Jeff Kwatinetz on One Life to Live/General Hospital Sitch: “It’s Not Worked Out Yet”

Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz has gone on the record with's Christine Fix and Amy Mistretta about several of the burning questions surrounding his company's reboots of All My Children and One Life to Live. Of course, the fate of  those three, fictional Llanview, PA. transplants, currently residing in Port Charles, New York on General Hospital came up. Said Kwatinetz:

"It's not worked out yet. They [ABC] came to us and said, 'Will you guys license us these characters?' We [Prospect Park] didn't know 100% if we were going forward, so we allowed it. We wanted to do the right thing by the actors."


Here's hoping all parties involved will come to an agreement that allows Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson to crossover to the new One Life to Live as McBain, Todd and Starr for a few weeks or so, before heading back to PC. Josh Kelly (Cutter) is more than capable of filling Easton's sex-on-a-stick role on the new OLTL; while Kelley Missal (Dani) has Alderson's angsty, loud Manning teen daughter thing down pat. Now if PP can just sign Trevor St. John as Victor!

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    I vote we send the OLTL peeps back to PP.

    GH has a rich history of characters that the show can use instead of McBain, Todd and Starr. Serena Baldwin, Lucy’s daughter Cristina, Jagger, Dr. Sarah Webber, Dr. Jeff Webber, Jimmy Lee Holt (Edward’s son) probably has a couple of hunky sons that can come to town.

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    Well it was nice of them to want to do right by the actors considering they let them all find out they didn’t have the jobs they were offered through the press.

    (I am taking this from the public statements some of the actors made after the deal fell through saying they didn’t find out until PP announced publicly they wouldn’t be going forward. KDP is the only one coming to mind but I’m sure she wasn’t the only one to say it).

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    Thankfully its not up to you. Like you should get to vote on people’s livelyhoods just cuz you don’t like the OLTL actors on your GH show. They would be taking huge paycuts and have to up and move back across the country. I think they deserve a say in this.

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    Get them out of Port Charles. Plenty of great GH characters to focus on.

    Alderson, Howarth and Easton should remember that if it weren’t for OLTL they wouldn’t have careers. They should respect the show that made them and return to it at least to help reboot OLTL.

    “Starr” could easily be replaced by Serena Baldwin or Kristina Collins. “Todd” could easily be replaced by AJ or by Jax. “John” could be replaced by Jagger, Lucky or Nikolas.

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    I really hope that McBain, Todd, and Starr can continue with GH. I completely agree that OLTL doesn’t need them considering the cast that they already have in place plus the possibility of TSJ returning. Not only to I love the former OLTLers on gh but I think it will actually give OLTL a chance to take a fresh direction by shifting focus to other character (similar to what Jasus’s exit did for GH only these characters didn’t suck the life out of the show before leaving).

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    how is stating one’s free-opinion trolling?

    that’s my opinion and i’m entitled to it. because I think the Starr character hasn’t been a good fit to the General Hospital canvas that’s considered trolling? that’s just my opnion child.

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    [quote] Alderson, Howarth and Easton should remember that if it weren’t for OLTL they wouldn’t have careers. They should respect the show that made them and return to it at least to help reboot OLTL. [/quote]

    ME was acting for about 15 years before he joined OLTL. In this time he was a regular on three short-lived Tv shows, he did two years on Days, he did 2-3 years on Port Charles and had a good deal of guest appearances on TV shows and a few TV movies. He wouldn’t have a career without OLTL you say?

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    @storm28…we all know what happened to PORT CHARLES and as “Tanner” on DAYS he was a supporting character. Guest appearances on prime time shows don’t pay the bills. Easton has played “McBain” for 10 years and in the life of an actor 5 years in the same role is a lifetime. OLTL paid the bills and probably the highest salary of his career….so yes he wouldn’t have a career without OLTL. If a middle aged actor is in demand then why didn’t he pop up somewhere else after OLTL left ABC?

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    The whole thing about the actors needing to be loyal to OLTL is just naive and insensitive. Fans who are saying this are obviously more concerned about their fiction couples and what not than they are with real live people. I think it’s rude and disrespectful to the actors. These actors gave a lot of years to OLTL. How is it bad for them to move on and do other things? This is couple shipping at its worse plain and simple. You wouldn’t say something like Sarah Michelle Gellar needs to come back to AMC as Kendall because that show started her career now would you? Oh course, not. That would be stupid!

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    Secrets and Lies

    ABC is truly holding the better cards here. They have the actors and Ron is such a creative writer that he can easily find a way to ret-con Todd into not-Todd. McBain is already halfway there as Caleb. ABC suggested as much in their recent statement that they have plans in place no matter what the outcome of the talks.

    On the other hand if PP decides to play nice, ABC also has all the GH viewers (including many who never watched OLTL) who they can deliver to PP in a crossover at launch. That’s the best case scenario and only in the f’ed up world of daytime TV could these parties all miss out on that opportunity!

    My prediction is that ME and RH will definitely stay at GH either as McBain and Todd or as Caleb and not-Todd. KA may likely not survive because she could be traded as part of a deal (depending on the terms of her contract) or if no deal is reached it would be harder (and legally more thorny) to ret-con both the father/daughter as opposed to just having Todd be exposed as an “imposter” (starting the day he showed up in Port Charles after Starr’s accident).

    I disagree that the characters of McBain and Todd are not needed on GH. No matter how many vets they have you always need new characters to mix it up and drive story. Like it or not, GH purists, the OLTL 3 have been a very big part of GH’s renaissance (especially RH) and I sincerely hope they do not go anywhere except as part of a crossover.

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    It amazes me how people are like “I hope they work it out” and then reference “for the actors” as if Prospect Park should just give up the 3 main characters of the soap they bought the rights to so that GH can keep them.

    I DON’T think any of those fans would have been happy if GH never took those characters into their canvas and then when PP opted to finally do OLTL that they decided “nah, we don’t need Todd John or Starr”. There would be an uproar!!!

    We’ve all been complaining that the two soaps should come back. And now that they are if the actors and the characters can come back then they should. I am not for the three characters staying in Port Charles only because that soap is OVER populated anyway.

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    I hear what youre saying about the ret-con but WHY ON GOD’s green earth would GH recast John as Caleb… a centuries old vampire that appeared on GHs sister show that got canceled DUE TO LAME STORIES and low LOW viewership?! It would be stupid.

    As I just said in a prior post, you wouldn’t be happy in the least if these 3 characters were never cast on GH and then Prospect decided that they didn’t need them for the re-launch. I think its ABC that should be more willing to give the characters and actors … if the actors chose to do so … back to OLTL and Prospect Park since there was a contract in place between the two companies that had a time line in there. It was Prospect Park that allowed the characters to be used, NOT ABC saying “we’re using them” on GH.

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    If PP doesn’t want to play ball with GH let them have the characters. It’s the actors who make the roles. The actors can stay on the show and at the beginning of one show there will be an announcement the character of Todd manning will now be referred to as Rodd Panning, John McBain will now be referred to as Shawn McCain, and the character of Starr will now be refferred to as Twinkle Panning. I will take the actors over the character any day.

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    I just hope that the proper time is given to whichever soap, OLTL or GH, ends up not keeping the actors/characters longterm, so they can be written out properly.

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    @nysam I’m not saying he shouldn’t be grateful for his 10 years on OLTL and if you’d said that I wouldn’t be griping however I don’t understand how you can say a man who found regular work as an actor for 15 years before he joined OLTL only had a career because of OLTL. What the hell were those 15 years where he worked pretty steadily then if not a career?

    And I never said he was in demand now I am saying he had a career long before OLTL.

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    @storm28….Easton’s career is defined by his role on OLTL. When Easton passes away his obituary will read “….played John McBain on OLTL & GH.” His other gigs will not be referenced. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just saying that he is known for OLTL.

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    I like Star with Michael. That pair works for me. Todd has been worked in quite well. There isn’t any way that I am ever going to like McBain. I hate his freeze and pose style of acting. That is a criticism of the actor and character. I have never liked him. Having said that, I do not want any of them to be jerked around and be out of work. I loved OLTL for years. I hope it is a success. Actors know that the chosen profession is a dice toss. These three kind of won the lottery with being chosen from the whole OLTL cast to move to GH. They have to know that. I hope they work out a deal that will satisfy as many as possible.


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    @nysam That’s fine and again if you had said he should return because John’s his most well-known role I wouldn’t be griping, I’m griping that you are dismissing 15 years of a mans work(and he did actually get a lot of work in those years)and saying his career started with OLTL. It’s ridiculous.
    A lot of really big actors most well-known roles don’t come until decades in the business would you also claim they didn’t have a career until they landed that particular part that they are most famous for?

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    Personally for me the characters of John & Todd are becoming a part of GH.

    The one thing you cannot re-create is the magic that McBam has and I want to see that explored

    Todd is a breathe of fresh air.

    It is so easy to have these characters stay GH characters. The most pressing is John McBain due to his having a child with Natalie. Correct that and then make him realize his true love is Livvie..err I mean Sam

    Todd should not have to make an appearance in Llanview until it’s revealed that Victor is still alive. It would make sense that he would much rather stay away seeing how people feel about him; and

    as for Starr she was leaving for CA anyway…why would she even need to return

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    I’m not claiming that he was massive before OLTL I just think it’s crazy to say that was the start of his career.

    And he did actually have other work outside of soaps and Ally McBeal, I know he was a regular on a few shows that while they may have only lasted a season and obviously weren’t massive hits they still had fans. I know one of them which he was in the late 90s called Total Recall 2070 is still getting a few threads posted on it’s boards on IMDB which suggests it had some fans if there is still people talking about it 14 years later…

    Again I’m not claiming OLTL wasn’t his biggest role just saying I think it’s crazy to say his career didn’t start until OLTL.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Ravennite613]…as for Starr she was leaving for CA anyway…why would she even need to return[/quote]

    The main reason Todd moved to Port Charles was to be near Starr, so she serves that purpose.

    I find it funny that people who don’t like Starr assume nobody likes her. I think all three of them have been incorporated into the cast now, and they are all GH characters, as far as I’m concerned (just as Skye stopped being an AMC or an OLTL character a long time ago).

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    I think that Kristen has also come a long way with her acting since coming over to GH. She had alot going for her. She got older. She met new people. She got the feel of a new state. All new energy for her and she applied herself beautifully. The screeching simmered down. She really looks like shes a nice young lady who has been working since she was Emma’s age (robin’s daughter). I dont want to see her get shafted. Im sure she wont, but I really want to see her happy.

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    No, Destiny was not a hooker.

    It looks like the new PP is going to write rip from the head line stories, which include sugardaddy websites where young women troll for old men with money. :Sp I don’t see Destiny looking for an old coot with money in order to support her baby with Matthew.

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    I think the one thing GH and their fans are forgetting is them characters are NOT your characters! They are characters that were created for OLTL NOT GH! Weather or not the actors come back I say whatever they want to stay with a company that does nothing but lie and screwed them over once already fine Stay and when GH is airing their last episode and they are out of work because they choose to stay on the sinking ship known as ABC they have no one to blame but themselves. BUT THE CHARACTERS belong to OLTL & PP and GH/ABC should bow out and let the characters go, BUT as usual ABC does what it wants and someone else has to pay for it, That is getting incredibly old!

    FV & RC should have thought about the long term repercussions of putting them OLTL characters in front burner story lines, Common sense says that since PP never stopped trying to get these soaps back on the air that when they allowed ABC to USE them characters that there would be a time frame etc and would be clauses to them using characters that PP OWNS. If ABC was all on the up and up then there would have been no reason for lawyers to be involved….

    Michael Easton and Melissa Archer have AMAZING chemistry, and OLTL deserves to have Jolie back, You said it is easy to keep them GH characters yea it is easy for GH and their greedy fans, Because you are not losing characters that you have watched and loved for YEARS! You’s keep talking about crossovers OK let’s go with that, let’s say OLTL takes Sonny, Carly, Sam and say Scorpio, YOU GH FANS would be in an uproar about it and why is that? Because they are GH characters, Characters that have been on the show for years and have become like family to you, Just because OLTL is not on a network ((as of yet)) we don’t deserve our family back? ABC is being the actors mouth piece, we have no idea if they want to stay or go to OLTL all we can go by is ABC’s word and we all know what that is worth! If ABC is confident that they want to stay then why not let them talk to the media why not let them talk to PP??

    Correct John and Natalie having a son?? That has to be one of the rudest comments I have seen by a GH fan so far! Do you know how long OLTL fans waited for it to be revealed that Marty changed the Test results, and for John Natalie and Little Liam to be a family again? A long time and we should not suffer because your writer and producer want to resurrect “Caleb and Livvie” well then RECAST CALEB! Why should we have to recast John!
    Your comment about “Todd” shows you know nothing about the character of Todd Manning, Todd has never cared what ppl think of him nor has he ever made a decision based on how ppl feel about him!
    Bottom line PP owns everything associated with AMC AND OLTL, ABC should man up and do what is right for once!!!

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