Can Brady Convince His Family Kristen Has Changed on Days of Our Lives?

Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson) relationship has stirred up a lot of turmoil in the Black, Brady, Kiriakis and DiMera families. This week on Days of Our Lives, Brady tries to convince his family the flaxen-haired DiMera has changed. Does Brady truly believe his own hype, or is he beginning to question Kristen's motives as well? Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    Margaret Thatcher

    I don’t understand why the writers insist on making the men on Days like Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) bumbling morons who only think with the head below their waist? These are smart, albeit different men, who have displayed their gravitas over the years. Especially, Daniel (Shawn Christian). He wanders around Salem looking lost and confused as if he doesn’t know where he is. I miss the heroic Daniel character.

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    I think Chloe is lying to that silly Danny Boy about Parker. Think about it, PARKER HAS BLOND HAIR! Daniel or Chloe do not! Therefore, Philip is his father!

    By the way, Eileen Davidson is one sexy ass MILF! I’d love to be up inside of her! I would tear her ass up like an interracial porno movie! :-*

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    I’m sorry but why do soaps… YES I KNOW ITS A SOAP… have to make people out to be the DUMBEST people on earth when it comes to things like Kristen and Brady?!

    Seriously, I would let it go if Brady fell for Nicole again because all she has ever done is lie, manipulate and scheme. I don’t remember her trying to kill Marlena or others. And last time I checked she wasn’t a DiMera. Any other woman would do.

    BUt Kristen is feared and loathed by ALL in Salem except… EJ, Chad and the missing Stefano. Of course, because they are DiMera’s.

    When it is finally revealed that Brady has been an ABSOLUTE IDIOT when it comes to this woman, we will be forced to listen to weeks of “im sorry I am an ABSOLUTE IDIOT” speeches from the fella.

    I LOVE EILEEN DAVIDSON and enjoy a bitchy conniving bitch any day, but the pairing with Brady just is annoying more than believable EVEN by soap standards. I hope in the end it is proven that Brady has been working with Bo to unearth Kristen’s diabolical plans with her father, Stefano, in Salem so that the character can be redeemed. Otherwise he is just a dumb pretty face with a bum leg.

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    This storyline has helped to revitalize a soap that had become as dull as Dullsville. I am not going to complain about that.

    I remember hating the exact same storyline on OLTL when they did it with Dorian and Joey Buchacan, maybe because Dorian seemed positively ancient compared to Vicki’s son. She was his grandfather’s widow, afterall.

    Kristen is a very attractive woman and the age difference is not as glaring. And isn’t it just possible that Brady was looking for an excuse to rebel against his preachy father and self-righteous stepmother?

    The constant negativity of some posters has become increasingly tiresome.

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    I agree with pjc722. I understand developing stories and causing conflict but being a long time viewer, it’s also kind of gross. Yes, Kristen causing conflict FINALLY gives Marlena and John some story. But it’s at the expense of making everyone around Kristen appear as idiots. Are you telling me Marlena, even if she’s a little terrified of the situation, has not gotten smarter? It just further dumbs down the characters. That’s the dilemma. Are you telling me Marlena, who has been married to both Roman and John, both men who have theoretically been trained to fight people, have not bothered to teach Marlena to defend herself physically? She’s been kidnapped many times over the years, she SHOULD have learned by now. Yet, when she was the Salem Stalker or whatever, she managed to “kill” 25% of the cast in various methods. Hell, Cassie Brady was hanging as a pinata in the middle of Salem Place Mall, yet NOW Marlena who is of sound mind and body can fend for herself? It borders on crazy to watch the victims continue to be victims. Yes, there are beats that make the character who they are, the essence of them, but there should still be growth. Look at Erica Kane, whittled down, she in essence is still the little girl who craves attention, but the means in which she does things have evolved. I know I’m not exact, paraphrasing her growth as a character, but you get my drift.

    The way John has been portrayed, I think it was so appropriate Kristen called him an idiot because he has been one. I’m sorry, but he totally doubted his wife and took Kristen at her word for it? Really? She’s been gone for over a decade, who knows how she has changed, but you doubt your wife the minute Kristen steps foot in Salem? I’m just saying the stories should be written with more thought into it.

    And another gripe, the DAYS writers have this weird need to make EVERYONE related in Salem. Making Daniel Maggie’s son was NOT necessary. It’s kind of icky to think Maggie wanting to get her son to pair up with her niece. Yes, Jenn and Daniel have no blood ties, but the semantics of it is still gross nonetheless. And Brady and Kristen is gross because of the age difference. He was SORAS’ed but there was a time she was caring for him like her own son when she was with John all those years ago. She could literally say “Hey Brady, did you know having sex with you was NOT the first time I saw you naked? See, I used to bathe you when I was with John when you were a TODDLER!” I exaggerate for effect, but icky. And years ago when Max Brady was dating Stephanie and Chelsea. Ick! Yes, NOT blood relatives, but gross because in title they are his nieces. It’s just stop making everyone tied to the show by being a long lost relative. It’s all right to have people not related. It’s quite normal to meet people you aren’t related to so you can have relations and kids. That alone can be great conflict.

    But all in all, Brady is his father’s son. May someone watch over this dumb ass…

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    hey mon

    It is true that Bristen has gotten DAYS is a tizzy that didn’t exist before, although I really wouldn’t know, because I didn’t watch the Show from 2006 to Oct 2012. It is true that Kristen was truly Brady’ step-mother back in the mid-90s. That in and of itself should raise some warning bells that all is not right in Cougar-Town (Salem). (Not quite as bad as 18-yr old Sharon holding her baby nephew Adam back in 1994)

    But what would the Show have left if the Show didn’t have Bristen? The boring s/l of Sonny/Will/Gabi/Nick (make Will a bi, and get some realism into the mix)? Jennifer? So we have to accept the audacity of DAYS. Sort of like Marlena-possessed in the mid-90s, or Melaswen… Just sit back and accept what the DAYS writers give ya.

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    [quote=hey mon](make Will a bi, and get some realism into the mix).[/quote]

    I think that’s a great idea! It makes sense. After all, Will knocked Gabi up with the Horton baby! :D

    By the way, I hate Nick!!! He’s so ugly and nerve wracking! By him and Will’s rivalry would intensify if Willy Boy said “Bi Bi Bi”! :D

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    hey mon

    Jayson — It really would intensify, and bring some realism to the Will/Gabi dynamic. Right now, where can the whole story-line go? No-where. No one believes that Gabi and Nick will stay apart, unless it’s because of Nick’s stupidity.

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    [quote=hey mon]Jayson — It really would intensify, and bring some realism to the Will/Gabi dynamic. Right now, where can the whole story-line go? No-where. No one believes that Gabi and Nick will stay apart, unless it’s because of Nick’s stupidity.[/quote]

    Why would any more “realism” be added by making Will bi? Isn’t the fact that he’s gay realistic enough? And why do we need any more realism to the Will/Gabi dynamic anyway? They were already a couple, then best friends and now she’s having his baby. Just because he f—ed up and got her pregnant doesn’t make him any less gay or any more bi. Personally, I love that Will is GAY and appreciate the lengths that this show has gone to to write him as such, especially in his relationship with Sonny(as Jamey has said on a few podcasts, no soap in memory has portrayed more affection and intimate moments between two male characters than this show has with those two). So yeah, I say find another character to toss the bi label on. Hell, make one of the female characters bi(Chloe?). Then have her open up a female strip club–it’d be a win-win for you :).

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    Ugh to making Will bi! The absolutely LAST thing that storyline needs is for Will to suddenly fall for that she-devil in training, Gabi H. However, if the girl in question were someone else…..then perhaps.

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    hey mon

    ChrisGA. I’m just saying that for the sake of story-line, and to open up some more possibilities for Will’s character, they could make him a bi. Or maybe just a bi for Gabi. Right now, he’s just an add-on to a s/l, in which he made a one-night ‘mistake’ with a girl, and she has an angry boyfriend. Not very compelling.

    But it is nice that Will has strong feelings for Sonny, and vice versa, so I see your point. It is ground-breaking for a network to portray two gay men as such, although I never watched ATWT when it was on.

    Yes, let’s make Chelsea a bi, and have the hots for Nicole, and open a strip club together.

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    How exactly is Will an “add-on”?

    A character who is related to three quarters of the population of Salem, mixes it up with all the major players, and is on screen three or four days every week really does not need anymore help where storyline possibilities are concerned.

    I suppose every “fan” is entitled to his own preferences and project his own desires onto the show but it would help if they at least made sense.

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    Lol @ somenone thinking Will is an add-on. Will is a lead actor on Days, and this is his storyline. He is one of the polar centers on this show, and currently they are investing in Chandler Massey even more than Alison Sweeney.

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    [quote=Yoryla]Lol @ somenone thinking Will is an add-on. Will is a lead actor on Days, and this is his storyline. He is one of the polar centers on this show, and currently they are investing in Chandler Massey even more than Alison Sweeney.[/quote]

    Seconded. He’s been one of this show’s lynchpin characters for awhile now, maybe even top 5, and Chandler Massey gets mountains of critical praise, probably more than any actor/actress on this show has seen in years, maybe decades. He was the center of this show’s best storyline last year–Will’s coming out–and is in the middle of one of the most impactful storylines on the show right now. So yeah, he couldn’t be farther away from being an add-on character if he tried.

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    hey mon

    I am not saying that Will is not on the screen a lot, or that Chandler Massey is not a great actor. Because he is a good actor, and deserves a round of applause.

    But the Will character is stagnant, and his relationship with Sonny can be boring to watch. I think that making Will a bi for Gabi, or introducing another gay or bi male for him or Sonny to go after, is needed to spice things up a bit.

    Everyone bi+ched to high heaven when Will slept with Gabi for a one-night stand, declaring that The Powers at DAYS had made a mockery of his gay s/l with Sonny, and what a mistake it was to have Gabi be pregnant after just one night with Will. Now we are seeing this whole paternity s/l play out, and Will is front and center.

    But is this really what Daytime is being dragged thru again for the umpteenth time? That some super-semen guy gets a girl pregnant after just one shot, and that it is gay Will who has done it. It would be far more realistic for Will to be some at least some-what bi, and to add this dynamic to his personality. Then there cold be some real tension between him and Sonny, and would be far more interesting.

    What is Will, a poster boy for a Movement, or something? That he can’t like girls for sex, some-where in his psyche?

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    @Hey mon–I totally see where you’re coming from. For once, I’d just like to see someone write a compelling character that’s actually gay and doesn’t need things like being bi, get a girl pregnant, etc. to make him interesting. And I personally think Will is pretty compelling as is and I’m a firm Will/Sonny fan despite the uproar from many who think they’re boring/stagnant(they’ve been officially together like 2 months, not 2 years so I think a little happiness wouldn’t have been totally out of the question but….). Having said that, I would’ve been totally okay if EJ had plugged Will a couple of times because the chemistry there is undeniable.

    And speaking of another gay guy, I think the Brian character that was sniffing around Sonny last year is scheduled to be back on the canvas very soon so I’m sure that will add further tension for those two.

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    hey mon, I also get where you are coming from.

    I actually didn’t mind that Will slept with a woman, and thought all the commotion about it was way over the top. They made it perfectly clear it was just the one time, and it was a total mistake on both Will and Gabi’s part. To me it was totally plausible and it CAN happen. Whether gay or straight, sex is still sex. It can make you feel good and comfort you, the same way some people get drunk in order to feel better. It isn’t good if it is so, but it does happen. Having mere sex does not make anyone anything. Not gay or straight. It’s having genuine feelings, falling in love, and sharing your life with someone.

    The big problem for me was always the fact that the girl in question is GABI of all people. She as a character is dull as dishwater, unnecessary, annoying, not able to carry a storyline and certainly not able to be in such a big position as she is in right now. Not to mention the fact that she is a criminal who has never paid for her crimes. Also, being a part of the Hernandez clan doesn’t help either. I would have liked the girl to be Kate Mansi – of course that isn’t possible now since Will & Abby are cousins.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Will (Chandler Massey) written as bisexual? Ridiculous. If the writers go down this road then I’m probably done with Days. The writers have insulted the audience’s intelligence before but this would be too much to swallow.

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    hey mon, as much as I like to needle you, I totally respect that as a straight man you still try to keep an open mind on these matters.

    I’m not against Days having a bi character. Afterall, the scientists tell us that there are much more of them than there are gays in real life. I just don’t think it should be Will.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Speaking of Days, the Cameron recast is too Carlton Banks What happen to when they cast people like Matt Cedeño (ex-Brandon Walker and Rashaan Orange (ex-TEK who had some flavor to them. I’m sure the ladies think he is good looking, but I was looking for an actor a bit more like Redaric Williams (Tyler, Y&R) or Don Swaby (ex-Chad, Passions

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    hey mon

    Good, Im glad everyone is moving on the same page. I simply think that since the DAYS people (one can barely call them writers, cept when they are writing for Kristen and Nicole) went and made Will a one-night stand Daddy, they may as well explore that aspect of his personality, if it’s there. It would at least make something different and new, and fairly interesting.

    I am sure that Will got some oral lovin going on with Gabi, and I am finding it hard to believe that after session of that, he isn’t thinking about giving Gabi another run around the bedroom. Now that would be believable, Will trying to get Sonny to accept an open relationship. Of course, it’s probably too much for NBC Daytime.

    Just like Y&R needs some shake-up and realism, I’m sure that ChipMonk Kevin could provide the impetus. A great s/l would be Chloe having to either accept Kevin as a bi, or maybe totally gay after he thinks about it; or divorce him. Cause them chasing around a bag of money is too last decade.

    Now, here’s the best s/l that I have been thinking about (not too much, cause I have an office to run). Marlena finds a recording that Kristen made of her and Brady having sex, and during their session he calls her ‘StepMommy’ and ‘Mistress K’. Oh yeah baby!

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