Denial is a Fragrance Sold By Lauren Fenmore on The Young and the Restless

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) arrived at Jamie’s (Daniel Polo) hospital room, where Michael (Christian LeBlanc) had been watching over him. She didn’t believe Fen (Max Ehrich) was responsible for Jamie's fall. After Michael left to freshen up at home, Jamie woke up briefly, and uttered Fen’s name. When Lauren asked him why he said Fen’s name, Jamie fell back to sleep in his hospital bed.  Lauren continued to be in denial about Fen’s behavior or possible involvement in the crime. She told Paul she knew her son would never do something like this.

At home, Michael tried talking to Fen about what happened to Jamie. He told Fen he could tell him anything. Fen was about to respond, but Michael received a call from Lauren. She informed him Jamie had woken up for a second. Michael returned to the hospital with Fen. Fen looked like he didn’t want to be there.
After he left the room, Paul (Doug Davidson) arrived and told them he’d found something. It was Fen’s camera with a picture of Jamie holding the “stolen” item Fen had put in his backpack.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) told Avery (Jessica Collins) the divorce was almost finalized. The two sisters argued about whether Avery was the best thing for Nick (Joshua Morrow). Before things got out of hand, Avery left. Cricket (Lauralee Bell) showed up, which of course led to a verbal smackdown between the two women. Later on, Crimson Lights continued to be hotspot once again as Jack had a chat with Phyllis.

Cricket arrived at the hospital, where she found Paul. She expressed her feelings of regret for not suing Phyllis. However, since Phyllis was going to get a Newman sized divorce settlement, Cricket planned to take Phyllis to court.

Victor (Eric Braeden) dropped by Nick’s new club, but the two started arguing about whether Nick should come to work for Victor at Newman. Victor called the club a dive, which obviously hurt Nick's feelings. Nick’s club continued to experience electrical problems.

After his talk with Nick, Victor visited Jack (Peter Bergman) at Newman Enterprises. The Black Knight threatened to expose the truth about Jack's incident with the hooker, if Jack didn't convince Adam (Michael Muhney) to leave Newman.

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    Do I predict an electrial fire at The Underground at the 2nd Grand Opening party?

    Who will live? Who will die?

    And is Chelsea headed to the new fashion department at J’Abott??

    Stay tuned!!!

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    I know I’m getting boring but Victor truly must be curtailed once and for all. He has no real reason to expose the Stephanie story and how dare he say that the Congressman is dispensable. And on and on and on. I sure hope I’m starting to hear the final bell toll in that epic Victor/Nikki romance once Nikki realizes that nothing is ever going to change. Maybe she and Chelsea could cohabitate and commiserate together.

    Lauren … please wake up soon and don’t let this be the final straw on your marriage back. And how could you be so awful to Paul?

    Phyllis is another one. I thought she’d changed but she’s still the gloating demon. Now that she stands to come into much Newman fortune I hope that Christine is the one who ends up with most of it. Will Phyllis never learn?

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    I enjoyed the episode.

    Good lawd Lauren is in denial!! The boy said “fen”…what else did he have to say? However, I don’t think Fen pushed Jamie. I think maybe they were fighting and Jamie fell off the roof.

    I’m so tired of Jack doing wrong and letting his conscience get to him, while Victor can do ANYTHING, and not feel any remorse and not have to pay for anything. GOSH!! It’s not fair!!

    I’m glad Adam and Chelsea are through. I think Chelsea could do better, and I hope she doesn’t go back to him…AGAIN.

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    I kinda liked the “father/son” theme : Jack & Kyle; Nick and Noah; Michael and Fen ( who both were looking mighty hot with that hair!! ).

    Then we had the “sister theme” with Avery & Phyllis…. move on, Phyllis and get with Jack!!

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    Is it me or are there others out there looking at Y&R and wondering why things just look similar to when Maria was at the helm? Sure, the dialogue is better and the cast has been trimmed to a great size … but .. the way the stories are being told has NO rhyme or reason to it.

    Case in point, Jack’s story since Jill Faren Phelps and Josh came on board just about 3-4 months ago (approximate time their scripts and new direction has been airing). For years, we, the fans, have been clamoring for a return to the JACK vs VICTOR dynamic that made this show EPIC! Under Maria we always saw Jack on the losing end with Victor always with the upper hand. We saw them declare a truce when Victor was suffering from epilepsy or whatever his ailment was and even endured the PATTY saga without actually seeing Jack exact revenge for the carnage Victor had his hands in that ultimately destroyed a great deal of Jack Abbott’s family… naming Colleen’s death. It never seemed to be a even fight under Maria.

    Mix that unbalanced war between the two titans with all the instant stories and love affairs that went on forever only to end with a whimper and it’s understandable that Maria was canned and her husband was forced to tell her.

    Now with Jill and Josh we have seen Jack finally exact revenge on Victor. We were all excited to see what would happen next. But then, no more than 2 weeks after winning the company away from ‘Mumbles’, Jack hands the reigns over to Adam so he can have back surgery. He’s out for a couple of weeks ONLY to return. But still no fierce battles with Victor. Then addiction and then rehab where Jack once again hands the reigns over to Adam and his brother Billy. Now, after rehab and a sleep in with a dead prostitute in his living room, Jack is back and he has had enough of the fighting with Victor and has stepped down.

    The direction Jill is now taking is to have Adam battle Victor and Jack to become a nun helping all the homeless street walkers of Genoa City… or something like that. BUT ALL OF THIS IN 3-4 short months.

    WHAT GIVES? This is as dull as Maria’s stories. Sure, we have the Fen and Jamie battle but I am 43 and as much as I like the teen story on my show it’s taking longer to be resolved then Jack’s short reign as CEO of Newman.

    AND now, fresh out of rehab and getting cleared of illegally dumping a dead body, Jack has decided to return to Jabot and START A FASHION DIVISION?!!!


    Seriously, this is out of left field. INSTANT! Jack for weeks has been worried about the dead prostitute who soiled his oriental carpet on New Year’s eve and getting over the addiction to generic Oxycodone pills but in between those two things, insulting Phyllis and firing all his staff Jack decided the one thing he needed was a fashion division AND HE THINKS THE BEST PERSON TO RUN IT is NEIL?!!! Honestly? Next, Chelsea will be hired to be creative director after her stint as a bartender in the coastal villages of BURMA?!!!

    Come on, Jill, TRY at the very least to do a better job then this! It would have been great to have Jack overcome his addiction that you INSTANTLY gave him and then have him meet up with Lauren, who at least has a department store that sells the like of FORRESTER Haute Couture and in that meeting she suggests the fashion division and Jack offers her the lead job. She could hire Neil to run the department chain so she could start something of her own.

    Honestly… I am close to giving up on SOAPS altogether with the slapstick way they redirect characters and come up with plot twists.

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    I really enjoyed this episode. I enjoy the bullying story the most and much more than I anticipated. Lauren, Michael and Paul were good scenes and the actor playing Fenmore played all of the right beats.

    I always get a kick out of Christine versus Phyllis. Loved Christine declaring her suing Phyllis in civil court. Yes!!! That’s the direction I hoped the story would take after Phyllis got off scot-free.

    Phyllis and Jack making out at the end seemed out of place but I have always liked the pair. Michelle Stafford looked gorgeous.

    Not feeling Jack’s story but Peter Bergman has been great. I don’t understand. If Jack is stepping down from running Newman doesn’t mean that he no longer owns the company, right? I was really confused.

  7. Profile photo of stoney07

    Yeah, I was kinda wondering that too…IDK. I don’t think Jack owns Newman anymore, he kinda “gave” it to Adam and Billy…But I’m not sure.

    Anyway, I’m loving the show and I see absolutely no similarties to MAB’s storylines. Victor vs. Jack continues, but THIS time, Victor didn’t necessarily CRUSH Jack. They are actually back on level playing fields. Victor will get Newman back, and Jack still has Jabot. HAd MAB been writing, Jack would’ve succeeded in tying Jabot into Newman, and then Victor would’ve won them both. That’s how her writing was. I’m glad that Jack didn’t lose EVERYTHING like he usually does.

  8. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Thought it was another great episode, punctuated by the Cricket/Phyllis scene. I still say Nina’s a better match for Big Red(that potential rivalry was a wasted opportunity), but I do enjoy when Cricket takes a big girl pill and tells Phyllis what a bitch she is. The character has been so appealing in the last few weeks with Jack but throw her in a scene with anybody else and she turns back into a shrieking harpy. Damn, take a xanax already.

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    hey mon

    Pretty good ep.

    Things have resolved awfully quick at Newman Enterprises. The company changes CEOs on the drop of a dime. Its a near wonder the stock isnt trading at less than $5 a share, considering that in the last 6 months, it’s been Victor, Sharon, Vicky/Nick, Sharon/Tucker, Jack, Adam/Billy, and now just Adam. Who’s next in the chair of Newman, allegedly one the largest companies in the world? Nikki? Chelsea? The Congressman?

    There are a lot of similarities between MAB and Josh G. A lot of good things. Josh has definitely picked up the pace from his last stint in 2007 & 2008.

    Also, I’d like to see Abby on the canvas, and then have Ashley return with Brenda Doumani. Maybe an Abby/Tyler pairing, or a Summer/Tyler pairing. Keep Eden around, and pair her with Tyler. That might work.

  10. Profile photo of bren

    i love watching cricket and phylis. i kinda got a vibe that jamie was calling fan’s name as if they were lovers, not his attacker…. maybe that’s a twist! and the reason they have so much tension vs the more obvious story of fen being ricky 2.0

  11. Profile photo of stoney07

    I’ve ALWAYS felt that Fen and Jamie were lovers. ALWAYS…it makes total sense. I never got why the animosity between the two was so deep. Because of Summer?

    NO WAY!!! It has to be more to it. I’ve always thought Fen was attracted to Jamie, and this was how he was dealing with it. I still think that might be where it’s headed…

  12. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=stoney07]NO WAY!!! It has to be more to it. I’ve always thought Fen was attracted to Jamie, and this was how he was dealing with it. I still think that might be where it’s headed…[/quote]

    Yeah, that would be a helluva lot more interesting than Ricky 2.0(and where does it say that every male legacy character introduced on this show has to have mommy/daddy/authority issues?). Maybe Fen is jealous of the Jamie/Summer pairing because he wants Jamie, not Summer. Either way, I wish Jamie was being played by a stronger actor cuz that kid seems truly out of his depth against Hunter King(Summer) and Max Ehrich(Fen).

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    hey mon

    I would hope that any kind of romantic something-something would be going on. Cause originally the girl that caused it all has been absent now for a month — Summer.

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