Ratings, Rants and Raves: More on DAYS’ Ratings Spike; Still Not Feeling GH’s Connie

Salem, U.S.A. was the place to be the week of Jan. 14-18. Not only did NBC Daytime's Days of Our Lives soar among women 18-49, the sudser also hit a two-year high in total viewers, according to ratings posted online by Xavier Toups.

DAYS went up 209,000 total viewers over the previous week. Year-to-date, DAYS was up 246,000. This was a new high for the head writing team of Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell.

DAYS went up two-tenths of a point in households. Among women 18-49 and W18-34, DAYS went up one-tenth of a point.

On Gabi (Camila Banus) and Nick's (Blake Berris) wedding day, Chad (Casey Deidrick) revealed to everyone at St. Luke's that the pregnant bride was lying about who her baby daddy is. The Salemites were further shocked when Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas' (Bryan Dattilo) out gay son Will (Chandler Massey) was revealed to be the champion stud horse who sired the fetus in question.

Finally, my fave of the daytime soaps still on the air isn't disappointing me. Here's hoping Ken Corday, Greg MengGary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell can keep it up!  I go more in depth about DAYS' turnaround here.

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    I know I’m in the minority here, but I really like Connie. I found Kate a bit dull. I like a bad girl being reformed, even if some of her crimes are unforgivable. Hey, it worked for Luke! But I think reformed Connie = Carly 2.0

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    I miss the big flashy fashion shows of the past on this show. WIth the silly competition with 3 outfits each produced was a waste of time especially since you had the two receptions, the shipping manager and his coffee shop owner wife in the audience while Thomas’ sister Steffy dropped everything to run to Paris to see Dad instead of waiting until after THomas fashion show. And Hope, Rick’s sister ran off to see Liam once she heard he was alone at home. Even Taylor was too busy to be there. I’m sorry it was dull.

    BUT I loved this past Thursday/Friday with the battle between Taylor and Brooke over their kids. It was intelligently written for a soap and showed me that this should be the direction the soap takes in creating 2 bickering families within one clan! Steffy should either fight for Liam or dump his ass. This woman is suppose to be tough but is shows as weak in “letting Liam sow his oats with Hope”. Hope is just pathetic. Sorry, I liked her up til this past 2 weeks.

    As for Y&R, FINALLY someone is calling out the writers for scenes with no meaning! Why did they have the opening only to have it bomb BUT bomb in the dullest of ways?!! Unless there is an electrical fire at the re-GRAND OPENING it was truly a waste of a hour show. As for scenes without meaning, I think the whole storyline with Jack taking over Newman was without meaning since he has now just given it up and installed Adam to now have battle with Victor. THAT’S NOT WHAT THE FANS WANT!!! Also, the scene this past week from Tyler let slip that he was from Milwaukee to Lily was dumb and even worse, horribly acted when Cane came in. Lily should be made out to be smarter than a silly grin and arm candy to any man! She is Drucilla’s kid so let’s see some of momma come out now!!!

    ALl across the board I agree with the Connie story and can’t wait til its end. I am not a fan of the direction of Liz being a supporting character OR the ridiculous beyond BELIEF story of Maxie getting pregnant with Spinelli’s kid and NOT wanting to tell him! I love any scene with Carly and do hope she stays away from both TOdd and Johnny. Sorry, the writers have chosen to destroy two good love stories with the directions they have taken with the male lovers so Carly needs a new man. WHY not create a love triangle between her Alexis and Shaun. I’d watch that!!!

    Days is my least favorite soap. Nick is a bit odd to me and I don’t understand why Rafe just doesn’t open his mouth to Nick and say NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO MAKE WILL OUT TO BE AN UNFIT DAD, NOTHING WILL BE AS BAD AS YOUR PAST HISTORY AND CRIMINAL RECORD, SO TRY AND WORK IT OUT WITH HIM. I think that days needs to stay grounded in this storyline or they risk ruining the great gay story and possibly a “turn your life around” story with Nick and Gaby. Love that Sami may turn back to the bad Sami because nothing is etter than that.

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    I get tired of the “wackiness” from Lucy. The last thing I want is for Lucy and Heather to be the new Lucy and Ethel. Nobody played a bad girl like Robin Mattson. If I want to see comedy, I’ll watch a Three’s Company episode.

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    @TamponTammy…Thank you for your comment. I have said this before as well. If I wanted to watch a sitcom I would watch MODERN FAMILY. Lynn Herring and Robin Mattson are great bad girls but they are being played for laughs. Connie/Kate is the same. I can’t invest in her. One moment I start to feel for her but then they make her too cartoony. This is Ron C. downfall. He can’t do romance, relationships or drama. He prefers comedy.

    With the cast GH has it has the potential to be the best soap on the air, but it was only show last weeek to shed viewers. Better writing is needed.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Days of Our Lives enjoys having some of the best people on scripted, daytime TV. With the exception of the one-note Melissa Reeve, the cast is extremely talented. Too bad the writers don’t utilize the cast more instead, centering most of the storyline around Jennifer Horton.

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    I dont like D.I.D storylines because after awhile they become ridiculous please end it give Konnie one of them and call it a day..

    still don’t get why Elizabeth Webber (and Patrick Drake) a 16 year vet still has to sit at the supporting table propping newbies …why they have refused to give her a front storyline, market, promo her or do anything like they are doing with the crossovers and actors from other cancelled shows. She is the last “original” in this demo group yet they refuse to uplift her out of the doldrum of Sabrina and Felix…its time Elizabeth break out of those horrid scrubs and sit at the big girl table…and brand this show!

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