Dr. Taylor Hayes, Licensed Busybody, Meddles on The Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) showed up at Liam’s (Scott Clifton) house, where she asked if he was alone. She didn't wait for an answer and just barged in. Hope (Kim Matula) returned to the room and told her not to leave on her account. Taylor wasn't happy to discover Hope there. Hounded by Taylor, Liam couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Taylor asked Hope if she wanted to turn out like her mother;  then proceeded to tell her to bow out gracefully.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) stopped Bill (Don Diamont) before he kissed her at the cabin. The two talked about his love for Katie (Heather Tom). Eventually Brooke called him a stallion and told him to gallop off to his wife, which he did. When Brooke returned to the main house, she discovered Taylor had returned. Boy that Taylor sure seems to get around lately! The long-time rivals began to argue about their daughters. Taylor nearly let Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) secret slip.

Maya (Karla Mosley) confronted Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd), demanding to know where her little girl is. After years of separation, because she wasn’t able to take care of her child, Maya wants to reunite with her flesh and blood.

Eventually Dayzee said she remembered Maya. She told her she'd had lawyers take care of the situation. Maya said she had to give up her child because she was wrongly convicted. Dayzee said she couldn’t get the child back. Maya didn’t accept no for an answer.

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    I’ve enjoyed this episode, it was more balanced that day with right mix of vets and children. Taylor was on her broom! I swear! She was in everyone’s business and then top it off with Brooke…loved it! I want to see fire between Brooke & Taylor again witn no Stephanie we still need a strong bitchfest that KKL & SF brought to the table.

    Brooke & Taylor fits the $Bill ;) :love:

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    Sorry I did not pay much attention to the dialogue – I was too fascinated by those big honker lips of Taylor’s. Pretty soon they are going to be dragging on the floor.

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    I LOVE Hunter Tylo, and lips or no lips, she’s STILL beautiful.

    As for TAYLOR, she has absolutely no storyline, and I guess since she has a lot of fans, BRad Bell is trying to throw them a bone by royally ruining what little was left of her character. Back in the good ole days she had a life outside of her children and Ridge. She worked…she had clients…she did things. Now, NOT SO MUCH!!!!

    Brooke is just as pathetic as Taylor, however. She stopped dolla Bill from kissing her, but I know she had to change her panties when she got back home. She wants that man…and BAD.

    I’m confused by the Dayzee storyline. Glad she has one, and glad to see a hint of diversity on the show, but did Dayzee do something illegal? Did she SELL Maya’s baby? I have no clue what’s going on…but I’m intrigued. But then again, I know this story will last every bit of 2 weeks, while the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle has lasted well into 2 years.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Sadly, Hunter Tylo’s addiction to plastic surgery has made her into the new Gumby. Why a beautiful woman like her didn’t leave well enough alone is beyond me. I can’t even look at her anymore because it’s all plastic and filler. Half of her face doesn’t even move. UGH.

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    Well..whats even worst are HTylos acting abbilities. They get worse by the year. She is probably by now one the worst actress on B&B. Well, I all forgot about JG (Donna).

    Then about the show. That has actually two better episodes in a row. At least there is some diversity, I do have some problems with the storytelling, and the main problem is the way Steffy is acting (not like Steffy) and the way Katie responds to her husband (which is actually in character) but it could be so much better.

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    I think Taylor is going to make it her business to go after the newly widowed Eric. Maybe because of hurt that Stephanie didn’t choose her instead of Brooke. Think she will use Eric to be the “Powerhouse” & get her 2 kids in Forrester more than what they are. Taylor wants to be the new “Matrioch”. (sp)?

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    This is the worst show I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the way Taylor lit into Brooke about taking cheating her and children out of a family. It seems to me a man should know who he wants to be with. I hope Brooke puts it all together about the so call bond Steffy and Liam have. I hope turns out Steffy isn’t pregnant. She is the main reason why Liam and Hope had so many problems. Why couldn’t they couldn’t written it so Hope and Liam were destined to be together no matter what or who tried to get in their way. I still can’t wrap my head around how Bill can think Steffy is so much better for Liam than Hope. Especially, after what Steffy pulled on him to get her family’s company back. Later, going after him and now his son. I just don’t see how he can treat Hope like dirt,and claims he in love with her aunt and having desires for her mother. I hope those writers have enough sense not to let anything romatic develop between Bill & Brooke. I was hoping now that Stephanie is gone that Brooke would be the matriach of the storyline. After, that episode today with Taylor,it would seem that Brooke will be the voice of reasoning. Please let those Logan sisters stick together and Bill join forces with them. Taylor accusing Brooke of entitlement, looks like the other way around. Rick is Eric’s biological son, I think Eric made the right choice. Stephanie made her peace with Brooke in the end. Taylor is consumed with hatred and jealousy for Brooke. Come on writers give Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas a reality check. Turn the tables on Steffy, she’s suppose to be so smart and savy. Why would she allow her self to get pregnant? I hope Bill doesn’t approve of that. More importantly, I hope Liam doesn’t feel he has to be with her out of obligation. He can take care of and love the child without being with her. Bottom line do not let Steffy win.

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    I agree that Taylor has no business butting in to everyone’s business, but why on earth would either Steffie or Hope want Liam? The guy can’t even speak and is just always lovin’ the one he’s with. And Hope is now insufferable and unlikable. Her new personna is just too cocky.

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    Taylor needs to get a life.

    Thomas technically isnt even a Forrester, but Rick is Eric’s biological son.

    Stephie steamrolls anyone who gets in her way.

    She needs therapy more than Brooke does, she sounded like a nut on yesterdays episode. Blaming Brooke and her family for all the problems Taylor’s family is having. Dont get me wrong, Hope needs to be sent away ASAP. That story needs to end NOW.

    I guess they are ramping up the rivalry now that Stephanie is gone.

    Bottom line this show needs better writers. The insta-alcoholic story with Bill is just a blatent plot device to steer him towards Brooke. Apparantly Brooke has learned nothing over the years.

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    This show sucks. I can’t stand it. I took it off my dvr. The acting is terrible. No balance. Logans always win. If I was an actor on the show, I would jump ship as fast as I could.

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    As somebody who likes Taylor and hate Brooke she was off the hook by going in on everybody. I think Taylor needs to calm her ass down and it not all Brooke fault. Big Steph and Ridge are to blame, and not only that but Taylor seems to be going through the change of life. If she keep it up I might jump on team Brooke.

    However I will say it was great tv, and provided alot of fodder on twitter. I’m sure the DC crew will go in on the next podcast. I do like to see Taylor vs. Brooke any day-

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    Thank YOU! ITA Hunter is still a beautiful woman and I like watching her play Taylor even if Taylor is up in everyone’s life and trying to manage Steffy’s love life with loser Liam. This Taylor I will gladly take over the back burnered wallflower Taylor we had for so many years. LOL about Brooke having to change her panties after being that close to Bill.All Bill has to do is say her name, and Brooke nearly has an orgasm hahaha! Dayzee and Maya need to start getting meaner for me to care about them, cause right now I… just don’t?

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    Taylor comes nowhere close to Brooke in the “being a whore dept.” Brooke is so good at being a whore she could type a whole Wiki page on it. She’s been thru all the guys in that family like a last name and now she’s got her eye on Katie’s hubby! That is nothing but a low-down whore thru and thru. Taylor’s like a virgin compared to her.

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