Will Katie Couric Be Able to Make Cyber Sense Out of The Manti Te’o Catfish Saga? (VIDEO)

I'm gonna be quite honest here and admit I'm having a tough time following this story. I'm talking a really tough time — like math class tough!

From what I can gather, some Notre Dame player named Manti Te'o claimed he led his university's football program almost to a national championship, all to honor his dead girlfriend. Only problem is, the girlfriend isn't dead. In fact, there is no girlfriend; it was all allegedly some internet weirdo "catfishing" the athlete!

Katie Couric is airing an exclusive interview with the Heisman Trophy runner-up and his parents today on her talk show. Will the Perky One be able to get to the bottom of this case of computer love gone terribly wrong? Check your local listings for Katie airtimes. Watch a couple of sneak peeks below!


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    Hes gay, he needed a beard, so he made one up, and used a woman’s picture without her consent all to cover up his sexuality. I get it, because it would be career suicide to come out in sports, but jeez, he could have just asked a friend to beard for him!

    I’m sure there are also girls who would have acted as his GF for him. This elaborate ruse fell through ultimately.

  2. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Wow. That’s really interesting. I can believe that the other guy, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, is gay, cause he seems like it. Manti doesn’t look gay at all, or act like it. (I trim my eyebrows more than he does)

    This seems to be a lot of trouble to go thru to not be gay in football. It would be better if he just said he was gay, and played some serious football. He almost single-handedly helped ND ruin U of M and MSU last Fall.

    But hey, the story is still on the radio right now as we speak.

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    They showed a good chunk of the interview on Nightline last night, and I was no clearer afterwards than I was before. It’s clear that he’s not really telling the whole story, and if he is indeed gay, as soapbaby and angrierblackman suggest, he has sure spoiled an opportunity to be the first major football player to come out with dignity.

    The sports world has been waiting for that first big-time current player to come out for a long time now, and he could have really blazed a trail here (if that’s what’s really going on), but this has turned into such a big mess, I hope that’s not the real story.

    I tend to think the real story is that he was trying to make up a compelling story in an effort to get the Heisman trophy.

  4. Profile photo of gslam

    I agree with the assertion that he’s gay. I don’t think, however, that he should get a pass for creating this elaborate, ridiculous hoax of a story because he didn’t have the guts to be who he is in the mean, cruel world of sports. Why would anyone want to be associated with an institution that would make you feel like you have to force yourself into hiding just so you can participate? Te’o felt it more important to compromise his own integrity, and the integrity of those around him, just so he could throw around a fucking ball. That’s pathetic.

  5. Profile photo of soapbaby

    When the story initially broke, I sympathized with Te’o as the victim of a cruel hoax. As more of the story has emerged and I have seen his interviews with ESPN regarding the issue, I am convinced that he played a significant part in conjuring and continuing the lie about a deceased girlfriend. Not basing my next judgment on any thing in particular, but I think this elaborate lie was developed to mask that fact that Mr. Te’o is a homosexual. He was a Heisman Trophy nominee, heading to the Pros, I would not be surprised if he and trusted advisers developed a story in which Mr. Te’o was “heterosexual” without being connected to a real-life woman. Te’o’s previous interviews presented to me as very “coached” and disconnected. I suspect that his interview with Katie Couric to be no different. Also with each new interview he reveals being more aware of the “hoax” than the previous interview. Hmmmm…

    P.S. And not just your average homosexual but an “18-men-in-a-locker-room” homosexual ;-)

  6. Profile photo of gslam

    [quote=hey mon]Manti doesn’t look gay at all, or act like it. (I trim my eyebrows more than he does)[/quote]

    Um…did I just read this? How does someone “look” or “act” gay, besides the stereotypical way to which I assume you are referring?

  7. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Can someone please explain how you call someone you have only communicated with via the web for three years, never met her face to face….call her your girlfriend? This story made no sense. The reason for the cover up may have something to do with the fact that these boys come from strong christian backgrounds and it would hurt them not only publicly but home wise. I do think there is something about being gay in the story or else I will have to say that this Manti is one of the most dumbest people alive.

    By the way he created a whole story around this “girlfriend” he made it seem as though this person actually existed.

    why would his friend do this knowing that Manti’s grandmother died only a few months earlier?

    Why would someone pull such hoax and have nothing to gain out of it (there have been no arrests because there were no proof of extortion going on)?

    This was a prank but why would Manti believe this being a football player being around all those other guys who are aware of these kinds of things? I mean how could you allow three years to go by without being fishy about all of this stuff? The story has too many holes.

    In closing I believe that Manti knew this was not a real girl, he had something to do with the hoax and it was to cover something up. I do not know what he was hiding but he most definitely was doing something shady.

  8. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Internet dating is all the rage, but in college…so is web chatting. There are all these free sites that allow you to chat over the web, so once he gets this “girlfriend”, I find it hard to believe that they never chatted.

    For that reason alone, I think he was in on it. I don’t know what his motivation was, nor the motivation of the other people involved. It may have been just a silly prank that went wayyyyy off the rails. Why would his friend do this to him (if he wasn’t in on it)?

    Everything else is just weird. Did he visit her while she was supposedly in the hospital? Did he send flowers? wouldn’t they have been rejected? None of it makes sense…not at all.

  9. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    Who is writing this kid’s scripts? Clearly this story is a pilot for a possible new soap or reality series. Looks like Maria Bell’s handiwork. Expect his girl friend to either come back from the dead or have a doppleganger.

  10. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=californiaguy888]Who is writing this kid’s scripts? Clearly this story is a pilot for a possible new soap or reality series. Looks like Maria Bell’s handiwork. Expect his girl friend to either come back from the dead or have a doppleganger.[/quote]

    :beer: :bigsmile:

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    OK so, Im watching this now and all I can tell you is in MY DAY, we would put nice clothes on and long hair and make up and the guys would wear cologne to turn us on, and mustaches and long hair and jeans and people used to have so many people that they got involved with that they had no choice to cheat on each other. Everyone saw who they were in love with and they went places with them and slept with them and cheated on them if they saw someone else they wanted. We were frowned upon cause we were so crazy. But what is crazier. That handsome boy talking to some asshole for all that time on a machine. Oh please with this. No one needs an internet to fall in love and meet someone. Trust me. Go out and strut yourself and you will see how fast you can meet someone. Im venting cause this is a disgrace.

  12. Profile photo of californiaguy888

    I admit it is a tough-to-follow, tough-to-swallow soap but I can’t wait for the next installment. It may turn out that his Girlfriend is REAL and very much alive in a coma on the island of Barbados. His father only told Manti that Womanti was a fake because he wanted his son to ‘move on
    . I saw this plotline on Guiding Light I think.

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