Jack Wagner BACK as General Hospital’s Frisco Jones!

Look out, Uncle Mac (John J. York). Rumblings of Frisco Jones' (Jack Wagner) imminent return to Port Charles appear to be true! Sources are now telling TV Guide's Michael Logan that Wagner is already back secretly taping at General Hospital.

Will Felicia (Jack's real-life ex-wife Kristina Wagner) keep dining on Big Mac once Frisco hits town, or will the father of Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and the late Georgie finally prove himself to be all their mother needs?

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    I love my GH characters of yesteryear, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE hold off having any more vets return until story is written for those that have returned as well as current cast.

    In the past 9 months we’ve had the following come back….

    Heather – Great 80’s character , but her 2003 return was butchered and her return last summer has been too cartoony to enjoy.

    Anna – BEST return out of any of the vets so far. Mainly due to Finola’s acting and not a gripping story.

    Robin – A stunt that is too meandering to care anymore.

    Duke – Wasted.

    Robert – Really Wasted.

    Felicia – Really Really Wasted.

    AJ – Still waiting to see, but greatly under utilized so far.

    Ned – Why was he even there?

    Skye – Great to see her, but should have been a longer story.

    Faison – Good, but should have been a longer story.

    Helena – Wasted

    Lucy – Not being used properly and has fallen into the same cartoony storytelling as Heather.

    All the press and fan praise GH is getting is due to returns, but not due to story. The teen set with Starr & Michael is boring. Connie/Kate nobody cares. Britt/Sabrina/Felix aren’t interesting. Liz is absent. Patrick should be driving story and he has nothing to do. Alex/Sean fizzle and don’t sizzle. Maxie/Dante/Lulu pregnancy is ridic. Molly story that starts & stops. One highlight is Ellie.

    Now we have the following set to return…






    Possibly Jagger

    I would be so happy to have better storylines with the cast we have instead of stunts bringing back vets that are placed into weak or non-existant storylines.

  2. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I am so excited I can’t stand it! There is so much storyline that can be told here. It’s time that Maxie worked out her daddy issues! Frisco was my love as teenager(yes, I am aging myself).

    This about makes up for Steve Burton leaving…

  3. Profile photo of npsvernon

    All I can say is thank you. I have been waiting for a story for my Felicia since she came back. As for as the rest of the show, yes, yes, yes. It is going along so well, me and my 10 year old son can’t wait each day to see the next episode.

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    5th Grade, racing home to watch this Duo’s Love Affair unfold…obsessed.

    I’m SO HAPPY for Faithful GH Fans. Sadly, not tuning in! ABC Daytime NOT faithful to their viewers… but ENJOY Frisco’s return!!


  5. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    so far they have not brought back the entire Cassadine family like they promised.

    but i’m not complaining at all. GH is slowly but surely becoming the #1 soap in all soap opera history.

  6. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    I can’t wait. We’be had to suffer the loss of vets and important ones at that to facilitate story for Sonny/Jason. I love all these returns! I too hope the Cassadines will come back. I miss Nikolas :(

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    Here are my thoughts on the vets; we all love seeing them, but it’s completely impossible to give them all really great storylines. In order to do that, you would have to get rid of about 60% of the current cast in order to give all the vets airtime. And we all know and love the vets, but they are older and they’ve had their time in the past. It’s hard to bring on vets without completey ignoring who they are and where they’ve been, so we need new blood. Give the up and comers a chance, we might not like a lot of them now, but who knows? Most of them have grown on me.

    As far as the vets who have come back and the future vets who are coming back, I think that they have done beautiful things with them. For example:

    Felicia is recurring, but she has reconnected with her daughter and Mac and that’s what we all wanted. Now we have a family unit which I’d rather see every couple of weeks than not at all or having Felicia stuck in some conviluted plot driven story.

    Anna and AJ are the ones who have made the most impact and rightfully so; especially Anna whose story has allowed others vets to make appearences. The actress who plays Robin doesn’t want to be on the show anymore full time so I am fine with what they are doing instead hiring a unpopular recast; Robert has come and gone and yeah, it’d be nice to see him more, but what is he gonna do really? Having Duke back is good and I hope they more with him, but most of the time he’s been back he’s been Faison (which was a great, old school story and that’s all we need of Faison)

    Heather is great fun to watch, but again, she’s too loopy to have any sort of sane story. Lucy is one of my favorites and yes, she’s a little kooky, but she always has been. Love that they are exploring her PC past.

    Having others such as Helena, Ned, Skye, and Holly makes visits are what need to happen. There’s not enough story for every single vet to come back with…

    As for future stories, I have a feeling Laura is going to be a huge part of GH’s future and maybe Frisco as well. I’d like to see Kevin stay, but I think he’s only a come and go part, which is probably what needs to happen. Allison will probably be come and go too although I hope she stays cause I LOVE Allison and she’s mix in great with Liz/AJ/Sam/Patrick

    I am quite happy with how these characters are being written and am awaiting more great things to happen with this show.

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    I was never a Frisco/Felicia fan so I’m “meh” on Jack’s return. However, just curious if Kristina Wagner was EVER a convincing actress? I don’t remember her being quite as dreadful as she is now.

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    LOVED LOVED LOVED Frisco and Felicia back in the day. They go down as one of my all time favorite couples. After their break up…both characters did suffer over the years on this show….But in the eighties, NO COUPLE was more romantic and fun to watch…. then these two. Their real life love for one another showed in their couple chemistry, as well as being great comic relief at times on the show. I had such a major crush on Jack Wagner back then…I used to love when he sang on the show. I can’t wait to see them together once again on GH…I am so happy I could dance.

  10. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Welcome home, Frisco! :)

    I hope this brings a storyline/ more exposure for Felicia. KW has been looking extra good lately and she has catched up on her acting aswell IMO.

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