General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Anna meets with Sonny to inform him of Faison's involvement in Jason’s disappearance. She also tells him to have Sam declare Jason dead. 

Anna asks Sonny not to go after the real Duke, because he’s back in Port Charles.  She explains to Sonny how hard it’s been to reconnect with Duke, and then wonders why she’s confiding in him.  Sonny understands they’re on opposite sides, but knows they’re love for Robin connects them.

Sonny believes they’re in similar situations with Duke/Faison and Connie/Kate. He feels for Connie having lost her son, and thinks she seems to be a real person.  Anna asks if he has feelings for Connie.  Sonny would do anything for Kate, but hasn’t been able to reach her. 
Duke complains to Felicia and Mac about his problems with Anna not welcoming his advances.  Mac advises Duke to give Anna time.  Duke asks about Luke, but Mac assures him Anna loves Duke. He thinks Anna and Duke can find their way back to each other, just like he and Felicia did. Felicia tells Duke to be honest with Anna. After Duke leaves, Mac expresses his concern about Maxie to Felicia. Felicia agrees something is not right with her daughter.
Lulu and Dante are thrilled to find Luke, alive and well, despite suffering a gunshot wound.  Luke asks about the pregnancy.  Lulu admits she’s worried about Maxie.  Luke asks about Anna, and voices his desire to return to Port Charles.
Connie’s surprised to find Olivia watching over her.  Connie complains that her family is gone now, but Olivia says she’s her family. She still sees shades of the Connie from their childhood. Olivia shows her the engagement ring, and Connie’s thrilled.  Connie surprised Sonny has been so nice to her, and Olivia wonders if she has feelings for Sonny. Connie denies it, and believes Sonny’s only being nice so Kate can resurface.
Spinelli’s ecstatic when Ellie moves her toes.  Steven examines her, and believes she'll heal just fine. He does warn that she has long road of physical therapy ahead. Ellie’s thankful for Spin’s support. 
Maxie’s confused when Britt tells her she’s pregnant.  Britt explains this is a new pregnancy, and asks if she’s been intimate with anyone.  Maxie realizes Spinelli is her baby daddy. Maxie mentions Spin is with another woman, but Britt feels she should still tell Spin the truth.   
Maxie runs into Spinelli, and tries to tell him about the baby. Before she can get the words out, he brings up Ellie's recovery. Spin feels closer than ever to her, and chalks it up to his talk with Maxie.  Maxie seems crushed, and doesn’t tell him the truth about the baby.  When Spinelli returns to Ellie’s room, he admits he slept with Maxie on New Years Eve.
Sonny gets back to Connie’s apartment to relieve Olivia.  Connie wonders why he’s being so nice to her.
Anna’s thrilled to see Luke back home.  She tells him about Robert still being in a coma.  Luke asks why she went back to the clinic, just as Duke arrives. He informs Luke that Anna returned to the clinic to rescue him. 
Britt tells Maxie the baby is no longer part of the surrogacy, and she needs to tell Lante the truth.  At that moment, Lulu walks through the door and wants to know what she and Dante need to be told. 

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    I agree this episode was painful to seat through. I found myself ff through most of the stories. Olivia and Connie was cute. The Spin and Ellie thing seems promising. Felicia, Mac, and Duke was classic. But the Sonny with Anna scenes felt so forced. It was like MB was out of his element. He could not carry it with a professional like Finola. I guess many of you were right he does phone it in a lot and when it is time to bring it he actually can not! I am very disappointed over this.

    Maurice could of also been nervous because Finola was telling him Steve is dead to GH and he needs to shape up or ship out as well…lol.

    Today would of been a good day to have the old cast together like a Bobby, Frisco, Shawn, Tiffany, Robert, Holly, and Georgie story day. Like instead of adding the young-ons story we should have days where stories develop around the classic characters. Goergie and Frisco should return to save Maxie from herself.

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    I disagree about the scenes between Sonny and Anna. I thought it was nice that she felt comfortable enough to confide in him about her reluctance with Duke and in turn listened to him talk about his feelings for Kate/Connie. I think it is nice that the writers are trying to move his character away from mob drama and therefore it is important that he be able to relate to other characters in a different way and that is the feeling I got when watching today’s episode. I am a MB fan and I am pleased that he seems to be willing to give the new direction of his character a chance. I think I read somewhere before that he was interested in taking his character out of the mob element, or having that not be the sole focus of Sonny.

    I still miss Steve Burton and wish he could have stayed. It would have been nice to see his character do something else besides mob business all the time.

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    Yesterday it became obvious to me that Maurice Benard has become dead weight on the post-Guza/Phelps GH. He struggled through his lines and flubbed one completely. I wouldn’t miss seeing Sonny in the least if he left PC for good.

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    I don’t think the Anna/Sonny scenes were badly acted – but they were unnecessary. I mean, why? I do like that the show acknowledges the Robin connection they share, but in all honesty – Sonny is not the same man he was in 1995 when Stone died. He has come so far from that once likeable guy, that pulling “the old Robin card” ain’t gonna earn as many points with him as it once did.

    Of course, the scenes once again proved to show what a near-perfect actress Finola Hughes is. She was top notch and on point. Plus she also looked exceptionally beautiful today (please FH, don’t ever take the plastic surgery route like so many other have done!).

    This Luke supposedly now LOVING Anna is ri-di-cu-loooouuussss!

    I still hate how the Duke/Anna reunion was ruined/ tarnished. They all should now bleach their minds and take it from the top.

    Loved the Mac/Felicia scenes – KW was on point today and looked beautiful.

    I still have to say, no matter how much I dislike Britt as a person, for some reason, I like her as a professional. I find her totally believable as a doctor.

    Maxie/Spin/Ellie/Connie/Liv – FF

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