Wishful Storytelling: Sami’s Teen Rapist Alan “Catfishes” Will on Days of Our Lives

With buzz growing about the upcoming versions of All My Children and One Life to Live possibly delving into edgier, ripped-from-the-headlines stories, my brain has been working on overdrive about how the remaining four daytime soaps could also benefit from such a shift in storytelling. Don't get me wrong, I love a good return-from-the-dead as much as the next suds lover, but at some point, when you've seen one — you've seen 738,265 of 'em.

Awhile back on Twitter, I posted how I would love to see Sami's (Alison Sweeney) teen rapist Alan (originally played by Paul Kersey) return to seek his warped brand of revenge on Days of Our Lives. Back in 1995, Lucas' (Bryan Dattilo) pal Alan dated Sami, while secretly pining for her older sister Carrie (Christie Clark). Frustrated by his lack of progress with Carrie, Alan violently raped Sami.

During the rape trial, Sami was branded a liar and Alan was released. It wasn't long before he came after her again — this time with a gun! Sami managed to get the weapon away from Alan—before he could rape her a second time—and shot him in the business!

Distraught, Sami made love with Lucas, conceiving Will. Although no one in Salem knew that fact for quite some time, because Sami passed the baby off as Austin's (Patrick Muldoon). What if Will, devastated after some future bust up with Sonny (Freddie Smith), decides to look for love online?

On a gay dating site he meets a man going by the code name "Uranus". Will thinks it's a vulgar play on words, until his new secret friend explains Uranus was the Greek god who was castrated by Cronus. Also a budding fan of Greek mythology, Will becomes intrigued.

After countless hours chatting online about ancient myths with him, Will begins to develop feelings for Uri (the shortened nickname they agree upon). They make plans to meet. Viewers are stunned when Alan Harris, the man who raped Sami back in '95, shows up to meet Will at the coffee shop.

When Sami arrives to meet EJ (James Scott), Alan quickly ducks out to the restroom, before Will can introduce his new friend to his mother. Sonny, however, spies Will with the much-older man and is none-too-thrilled.

Once Alan gets back to his hotel room, he opens his closet door. We see a shrine dedicated to Sami, the woman who castrated him; the woman who ruined his life. Alan vows to seek vengeance on Sami through her eldest son's loins.

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    Jamey. . . why aren’t you writing for DAYS or any soap? That was excellent and had me at the edge of my seat. DAYS, hire this man stat! They need you desperately.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @THEBEST In my fan fic, Carrie lost that brat! LOL

    Sami knows how devastating Carrie’s last miscarriage was for Austin (Patrick Muldoon) and her.

    Sami softens. She asks how her marriage is holding up.

    “Not good — not good at all,” Carrie offers. “Which I’m sure you’re thrilled to hear.”

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    Rape has little relevance on modern DAYS. Look at what Fafe did to Sami repeatedly. She’s now falling back in love with Fafe’s boss, and has a slightly exasperated look on her face when she regards EJ, as if he got drunk at her sister’s wedding and embarrassed her. It’s offensive and the main reason I can’t give a damn about Sami and her pairings.

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    This actually is a great story idea but NBC won’t go for it. They wouldn’t even go for EJILL. Now PP is going to have stories like this and I can’t wait! AMC and OLTL will be the best soaps (and GH). If Days could be a little edgy then they may see a ratings boost too. Right now the show is so boring.

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    Enough of rapist characters being added to or being returned to storylines in any soap. Most especially if it has to do with “seeking revenge” – against convictions of crimes they’ve committed? No.
    I agree with Yoryla. This idea reeks.
    Paul Kersey could play an entirely different character on another soap.
    No reason to rehash long gone rapist characters e n d l e s s l y. :tired:

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