Ghosts of Lovers Past Haunt Several Women This February Sweeps on The Young and the Restless!


Victor/Nikki: As Genoa City's ultimate supercouple plans their upcoming wedding, Nikki gets unsettling news. Will it prevent her from becoming Mrs. Mumbles yet again?

Nick/Avery/Dylan: Mr. McAvoy’s sudden arrival in Genoa City will have a huge impact on Nick and Avery’s relationship.

Billy/Victoria: “Villy” fans, rejoice! Despite the drama the couple has faced in the past and the battle over Newman Enterprises, the two will be closer than ever. Look for Billy and Victoria to have a fantastic Valentine’s Day together.

Sharon/Adam/Chelsea: The Newman black sheep must decide if he wants to save his marriage to Chelsea, or rekindle the crazy romance he had with Sharon. Don’t look for Chelsea to be pining over Adam. Mrs. Newman will be humming a new tune. Hear that Sharon?

Michael/Fen/Lauren: The Baldwin family will have a serious falling out, when Michael makes a decision involving his troubled son.

Cane/Lily/Tyler/Leslie: Congressman Wheeler and Leslie share a past, which is coming back to haunt her in Genoa City. Can Tyler help his sister out of a jam? Look for Cane, Lily, Nick and Avery to be mixed up in the drama. 

Kevin/Chloe/Noah/Adrianna: Kevin and Chloe’s good fortune courtesy of Noah and Adrianna ends. The Fishers want pay back for their money issues. Meanwhile, Noah and Adrianna will have problems due to the money she decided to five-finger.

Noah/Adriana/Kevin/Chloe: The mystery of the mob money is about to climax, sending this foursome scrambling.


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    The whole missing money saga I’m not liking much. The rest sounds really good, Leslie and the Congressman (Spencer)I mean Wheeler past sounds fun. Mark Pinter’s type of part and he will bring the game to story…I like.

  2. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    the spoilers look promising…

    I was glued to my seat, today, when Nikki gave Mr Mumbles hell in their penthouse and then spoke to a mysery person on the phone…. hmmm…. maybe a front burner story line for the Nikkster? Let’s hope so.

    Love Mark Pinter…. and the surprising notion that he has a past with Leslie is a stunner. Who knew?

    We all know where Lauren is headed… the thrill ride of a life time :)

    Still can’t believe Tucker gave Adam the business for “being drunk” at the desk. Tucker has done plenty of things on and off of the job.

    I see Avery’s mystery man first appears on camera on 01/29. Facebook has notified me of a behind the scenes tour with Vic Morrow and the new guy.

    Way to go, Y & R!!!! 40 MORE YEARS!!!

  3. Profile photo of kintex

    Cane/Lily/Tyler/Leslie look interesting. I never thought the Congressman was tied to them. Why isnt Neil involved in this?

    Sharon/Adam/Chelsea:Please please end this triangle. I hope it doesnt turn into Sharon/Nick/Phyllis which didnt do any of these characters any good. Let Chelsea move on to a new man and let Shadam deal with their own issues. They have enough family drama to last them a life time another female is not necessary.

    I think Nikki is sick. She was talking to somebody today, didnt want Victor to fight for Newman and wants to go off on a trip.

  4. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    More Villy. Hoo-ray. Like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

    Cane/Lily/Tyler/Leslie. Throw the Congressman into their mix. Cause if anyone can liven up this 4-some, it would be Mark Pinter. Otherwise, it’s just another day of perpetually hard-0n Tyler chasing after another M-He’d-L-F Lily, with ol Dan Goddard (and I do mean getting old) giving him the Evil Eye. Of course, Jabot is about to go thru another round of musical chairs for the CEO slot, so what does it matter? MAB had the fore-sight of of introducing a real fragrance on TV.

    Michael/Fen/Lauren. The $hit is going to hit the fan.

    NO mention of Summer and Noah in the Previews. C’mon Josh G, where is your ‘ultimate’ s/l? Summer and Kyle secretly fall in love, unknown to Nick, and just before they ‘get it on’, Nick has to confess than Jack is Summer’s Daddy.
    Adriana gets hit by a bus? And the character is written off the Show. Good, she aint working anyway. Instead Eden and Noah re-kindle their relationship? That is very smart of Josh G, the 2 have a lot of history that needs to be resolved.

    Im glad Kevin and Chloe are involved in a front burner story-line about Kevin and his growing attraction to Carmine. It was very sensitive how Josh G is handling Chloe’s feelings, and what she thought was going to be a long-time marriage commitment from Mr Fisher. It’s refreshing considering that Kevin was relegated to stolen money and cops-and-robber capers under MAB.

  5. Profile photo of josser

    Hooray!!!! I’m so happy to see that Leslie & Tyler are not getting stuck on Winters Island! They actually have a big storyline with characters across the canvas! Finally, a headwriter who doesn’t discriminate and segregate the brown folks!!

  6. Profile photo of stoney07

    A lot of people do….I’m just sayin’….lol

    No disrespect, but good lawd..the same folks (that in all actuality probably have stopped watching the show) complaining about things that don’t even really make sense…ummm….yeah, its old now.

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Lol @ your relentlesness over defending Y&R ;)

    How can it possibly get old, since I haven’t been posting on her in weeks, let alone on anything Y&R related. Lol!

  8. Profile photo of stoney07

    lol. it’s really not relentless. It’s just…aggravating when even in the SPOILERS there so much negativity on this site…from stuff that hasn’t even happened yet. Not necessarily you (I don’t recall ever reading one of your posts)…but a couple of others.

    to me, its aggravating because most of the people who complain were not really Y&R viewers. They just migrated over when their favorite starts were stunt-casted on the show, and now that they’ve been fired, these people go from post to post and site to site spewing negativity that really isn’t warranted. And I respect everyone’s opinion, and I’m not trying to be disrespectful at all, but that’s just my take on it.

    It boggles my mind to even try to imagine how some think this show was better under MAB or LML than it is now. And yeah, I defended the show under MAB too to a certain extent. But now that the show is actually GOOD again, I don’t see the need to be so negative about every single thing, while praising every ridiculous happening that goes on on “other soaps”

    it’s almost like Y&R and GH are in competition and I don’t get why. To ME, Y&R is the better soap, and I DO watch both. But to some GH is the better. I respect that…but for those who watch GH religiously and catch Y&R maybe once a week, there’s really no need to bash a show that you barely even watch. It makes no sense. I personally find GH to be ridiculous and plot driven, but I NEVER go to GH’s topics and say ANYTHING..because in reality, I want all the soaps to survive. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that negativity on every single post will NOT save the soaps…nor will it make the networks fire the headwriters any faster. All it does is spread like a disease and before u know it, the soaps are gone…

    just my take on it tho….I DO respect everyone’s opinions though, even if they grate my nerves :) lol

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    Y&R! Go JFP, Josh G. and Micheal Eilbaum. Today was so good. Sharon dreaming. Ya’ll had me fooled I thought was real. Adam saying, I ain’t scared was classic. Then Nikki calling Jack. I’m just happy its leaving you wanting more. When they finish the new ranch house it will be spectacular. As I have said before everyone needs to be happy we still have this genre.

    Kevin and Chloe yes it may be stupid but its a filler for whats to come. It’s just a tease.

    Josh is trying to fix everything so we can move in to the spring and summer. To give the young kids and the adults something to look at and be happy with.

  10. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m loving the Michaelsons setup :love: I think Tyler is the loose cannon because he had mentioned another town in front of Lily and Lily clocked him on it…he’s slipping up now showing his insecurities and not as cocksure. Are Leslie & Tyler searching or after something?

    I’m loving Chole & Chelsea…they are refreshing and chemistry between those two actress is awesome.

    I like Billy isn’t at NE, Adam vs Victor I’m kinda digging on this blood bath ;) Testing Cane\Chelsea today…hmmm.

    I like the idea of Jabot doing a fashion show, it makes sense and Neil has his own division of Jabot. Billy comes home to Jabot to work.

    Patch McCall big exit is pending in the next 2 weeks and these stocks are going to play into something… :~

    I’m loving Phack :love: Summer entrance is pending here with the Fen\Jamie story, and Summer has been quiet of late but could be the Hunter’s out time.

    I’m so happy with Y&R right now and it continues to build to get even better :) The stories are shaping up nicely in more balanced, pacing show to watch again :love:

  11. Profile photo of

    Well I do hope Y&R is good, because I’ve haven’t been too thrill with the show. I do like Tyler and Leslie and if Lily dumps Cane for Tyler I like the character a little more

    I do like Missy Claire character and I love Chole, but she needs to dump Kevin. Sorry I’m at a point where I don’t care for a waste of space characters on daytime. Kevin a waste of space along with Noah/Adriana.

    What I would like to see and I thought JG said we would see more Jill in a big story. I haven’t seen that yet. I wonder would Jill and the Congressman have a story together? I want something good for Jill/Kay and I also hope Jill finds out that Jack going to start a fashion line. Remember Jill started the men’s line and that would kill Jill if she heard Jabot starting a fashion line.

    I miss seeing Jill fight for a power struggle that always been Jill Achilles heel. She always wanted to be at the top, and this writing team has to write her where she can be CEO/CFO of Jabot or something at the helm. I could give a shit about Jill at Chancellor- They have to know the history of Jill, The Abbott’s and Jabot

  12. Profile photo of tedew

    I’m not looking forward to Lauren taking the denial route when it comes to her dear sweet son. I get so fed up with having to put up with a character being so misguided when we know the truth; because it takes so long for all to become clear. The Baldwins do need a shake up but not this way.

    I’ll also be glad when the drug gambit comes to a close because even very good looking suspicious acting cops can be very very annoying.

    But all in all, much of Y&R is becoming very promising.

  13. Profile photo of pjc722

    STONEY, I have been watching THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for over 15 years and soaps, in general for 30 yrs or so starting with Another World. I hated what Maria did to our show and stuck by it hoping upon hope with each new week that she came to her senses. NOTHING.

    Then Jill and Josh were hired and although I knew that Jill was fired from GH for the direction that show was taking, I applauded their arrivals onto the soap. I had high hopes and only praised them. Sure, they ended Phyllis murder trial faster than a commercial break while we had to wait several more weeks for Paul’s to come to an end. Sure they opted to get rid of Ronan and Nina without giving the characters or the fans closure on that relationship. And, sure, I don’t mind all the firings ALL OF A SUDDEN and the influx of new characters that are interesting though from the looks of it being forced on us INSTANTLY.

    I applauded Jack getting NEWMAN. But then it all went down hill as we just saw Jack go through 2 years worth of story in 3 months and then saw the MOST ANTI-Climatic ending to that battle between Smiling Jack and Mr Mumbles. And now an INSTANT story with Leslie who up until a week or so ago, was a famous high powered attorney WHO now has a sinister-esque secret that will most likely involve murder or rape and ALL IT TAKES is a little digging/back ground check and her past will come back to haunt her?! Seriously, she worked for Vance who was protrayed as a shark attorney. I’m sure he would have seen her past already.

    It’s not that people are complaining about the show all the time, it’s that we expected MORE from this PR bonaza of firing Maria Bell to bring on Jill. Now we have a slightly less boring, much better written but still NOT the old (and I mean GOOD/GREAT) show of years past.

    I mean, for crying out loud, what was with the GRAND OPENING of Nick’s club just to close it down in the same night. I mean, there is no drama there because Nick is worth a half billion dollars! So his having to close the joint won’t be taking food off the table. It should be more dramatic with a bang and a punch and a pay-off. now it’s not much.

  14. Profile photo of stoney07

    Bill Bell is dead.

    That Y&R is dead…..same as every other soap that changes when the originator dies/retires or whatever. EVERY soap has experienced that, and to sit back and expect Classic Y&R to return is setting yourself up for disappointment, cuz it just AIN’T gonna happen.

    And when a show shows improvement, but all you see is the negative because it’s not the “great Y&R” that it was under its creator, it just…ugh. blah

  15. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Here are the problems.

    Kevin and Chloe – The goofy misfits are still the goofy misfits. Obviously Greg Rikaart is in control of his character or something. Because to have EP regime after EP regime write him in the same old stupid way is appalling. The Chipmunk, Brother-in-Law of a Doppleganger (Sara Smythe), Brother of Sheila’s Spawn (Daisy), Boyfriend of Angela Veneziano, Moving Tim Reid’s body.

    Now him and Chloe ‘just happened’ to get involved in a sack of half a million dollars. Only Greg Rikaart stomping his foot and demanding to be in ludicrous story-lines could produce 4 years of garbage for him. JFP&JG haven’t changed Y&R in this respect, Kevin is still goofy and stupid. The only problem now is that it involves formerly wonderful Chloe, and not dead Jana. Le’s have Kevin get some realism in his life, and truly make Greg Rikaart happy, with a gay or bi-sexual s/l involving Mr Fisher.

    Adriana – A 3-month build-up for this? For some waif of a female actress to come on set, and underwhelm everyone. Alex (the pop-up cop) near-wandering around town, over-concerned about his maybe-sister Adriana. Happens to come upon Kevin and Chloe, happens to come up Noah. Give up the ‘bag of money’ story-line JFP&JG, it aint working. Yet poor Bob Adamson as Noah is going to be dragged down with this stupid and insipid story-line.

    And the jackal in the room is what we viewers are all thinking. Noah’s grandfather is a billionaire. His Dad, Aunt Vicky & Abby, and Uncle Adam are all millionaires. What the #ell is $500 thousand to this family? Noah is literally putting his life in jeopardy over a sack of money, when any of his older relatives could snap their fingers, and have the problem go away, by selling a few shares of stocks or bonds. C’mon JFP&JG, there is no future with this one, throw the s/l over-board.

    Jack – What started out as poor Sad Sack Jack finally getting one up on Darth Victor, has turned into a comedy, or a tragedy. He was in control of Newman with full faculties for how long? 3 days. Then surgery (October), complete addiction in 4 days (November), firing all friends (December), dead hooker and now St Jack of Genoa City (January).

    Jack never got the chance to strut around Newman. Put his picture on the green wall in the CEO office. Never got the chance to crash a Charity Party, in full CEO-mode with Red on his arm, telling ol Victor ‘the way that it is’. This s/l reminds me of MAB in a big way — big build-up, poor execution of resolution.

    Summer/Fen/Jamie – Started off great. It’s only palpable right now because of the acting chops of CLB and ME. Where’s the cause of all of the trouble in the first place? C’mon JFP&JG, where’s legacy-character Summer in all of this? She hasn’t been seen since Christmas. Once again, very MAB-like in execution. The woman that the 2 guys are fighting over is MIA. So is she even going to be around when the complete s/l is resolved? I want to see 2 men fighting over the right to Summer’s ‘love’, and her booty. That’s what would motivate Fen, some guy going after his girl’s affection. Sad that it has gone from that, to a MAB-like Psycho-of-the-Month.

    Tyler – The most-built guy in town has to have the CEO of the company he works for’s wife? And that is who? Lily Ashby? C’mon. Tyler, who looks like a model, is a MILF hunter? And once again, it has to be Lily? Roxanne I would believe. I fact, missed opportunity for our perpetually horney character Tyler, a triangle involving Devon/Roxanne/Tyler. At least it would give Devon something to do, other than play off of Tucker and Grandma.

    Kyle – I have to believe that Blake Hood is teen-girl watching material, the key demo that JFP is after. Use this guy. He is believable, good-looking, and comes across as smart. Yet, he, like Summer, is AWOL. Bring them both back, and make them near lovers, for a reveal s/l that Jack is Summer’s Daddy.

    Newman CEO & Jabot CEO – Can I get a flow chart on this one? Changes daily at Newman Enterprises, allegedly one of the largest firms in the world.

    Good things —

    Cane rejecting Sharon’s advances. It only covered 2 days of story-line, but wow! Sharon gave ‘the look’ to a man, and he said ‘No’.

    Chelsea acting mature and calm in her marriage. JFP&JG could have easily had her go the Psycho-route on Sharon during the bi-polar s/l (which I guess, Sharon’s BP is miraculously over), but didn’t.

    Jack & Phyllis – Shows what Pete and Michelle can do as professionals. These 2 have made it completely believable.

    Nikki – Im liking the toned-down non-diva actions of Nicole, or am I? She was great fun last year and in late 2011 strutting around like a peacock. The Drunk marrying Deacon, getting an annulment, crying every day, changing on Christmas Day, confronting Sharon & Vic over their jail-house ‘marriage’. It was great for ratings.

    So, in summary, as an every day watcher since 1982, and couple of times a week from 1979 to 1982 — all regimes have their plusses and minusses. JFP&JG, MAB, LML, KA&JS, and even BB. We just have to keep watching, no matter who’s in charge.

  16. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=1titanman]What I would like to see and I thought JG said we would see more Jill in a big story. I haven’t seen that yet. I wonder would Jill and the Congressman have a story together? I want something good for Jill/Kay and I also hope Jill finds out that Jack going to start a fashion line. Remember Jill started the men’s line and that would kill Jill if she heard Jabot starting a fashion line. I miss seeing Jill fight for a power struggle that always been Jill Achilles heel. She always wanted to be at the top, and this writing team has to write her where she can be CEO/CFO of Jabot or something at the helm. I could give a shit about Jill at Chancellor- They have to know the history of Jill, The Abbott’s and Jabot[/quote]

    LOL I’m wondering what the heck happened to Jill too! They spent a good portion of the few scenes she was given with Tucker, even though she hasn’t had anything to do with him for years. Then Poof! Jill was gone.

    They must have been doing a chem test between Jill/Tucker. I can’t imagine they thought they’d be a good couple given how Tucker was developed after the re-cast. Maybe SN had episodes to use up so why not give it a try? The character of Tucker should have been cast to use with Kay and Jill but obviously Barbara Bloom didn’t know much about Y&R story when when she took it upon herself to do the casting.

    Maybe since this Tucker couldn’t be used with Jill they offered him recurring? Who knows? I imagine they had to know if Tucker was going to be in or out of the upcoming Jill/Kay story before they could finish writing it so maybe that’s why it’s delayed????. Supposedly both JW and JC are filming now so finger-crossed that it’s a real story this time.

    I’d like to see Jill back in her own life also. She’s worked in GC business since the early 80s so she’s the most experienced business woman on the show. There’s no reason she shouldn’t be doing deals on the level of Jack, Victor and/or Adam. Jill’s a natural schemer, aggressive, and business savvy. Bill Bells business world back in the 80s resembled the present day more than it does now, 25 year later. TPTB talk about relating to a younger crowd, that means more than adding young people. They see older woman in positions of power everywhere except Y&R, they date themselves big time with this 1960 MAD Men style set-up in 2013. The crowd they want is increasingly educated and most of them work, how can they possibly relate to the set-up on screen? It even pre-dates me.

  17. Profile photo of harlee490

    Bill Bell’s Jill…

    1. He didn’t have a paternity issue…she was a Foster.

    2. He created her as scheming vixen

    3. His Jill loved three things: Power, Money & Men, in that order. That Jill drove Kathyrn to drink ;)

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