Chelsea Demands a Divorce From Adam on The Young and the Restless

Adam (Michael Muhney) arrived home and told Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) that Jack (Peter Bergman) was back. She immediately started talking about planning their flight to Paris. He said it would have to wait, because Jack was back, but not at Newman.

The two argued about whether Adam really wanted to go to Paris. Adam said he didn’t understand why they didn’t try to build a life in Genoa City, instead of running away. Chelsea told him that if he stayed he was giving in to the grip the town had on him. Adam told her she was his heart and his soul, but Chelsea said he couldn’t have both.

Sharon (Sharon Case) stopped by Nick's (Joshua Morrow), to take Faith to school, but Noah (Robert Adamson) told her his dad had already taken her. The conversation quickly turned to Adriana (Jhoanna Flores). It became apparent to Sharon that the girl still had a strong influence over her son.  After years of watching their romantic struggles, it’s nice to see Sharon and Nick being the grownups in the room with Noah.

When Sharon arrived at Newman, she discovered Adam drunk. The scene was classic Sharon and Adam being there for one another during a time of emotional need.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) spent way too much time trying to come up with euphemisms for laundering money while at Crimson Lights. Detective Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) was there, threatening Adriana and then toyed with Kevin and Chloe.

At Jabot, Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Leslie (Angell Conwell) arrived just as Devon (Bryton James) was apologizing to Tyler (Redaric Williams) for joking about his mom. When she was alone with her brother, Leslie asked how he was doing after hearing their mother mentioned. Later, Leslie told Tyler that Lily (Christel Khalil) was the woman he couldn’t have and that’s why he wanted her.

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    That Adriana is something else. The way she bats those eye lashes at Noah to get what she wants. This girl is the truth. Love the Shadam scenes as well. Sharon Case is and will always be awesome. I am enjoying all of the shows. Love the opening with Redaric and Leslie. Happy to see some more colored people in the credits. They are improving in their roles. I hope it goes somewhere. Everyone be thankful Sony and CBS still has this show on the air. The music is great although they need to still stick to the scores the show has had for many years. Fen need a ass beating he was not raised that way. That amount of time he spent with Scotty was not good for him because he was a loving child. They just need to bring him out of the closet so that we can understand what he is going through. Go JFP and Josh G. I love it when Micheal Eilbaum directs you know its gonna be a good episode.

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    Classic Sharon and Adam? He gaslit her into a sanitarium and stole her baby, let her think her baby was dead and gave her baby to someone else.

    What kind of mother sleeps with the person who did that to your little girl and to your family? Only a sick deranged one, they ruined Sharon forever with this Shadam crap.

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    Every one stop hating on the characters its a Soap Opera. Every writer and show runner has their interpretation. You may not like it. Just go with the flow. If the actors are still accepting that paycheck and still taping let it be. Laugh about it.

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    I think i’m going to drop Y&R again, there is nothing holding my attention right now, i can not stand Steve “The Borg” Burton and i’m not interested in him eating yet another show.

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    Yesterday’s episode was okay, but today’s really blew me away. The best storyline going right now is the bullying one. Love it. The scenes between Paul and Lauren in Jamie’s room and then between Fen and his Dad at their apartment were awesome. Then to top it off we have Chris back. Love bitch fests, and her and Phyllis are great in scenes together. I hope this momentum continues and that Josh is able to keep the show balanced and not focus too much on one story or one character.

    Even though I’d like less Victor and MORE NIKKI, it’s just great to still see our favorites on the screen.

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    ITA’s (Wednesday) was great. Jamie woke and Fen is standing over him…awesome. The scene between Paul, Lauren, and the talk between Michael & Fen, and OHHHHH the bitchfest between Chris & Phyllis was spectacular! :love: I loved Victor being all puffed up and Jack already went to Michael. HEHE…the ending got my heart with Phack! :love:

    TraceyAbbott…LMAO…in her highchair at her desk ;)

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    :love: Y&R is always the best when Adam and Sharon have the screen. No one will ever have the chemistry that those two have and hope they will always have them come together in the end.

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