Report: The Bold and the Beautiful Set to Be Renewed; ABC Has No Plans to Ditch General Hospital!


LSD-fortified psychic Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) may be seeing visions of puppies on General Hospital, but her second sight hasn't spied nary a cancellation notice for a daytime sudser in 2013. Neither, for that matter, has Deadline's Nellie Andreeva.

In a recent report in the entertainment industry's top blog, Andreeva reveals she's hearing CBS Daytime is thisclose to renewing splashy, 30-minute sudser The Bold and the Beautiful. Additionally, she shares there are currently no plans for Disney-ABC to cancel GH. Could it be that the bloodbath for daytime soaps is finally over?

Since 2008, soap fans have lost Passions (twice), Guiding Light, As The World Turns, All My Children and One Life to Live. In late 2012, news began to trickle out about Prospect Park renewing their earlier plans to reboot AMC and OLTL.  Now those soap continuations are a firm reality — complete with funding, a Connecticut studio, a distribution plan and a Spring 2013 launch date.
As a blogger who began covering daytime in 2007 (Not to mention a fan who's loved them since I was five-years-old. Rachel Cory for life!) I can honestly say it's much more fun to write about them coming back from the dead—like so many of the genre's most iconic characters—than offering up more HTML code about another gutting.


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    WOW! The best part of your post here was your SHOUT OUT TO RACHEL CORY and Another World! I still miss that show a great deal but like everyone has said, once Doug Watson passed away NO ONE was able to replace him.

    BUT wouldn’t it be fantastic if P&G licensed out the program for a online telenouvela type of show?!! I would love to see all the characters back.

    As for the bloodbath being over, well, that’s a great thing! It will be tremendous when ABC opts to create a new soap to accompany GH on it lineup… maybe a good 30 minute soap that could be paired with a 30 minute talk show.

    And B&B, is a good soap that had some really good dialogue this week… and guess what, from the veterans and not the REPEAT DIALOGUE we get from Hope, Liam and Steffy! Loved it all! And wouldn’t it be great in Bill decided that when Steffy returns from Paris she reveals to her mother and Thomas that Eric had decided prior to the fashion show off that he was giving the reins to Rick and that he had told Ridge that the night before. Steffy reveals that the reason her father called her to Paris was because he intends on returning to LA and starting a fashion house of his own with her, taylor and Thomas! Or maybe he is just giving the money to the kids and Taylor will run it.

    I actually liked Taylor as the fiery jealous and vindictive type! Finally a woman with a backbone and I really enjoyed Brooke being the calm one. This is what soaps are about and HOPE that it’s not just a way to get Taylor and Eric together. I want DRAMA

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    BOLD continues to be shite but since the ratings are still good I wasn’t expecting it to be cancelled.

    GH is amazing, it deserves to stay on forever. I wonder if ABC are wanting Prospect Park to finance OLTL and AMC with the intention of someday buying them back should they succeed?

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    Go GH! They SHOULD keep it on!! I mean, come on, compare it to The Chew! What a joke! Can’t believe that show is still on. B&B has a way to go to get back to the magic it once had.

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    I really hope ABC is now realizing what a monumental mistake they made in cancelling AMC and OLTL. But on a brighter note hasn’t the last year been wonderful without having to hear a peep out of Brian Frons’ mouth????

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    B&B sucks. It is the first soap I took off my dvr. It will stay off until the live thread gets better. I love reading the live thread – most people are saying it is a waste of their time. Bell needs to do something different with the chars. Hope is suppose to be strong, but then she is going back to liam. Brooke is hot and heavy wanting her brother-in-law – sick. JMW the best actress on the show – is getting walked-on.

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