General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Johnny wonders when Todd will be transferred to Pentonville, but Todd explains he's being taken to Ferncliff instead. He tells Johnny all about playing the crazy card in court. Johnny knows Todd won’t be able to escape the high security mental facility, but Todd believes he can fool the doctors. Johnny taunts that he won’t have Carly, because she’s through with him. However, Todd doesn’t see it that way. 

Patrick searches for Sabrina, and Liz tells him she's taking care of stuff for the ball.  Patrick wonders if he did something to offend Sabrina, since she’s avoiding him. Patrick also doesn’t understand why Emma hasn’t cliqued with Britt. Liz isn't surprised by Emma's attitude towards Britt. Patrick wants to know what Liz has against Britt. Liz brings up Britt being vicious to all the nurses, especially Sabrina.  Patrick still doesn’t see the connection, and Britt interrupts the two before they can finish their conversation. 
Britt asks to go skating with Patrick and Emma, and Patrick hesitates. She wonders if he truly wants her to develop a relationship with Emma. Patrick agrees, and heads off to pick up Emma. 
Felix and Sabrina discuss her chances with Patrick, while waiting to meet with Carly.  When Carly arrives, Felix loves her new look. Carly admits she showed off to Todd.  Felix says Sabrina needs to pull the same move on Patrick, and Carly is surprised to hear about the attraction. Sabrina quickly points out Patrick is already involved with Britt. Carly claims she’s going to be alone for a while, and Felix asks about AJ. However, Carly has nothing good to say about him.   
Carly secures the Metro Court Ballroom for the Nurse’s Ball, and finds irony in doing something in Robin’s honor.  When Sabrina returns to the hospital, she tries to be nice to Britt. A snarky Britt informs her that she’s going skating with Patrick and Emma. 
Epiphany reads John the riot act for leaving the hospital too soon, while giving him a fresh set of stitches. Sam shows up, so Pif leaves. John explains Lucy tore out some of his stitches when she jumped on him at the courthouse. He also breaks the news to her about Todd going to Ferncliff instead of Pentonville. Sam is upset Todd is basically going to get off for his misdeeds by pleading insanity.  Sam wants to make sure Todd pays, and John assures her he'll take care of it. He warns Sam to stay out of it.

Michael tells AJ that Tracy knows he went to see Lucy.  AJ explains he told Lucy he believed her vampire story.  Michael doesn’t want him taking advantage of someone’s mental illness.   AJ mentions running into Heather, but Michael doesn’t trust her.  AJ continues on about Heather, and brings up Edward's will. He admits he hasn’t found anything in there to help them secure ELQ. Michael updates AJ on Heather's terrible antics involving Jason and Sam. He feels there has to be another way to get ELQ, which doesn't involve Heather.

Ned is back in town to help Tracy in the battle for ELQ.  Tracy wants to make sure Lucy continues to be crazy, because her shenanigans will keep AJ away. Tracy needs to neutralize him.  Ned understands a bad psych evaluation will make Lucy’s vote useless, but he’s not happy with his mother’s current plan. 
Todd is less than thrilled when John arrives to escort him to Ferncliff.
Tracy worries AJ may have changed, therefore they can’t afford to dismiss him.  Ned wants Tracy to give up ELQ, and let AJ take over. Tracy proclaims ELQ is her legacy, and she refuses to relinquish it.  Ned’s worried about the toll this is taking on her. He feels his mother has nothing to prove to anyone anymore.  Tracy asks if he is with or against her. Ned feels they need to find out where she’s vulnerable, first. Then, they have to come up with a strategy to beat AJ.  He asks if there is anything out there that can hurt her, and she claims there isn’t.  Ned knows it is important to keep AJ away from Lucy. Tracy tells him they need to figure AJ’s next move, and calls Sonny. 
AJ asks about Johnny, but Michael isn’t sure about working with him.  AJ explains Skye had information on Tracy, but she gave to Anthony. He thinks Johnny must be in possession of it now.  Michael agrees to help, and heads off to see Johnny in prison.   

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  1. Profile photo of Perkie

    I love when Ned shows up for unannounced visits. Love Ned and Tracy.

    Michael and AJ: it’s like two clueless lost puppies trying to help each other, isn’t it!!

    Man, they were pretty heavy handed with the Sabrina is perfect for Patrick business. Eeesh.

    Loved LIz’ exasperation at Patrick just not getting it. Same thing I was feeling. Also loved her forcing Britt to say please.

    AJ/Carly: There was more chemistry between those two in that 10 second silent scene at the end than there has been between Carly and Todd all these months.

  2. Profile photo of scrubsfan1980

    Perkie, I agree with everything you said except for the lack of chemistry between Carly and Todd. Maybe it’s my newfound LOVE for all things Roger Howarth (PP cannot take him away!) but they are smokin’ hot! I’m hoping all this backstage drama gets worked out because I’m not done with Tarly just yet!

  3. Profile photo of tinigirl32

    It feels like there is something “unfinished” between AJ and Carly because of their past. And there was some tension in those last 10 secs of the episode.

    As much as I like her and Todd together, I think that things need to be explored a little more between AJ and Carly, although it would be nice for Carly to take a break from men altogether.

  4. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    Today reminded of how much I really don’t like Ned. Maybe it’s time to bring back Dillon if the show wants to give Tracey a son to play off of. It was also nice to see Tracey realizing that this AJ isn’t the same AJ everyone is used to.

    Whatever they are planning with AJ and Carly is fine with me because I am not looking to see a rehash of the simplistic hate/hate relationship between the two of them. A more complicated relationship can only be a good thing.

    Still not caring about Sabrina/Patrick/Britt. And it’s kind of a bummer that Liz is being relegated to supporting player in this tepid triangle. Hey maybe if Dillon came back he and Liz could link up. Kill two birds with one recast.

    Todd is hilarious and I can’t wait to see him in Ferncliff with the likes of Heather and Lucy. And I know it is an unpopular opinion but I think Johnny needs to go to jail. He’s a confessed triple murderer how do you redeem that in the short term? He is responsible for the deaths of three people, one of whom was a toddler…that can’t be glossed over with some type of legal hocus pocus.

    And I love Felix! He is a fresh and fun character, haters be damned!

  5. Profile photo of nysam

    If Johnny has to go to jail then so should Todd. Todd has committed and gotten away with a lot more crimes in his 45 year life than Johnny has in his 25. Johnny killed his father who certainly tortured Johnny and was deserving of death. Todd killed his mother and his brother. Johnny DID NOT intentionally kill Cole and Hope (and how can you say they are dead when no bodies were recovered?) Johnny didn’t have the intent to kill them. It was an accident. Todd’s crimes on the other hand tend to be pre-meditated.

    As for AJ & Carly I see them having the potential to be this generations Alan & Monica. They always had a love/hate relationship. Alan even tried to kill Monica!

  6. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    [quote=nysam]If Johnny has to go to jail then so should Todd. Todd has committed and gotten away with a lot more crimes in his 45 year life than Johnny has in his 25. Johnny killed his father who certainly tortured Johnny and was deserving of death. Todd killed his mother and his brother. Johnny DID NOT intentionally kill Cole and Hope (and how can you say they are dead when no bodies were recovered?) Johnny didn’t have the intent to kill them. It was an accident. Todd’s crimes on the other hand tend to be pre-meditated.[/quote]

    In Todd’s defense, he was suffering from mind control when he “killed” his brother, although we now know that his brother, Victor, is not dead. And as for his mother, she had just attempted to kill him and had him under the belief that his whole family had just died in an explosion that had just occurred before he killed her. His killing of his mother was considered self defense. Johnny may have not intentionally meant to kill Cole and Hope; however, his plan to kill his father was pre-meditated. There was no self-defense or anything like that, he just wanted his father dead out of revenge.

  7. Profile photo of pjc722

    I am exhausted complaining about TODD always getting off ESPECIALLY when the actions for him getting off are SOOOOOO ABSURD! I don’t even have the patience to type out my complaints on the matter other than to say IN WHAT WORLD WOULD A COP… Dante… PUT TWO PRISONERS THAT WORKED TOGETHER TO CONSEAL ONE ANOTHER’S CRIMES IN THE SAME JAIL CELL over and over again?

    OR Why on earth are they still trying to pair Todd with any woman on a soap? Honestly, the character is a rapist and a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. (Law in this country) WHy not just write him as a diabolical character and if he needs a woman to “complete him” than get him a dumb blonde bimbo who is only after his money and NOT educated and confident strong women like Blair, Tea, Carly and any other woman who comes his way?!!!

    Sam, sue Todd for all his money for stealing your child.

  8. Profile photo of nysam

    Robertscorpio, Todd may have suffered PTSD during the mother/brother murders, but he didn’t have PTSD when he gang raped Marty, kidnapped Nora, held most of the town hostage and if I recall he was somehow involved with kidnapping Jack as a baby not realizing that Jack was really his son. The man is a criminal and never pays. If Todd doesn’t pay for his crimes and Sonny doesn’t pay for his crimes and Jason didn’t pay for his crimes why should Johnny pay?

  9. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Sam sue for the kidnapping of a child? Ha ha!! She has never paid for any of her crimes,including scamming men. She didn’t feel Jason needed to pay for his. And if Sonny isn’t in jail,I see no reason why Johnny should go. Todd may be playing crazy,but Johnny really is. Always has been.

  10. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Good Lord. Sabrina is exhausting. The writers just prop the character versus develop her AT ALL. It’s a bad Disney movie with a wicked witch and dense prince charming. Felix playing “fairy gay godfather” is tiresome too although Carly did look FAB. Lol. Seriously, I wish he had mentioned himself among those needing a new man! Gay men can do more than makeovers and stroke straight women’s egos.

    And using Liz to prop this story infuriates me. Patrick is looking so obtuse.

    Tracy was awesome. I wish Ned would stay. Even with leverage, AJ/Michael is no match for Tracy/Ned.

    AJ and Carly are smoking. That’s the pairing I wish to see explored. It’s hotter than Tarly and I like Tarly too.

    I was happy to see Sam go to McBain’s room but then found their actual conversation painfully dull. I can never buy Sam as being a force to be reckoned with, so her threats about Todd are meaningless. I had to FFWD. McBam is so pretty together.

    Todd telling Johnny his plan to evade prison time was stupid. I do think Johnny should serve some jail time. Somehow I believe both Todd and Johnny will receive slaps on the wrists.

  11. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I have to start off saying I for one don’t like Carly’s new do. I thought she looked a lot more sexy and sultry with the longer wavy look. It gave her a kind of 70s sex appeal. The episode all in all was enjoyable. The pacing and cutting from scene to scene was very well done. I love Todd and hope he stays in Port Charles, that is, after bouncing back to Llanview for a bit to help launch the online OLTL. I like Michael working with AJ. Sonny who? I liked the fact that Ned appeared without us knowing it would be today. I think Todd and Johnny have chemistry.

  12. Profile photo of Grimm

    May I suggest Carly match up her new BFF Felix with her GAY BROTHER Lucas?

    Wonder if Todd and McBain get lost on the way to FernCliff and thats how they write McBain and the Mannings out of Port Charles while the Prospect Park deal is resolved…

  13. Profile photo of MysteryStory

    I agree that it seems like Todd does not pay for his crimes, however, those who were long term OLTL watchers know that Todd has not ALWAYS gotten away with his crimes. Yes he was the leader during Marty’s gang rape (Todd wasn’t the only one) and terrorized Nora in a beach house while she was blind ( she had been his lawyer during the rape trial and almost been disbarred by throwing his case when she knew he was guilty) but he also:

    1. Saved Marty and Jessica’s (his niece but I don’t think he knew she was at the time) from falling over a cliff. Marty had been babysitting Jessica and their car slid. Todd I think was being taken to prison at the same time, something happened to the prison vehicle, and while escaping, he came across them and saved them. He may have gotten his sentence reduced because if that.

    2. He also befriended C.J. and Sarah Roberts who were again his niece and nephew although I don’t think he knew it at the time, and helped save C.J. and Al Holden when they fell down a well or this crevice near Llandfair, his sister Vicki’s home. I think the opening of that crevice started the story of the underground room where Dorian was prisoner. Anyway, I think he’d been in hiding during that time and may have had whatever sentence reduced because of that.

    3. Finally, I think he was part of the Men of 21 storyline where he had to go to Ireland and got shot and was presumed dead. I think that earned him some reduced time.

    Anyway, these stories happened so long ago that I may not be remembering them correctly, but Todd has been to jail and served time. It may not have been recently, but he has. And really, a lot of what he has done was so long ago. He was kidnapped for 8 years!

  14. Profile photo of thecourt99

    [quote=nysam]If Johnny has to go to jail then so should Todd. Todd has committed and gotten away with a lot more crimes in his 45 year life than Johnny has in his 25. Johnny killed his father who certainly tortured Johnny and was deserving of death. Todd killed his mother and his brother. Johnny DID NOT intentionally kill Cole and Hope (and how can you say they are dead when no bodies were recovered?) Johnny didn’t have the intent to kill them. It was an accident. Todd’s crimes on the other hand tend to be pre-meditated.
    As for AJ & Carly I see them having the potential to be this generations Alan & Monica. They always had a love/hate relationship. Alan even tried to kill Monica![/quote]

    I am sure that by nature of being older, Todd has committed more crimes, but make no mistake, they are both criminals. I don’t subscribe to the notion that Johnny should get off any more than Todd should. I also don’t understand how Johnny killing his father is okay because he deserved to die….but Todd killing his mother after she attempted to kill him is something he should be stoned for. Further, Todd didn’t kill his brother. He just thinks he did. Who knows how that scenario really played out.

    That being said, Todd has also done things in his past (gang rape), as has Johnny (organ ring)…so yeah…they are both soap scum.

  15. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I enjoyed so much going on in this episode. Had to laugh at the little exchange between Pif and McBain- His I am a cop- had me rolling.. Loving the McBam vibe.. He was smoking hot yesterday.

    I liked Patrick and Liz going back fourth. It just irks me that Patrick isn’t getting it. Liz is one of his closest friends. If one of my closest friends said they agreed that my daughter should not like who I am dating all sorts of flags would go up..

    I actually liked all the jibber babber between Carly, Felix and Sabrina.

    It was an interesting dynamic for me to see Michael being the voice of reason with AJ. Him being protective of Sam and Danny made me smile.. Equally loved the schemimg with Ned and Tracy. Love an ELQ fight.

    On a side note the make up dept did a wonderful job on Sam and Liz- they both were stunning. It has been nice to see Sam in colors other than black.

    I will also admit I hardly consider Johnny a murderer of three people. I don’t want him to go to jail just because I love BB.. He is such a wonderful actor and true hottie.. Set him up with Liz and let some redeeming begin..

  16. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Today’s episode was great. I loved every bit of it. No complaints. Felix did have a man…he mentioned it to Carly when he went to see her alone. It did not work out with the guy. Felix is fine and can hold his own.

    Felix is right they need more men on GH. I keep saying this. We can count how many men are left on that show. Sonny, AJ, Michael, Todd, John, Shawn, TJ, Felix, Patrick, Mac, Duke, Luke, Johnny, Spin, Dante…..We need more men….the women outnumber the guys on screen. And we need some new faces. FV use to do a great job hiring hot men on OLTL we need the same on GH. Since they are getting rid of Steven can we check in two one an MD without a violent secret past. Perhaps even bring Ellie’s ex-boyfriend on canvas for Maxie?

    Please TPTB bring in more men for these lonely women (Elizabeth, Maxie, Sam, Alexis, Olivia, Tracy, Monica and Britt).

  17. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Great episode. Loved Felix, Carly (great new hair), loved Epiphany! I hope she has her own musical number at the nurses ball to prove to everyone she knows how to have fun!

    I really wish everyone would quit hatin on Sabrina. She’s not my favorite character or story, but she’s sweet and in love. It’s a cute story. The only thing I don’t like about it is that Patrick is coming off like a big ole dunce. Then again, to make this story work he kind of has to (storyline driven, not good!) I just see it that Patrick is only thinking with his dick. :)

    Robin doesn’t want to come back and I bet most of us do not want a recast and they’ve already said Liz is not dating Patrick, and I agree with that statement, so we shouldn’t keep hoping for it cause it ain’t gonna happen. Liz and Patrick don’t have that much chemistry anyway. I don’t mind Sabrina and this story one bit.

    Now Britt on the other hand….I don’t hate the actress or anything and she’s beautiful, but character is a horrible woman. A really good villainess, but I hope Patrick sees through her really quickly. I also hope she’s part of a bigger storyline (my theories about her being Lucy’s adopted daughter were sadly not right, but she still could be a Cassadine or a Jax? I don’t know, I just hope she’s secretly tied to something) Also I don’t understand that someone is so vicious to Sabrina can be a reasonable doctor, trying to convince Maxie to tell the truth and not lying for her. You’d think she be evil all around.

  18. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    So all Elizabeth gets is Sabrina Sabrina if she’s not in scenes with her she’s discussing her Why is this writer not writing for this character? Meaning she should have her “own” storyline its been over a year her fans have been waiting…yet its “the Sabrina show” heck now even Carly?

    Whose next? Sonny? Luke, Laura?

  19. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=nysam]If Johnny has to go to jail then so should Todd. Todd has committed and gotten away with a lot more crimes in his 45 year life than Johnny has in his 25. Johnny killed his father who certainly tortured Johnny and was deserving of death. Todd killed his mother and his brother. Johnny DID NOT intentionally kill Cole and Hope (and how can you say they are dead when no bodies were recovered?) Johnny didn’t have the intent to kill them. It was an accident. Todd’s crimes on the other hand tend to be pre-meditated.
    As for AJ & Carly I see them having the potential to be this generations Alan & Monica. They always had a love/hate relationship. Alan even tried to kill Monica![/quote]

    Sometimes characters are written into corners that require they go away for awhile and Johnny is one of them right now. He presently has no family on canvass, no friends, no relationships of any weight at all and he is charged with killing 3 people (and until Cole and Hope show up alive and well onscreen they are dead) so writing him off by sending him to prison is not only a natural progression of storyline it is also easy as hell to do because in the current GH universe Johnny really doesn’t matter all that much anymore.

  20. Profile photo of aramis270

    Writing Johnny as the killer of Cole and Hope has been one really stupid move of Cartini and they have taken a lot of heat for it because when you watch the episodes of the night Hope an Cole died there is NO WAY that a completely drunk Johnny who was pissed off like crazy after SONNY that night (and not Anthony), who spent the night with Carly would have been able to get up, find Anthony, shoot his tires so precisely (remember how totally drunk Johnny was at the party!!!) and come back to bed to Carly. As it was also said so many times why would Johnny want to kill Anthony at that time (and not Sonny after what he said that night and after he came to Johnny’s apartment to try to kill him) when he didn’t find it in him to do it the night he learned Anthony was his grandpa and not his father??? After the night Anthony’s car killed Hope and Cole, Anthony ran to Johnny to get help… Johnny who could have easily ratted him out but accepted to hide him because he was his only remaining family? This was the Johnny we knew and loved, always tortured…

    Enter CarTini who conveniently rewrite the story even if it makes zero sense for anyone who have watched the relevant episodes in order to ruin Johnny/Carly and pimp Todd as the new soul mate of Carly…

    All that to say that CarTini better not send Johnny away while letting Todd free because I would be really really pissed off. And i know that i would not be alone considering how BB is popular. Johnny has much more ties to Port Charles than Todd, Starr or John will ever have. so CarTini should find a way to correct the stupid mistake they made by writing Johnny so OOC when they started writing GH. They can do so much with Johnny and BB is such a great actor. So play nice CarTini and get my Johnny out of jail pronto because he did not “murder” Hope and Cole, it was accidental death and Anthony has bullied him and tortured him and has tried to kill him so that a good lawyer like Diane should get him out of it especially in a city where Sonny has always avoided jail as well as Jason…

    So I trust you on this Ron and Frank… You erase what you did to Johnny and you get him out of this stupid mess you created ? Thanks ;)

  21. Profile photo of liason4real

    I always thought Johnny should have been the next young mobster torn between his birthright and wanting to be the good guy. There is no reason for Johnny to be hanging out with Olivia and Carly, when he could be romancing Maxie, Lulu, Liz, Sam, Georgie, Serena, etc… I’ve seen quite a few Johnny/Maxie and Johnny/Georgie fans around the Internet.

  22. Profile photo of Madithusa

    Liason4real, there are also still A LOT of JoLu fans so fed up of our girl Lulu being stuck for almost 4 years now with Dumbte (looks like a century to me….). ;)

    Aramis, GREAT POST.
    They better find a way to get Johnny out of jail. He belongs much more to GH than Todd or Starr! I am OK with Todd staying as long as it is not at the expense of our Johnny!
    So don’t disappoint us Mr Carlivati, time to redeem yourself after having thrown Johnny under the bus in such a pathetic way!

  23. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Aramis you have my heart with that post.

    so we hear from one part of Cartini that Liz is getting a story/love interest…WHEN!?!?!? I mean the girl cannot escape this stupid ass High School Triangle.

    Since poor Maxie and Lou and stuck can my girl Liz have a little Johnny loving

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The problem with johnny is easily solved. They have a ton of story coming up with the elq battle and they probably are going to have to focus a bunch on todd/john/starr in order to exit them from the canvas. As part of the negotiations with PP they could have PP write cole and hope’s non death in to the tapestry of new oltl. Since they have bunches of story and a bit of a crowded canvas, johnny COULD go to jail for a month or two and then suddenly he is wheeled in to the ER out of the blue with a brain tumor. Rumors have maxie getting ill as part of her pregnancy so they could be placed in the same wing. Or if they want to go with Liz, liz could be his nurse. Or Sabrina. Maybe he loses some loss of his legs and he has to do rehab with Ellie. Heck there is even triangle potential with liz vs. maxie.

    Then I agree the problem is johnny has no family on the canvas. Again easily fixed – either resurrect a reformed claudia or retcon johnnys paternity. Again, according to rumors, stefan/SN may be coming back to the canvas. Stefan could lay eyes on johnny at the dock and say to him that he reminds him of his first love as he has her eyes. making him a cassadine ties him to stefan, nik, alexis, kristina, molly and sam. I am SURE sam might have something to say about her cousin trying to chose between one of her besties and her main nemesis.

    As for the lack of men, why not bring jax or yeah recast dillon before adding any newbies. Its a shame JK is going to the new Oltl as he would have made a great dillon. I dont think he was so enmeshed in the oltl universe that it would be confusing to see him as dillon mixing it up with any of the oltl people, the way it might if say Eddie Alderson was cast as rafe.

  25. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This episode was great!

    Always love to see Ned.

    THIS is the Tracy Q I know – all geared up and ready to fight! Loved her calling Sonny – it’s totally plausible.

    Love how much Sean Kanan and Cahd Duell look alike! Michael totally is AJ’s mini-me.

    Carly looked faboosh!!! God I love her new hair!

    Elizabeth, tell Patrick what a witch that Britch is!!! Well, she did try. Loved her expressions when listening to the Britch and making her say please.

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