Daytime Soap Opera Alums Clean Up at SAG Awards!


For a medium that Hollywood loves to poke fun at, daytime soap operas certainly manage to produce a lot of award-winning actors! Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards were dominated by the wins of former daytime stars.

Tommy Lee Jones, who spent most of the 1970's playing Dr. Mark Toland on ABC Daytime's One Life to Live, took home the Actor for his work in Lincoln. Jones played diehard abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens in the film.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston won the Actor for Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series. Cranston was an original cast member on Agnes Nixon and the late Douglas Marland's 30-minute, daily college soap Loving back in 1983, portraying Doug Donovan. 

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One of daytime's favorite daughters, Julianne Moore (ex-Frannie and Sabrina Hughes, As The World Turns) won for her spot-on portrayal of Sarah Palin in Game Change; while The Doctors grad Alec Baldwin snagged another Actor for his work in 30 Rock. For the complete list of winners at the 19th Annual SAG Awards click here.

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    sag awards was the oldest prom!

    julianne moore of course was awarded for her horrific acting. it’s hilarious how hollywood bashes palin for being a stupid republican and for favoring traditional marriage. but hollywood never bashes her for leaving hawaii bec there were too many Asian americans. typical hollywood racism.

    mf wins for best comedy ensemble bec of its message. the gay chars of course have to be white and rich. obviously glaad and the mainstream media and entertainment press and hollywood loves that specific kind of portrayal of the lgbt community. but of course lily’s vietnamese heritage is completely ignored bec the only thing hollywood cares abt is a flattering portrayal of the white gay couple to make people support same gender marriage. who cares abt how they raise lily and completely ignore her Vietnamese heritage? mf’s really problematic when it comes to the latina char. she’s a complete stereotype. feisty! wears loud clothes! thick accent! her culture is made fun of bec she’s foreign.of course she has to be attractive bec she’s paired w/ an old guy who’s white. he’s her “savior” bec hollywood loves those kinda storylines. she was poor til she married her white husband. and she really loves him and not his money! talk abt a hollywood fantasy tailor made for an old and white executive from hollywood!

    at least that horrid cbs sitcom “theory” did not win best comedy ensemble. I stopped watching that show abt nerds bec it keeps bashing Asian americans. howie i guess married bernadette. the other nerd is dating penny. the white actor that portrays sheldon is openly gay and is paired w/ mayim’s char. but of course the Indian american actor who portrays raj is single and asexualized. one episode had him dating his talking gadget. this other episode had raj think of marrying a closeted lesbian bec he didn’t think anyone would ever marry him. the ugly white actors get romantic storylines but the handsome Indian american actor does not get a romantic storyline bec hollywood loves to bash Asian americans. hollywood’s abt controlling the culture and thus Asian americans must be bullied and discriminated against by hollywood thru their racist portrayals. hilarious though bec the actor that portrays raj is married to miss India and yet it’s not “realistic” for him to be portrayed romantically! have these hollywood idiots never watched scenes from bollywood? Indian males are portrayed very sexually and a lot of them are handsome leading men! but hollywood can’t handle that bec white males must be the “ideal” and the status of white males as leading men would be threatened. typical hollywood racism.

    the acting careers of dev patel and freida pinto are examples of how hollywood treats Asian american actors compared to Asian american actresses. dev was the villain on the horrid “the last airbender” w/c whitewashed all the Asian leading characters by hiring unknown actors who are white to portray the lead roles. and yet the villain remained Asian as portrayed by dev and the fire nation villain chars were all dark skinned! typical hollywood racism. dev’s on hbo’s left leaning propaganda drama “the newsroom” as a token racial minority char. he has to settle for supporting roles from films and low rated cable tv bec hollywood does not want Asian american actors to be portrayed as leading men. while freida has a movie career but is often romantically paired w/ white actors like james franco from “planet of apes” reboot and “immortals” and woody allen film.

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    the sag awards were a mess! argo’s win was a travesty! typical hollywood has to reward a film w/c glorified whitewashing. ben affleck is not a latino and he cast himself as the lead! it was ridiculous especially during argo’s credits where they didn’t show affleck’s picture next to tony’s picture bec obviously the casting was not racially accurate. affleck’s casting is a part of hollywood’s “grand” tradition of whitewashing racial minorities and portraying white people as saviors. the film’s historical and it’s abt how moviemaking can save lives and therefore it’s going to be rewarded bec hollywood wants to tell the planet how “special” they are. stupid hollywood whitewashed tony and yet it premiered argo during latino heritage month! that’s hollywood’s brand of sensitivity towards racial diversity and latino representation! typical hollywood whitewashes a latino but then hollywood only uses “realism” if they need to portray latinos doing menial labor. hollywood glorified argo w/c whitewashed latino americans!

    what the hell was w/ the camera panning repeatedly to neil patrik hariss during argo? there are no complaints from hollywood and entertainment press and mainstream manhattan media abt nph’s newest “music video” w/ a bollywood theme. nph’s attempts at humor were disgusting. the video was equating bestiality to the religious belief of cows being sacred. and of course there was a stupid “holy cow joke” w/c is typical of untalented nph. hinduism and indians and indian americans can be mocked w/ no backlash from hollywood and entertainment press and manhattan mainstream media. it’s bec only mocking white gays is hateful right? if any “comedian” made an lgbt themed “music video” where he compared lgbt relationships between 2 white gay men w/ bestiality then hollywood and the entertainment press and mainstream manhtattan media and glaad would keep screaming homophobia. but hollywood keeps bashing Asian americans w/ their “jokes” and whitewashing and lack of portrayals. it’s bec Asian americans are the most educated and richest among grps compared to lgbt. Among Asian americans it is indian americans and filipino americans who are the richest according to pew research and thus hollywood has to bash them bec the only minority grp they want to be successful are white lgbt.

    this reminds me of how Asian americans who identify as lgbt were mocked by an lgbt theme party. the huffington post reported abt this “mr. wong’s emporium” lgbt party where the whole theme was meant to mock and degrade Asian americans. new yorkers love to proclaim how openminded and “progressive” they are and yet this party was manhattan based! typical of the “tolerant” and “progressive” crowd of manhattan media and hollywood. they’re only tolerant of lgbt issues but they bash Asian americans

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