! It was Hope last year staying away from Liam so he could FOOL AROUND with Steffy to get her out of his system and now Hope is there to get out of Liam’s system so Steffy can return to him and he to her.

    For one thing, this ENTIRE story is set in a fantasy. In no world would Taylor & Brooke fight tooth and nail for their daughters to be with a man while their daughters lamely let the other woman have a go at their man. Steffy, for one, being the “party girl” and a PR VP, would turn to Liam and say YOU’RE NOT WORTH THE ENERGY and Hope would NEVER in a million years not get into a daily cat fight with Steffy!

    The two women NEED to dump LIAM and then go out clubbing and find 2 men for themselves! That would be a dynamic story. This stuff now is idiotic!!

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    I feel that GH has been saved and I have no critisism whatsoever about GH; I am very interested in all the current storylines and look forward to watching it.

    BB is the exact opposite, it’s a chor to watch, I have zero interest in the L/H/S triangle, zero interest in Bill and Katie’s half baked alcoholism storyline and although I am trying to be interested, I’m not at all interested in Dayzee’s storyline as I can’t stand her or Marcus.

    Overall, BB has changed from my favourite show to a chor and if there isn’t a dramatic improvement soon, AMC and OLTL will be replacing it when they return.

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    Well, strictly speaking about the episode in question, the highlight was Taylor calling out Brooke’s strategy to get male attention. And, after Taylor reads Brooke, she simply laughs haughtily and says, “Thank you.” I love when those two bicker, because it reminds me of the golden time of this show when it was entertaining, sexy, and watchable.

    The Dayzee character has been a miss; had they paired her with Thomas since her inception on the show, it would’ve been a much better move than to pair her with Marcus just because they’re black and have Thomas chase after Hope.

    I do like the idea of Hope/Steffy trying to brake their mother’s patterns of waiting for a man to choose them, yet they keep getting sucked into Liam’s orbit, despite their best efforts. I just wish the show was better written to show that no matter how much they try, and no matter how much they hate it, they still follow their mother’s examples.

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