Trisha Goddard Renewed For Second Season

Freshman talk show Trisha Goddard has received the green light for another season. Although Trisha has been one of the lowest-rated syndie offerings, the chatfest improved local household time period ratings this past November in New York (+82%), Chicago (+30%), Philadelphia (+66%), San Francisco (+6%), Boston (+62%), and Washington DC (+44%).

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    TV Gord

    It’s nice to see this kind of trash TV is so low-rated, but I guess it’s just a vehicle to get barter-sponsors out to whatever audience it can get. Truly bottom-feeder TV.

    Incidentally, while I can get Katie and Jeff Probst and Ricki (ugh!) Lake on a number of different channels on my cable dial, Steve Harvey has been bumped from the one affiliated where I could get it. CBS Detroit has dumped it onto its sister-station on The CW, which I don’t get here. (Personally, I don’t care, but I’ve heard from others who are disappointed that he’s gone.) I wonder if this is a bad sign for him.

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    TV Gord

    I believe you’re right, Ifad. Most of these shows make two-year deals from the start, and these second-season “renewals” are just a chance to drum up a little more publicity…they hope.

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