The Young and the Restless Caption This: 50 Shades of Cricket (PHOTOS)

Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes from Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless, where Cricket (Lauralee Bell) returned to Genoa City and promptly blindfolded Paul (Doug Davidson).

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    Hate, hate, hate that Christine is back and ready to start the freaking accident story YET AGAIN!! It was horrible when they did it a few months ago, it’s horrible still. It was settled…get over it Chris.
    I really don’t need to see any more of St. Christine sticking her pious nose into everyone’s business, and if that’s what they’ve brought her back for, they can just get rid of her again! :angry:

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    hey mon

    (to the tune of your favorite Broadway musical) “… and I cant wait to tie you up, and tie you down, and do my business. Because they call me Cricket, but deep down in I know I’m really Christine. Christine, the loose girl! Christine, who likes it edgy! I’ll set your hair on fire!”

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    I’m glad she’s back to finish this whole Phyllis rundown thing. It makes total sense to me. If I had just found out someone tried to kill me, I wouldn’t roll over and “get over it” either…..saint or no saint…

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    Chemistry have never been a problem for Paul and Christine. They always seem to hit it off pretty well in the romance department. Paul and Christine have had some of the steamiest love scenes I have ever scene in daytime drama. They have always been great together.

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    Christine has never been my favourite but I can’t believe the hate expressed for this character.

    Of course she needs to put that whole incident behind her but only after Phyllis’ deed has been atoned for. She did a crime and did crimes to cover it all up. It’s high time that someone in Genoa City paid for their sins because we all know that apparently Victor never will. Phyllis is a smarmy unrepentant bitch. It has already cost her much for her attempts at hiding it all but the real victims need her to finally pay.

    Victor is simply just insane so he has an excuse. But the incredulous attitude she shrieks out when challenged is just fodder for revenge. Plus don’t forget that Paul was also a victim.

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