Has NBC Kiboshed Ann Curry Doing Live Interviews?

Has NBC barred former Today Show host Ann Curry from airing live interviews on the peacock network? According to the New York Post, the network has.

But although she’s been filing reports for NBC News programs including “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” sources said she’s been barred from doing live interviews.

The source continued, “Ann keeps bringing live interviews to the table. She has great relationships with celebrities” — including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — “who will only sit down with her.”


The article alleges NBC wasn’t happy when Curry refused to do small talk with Matt Lauer during her first return to the morning show after her demotion.


It seems NBC brass were not amused when Curry refused Matt Lauer’s attempts at small talk in her first live return to “Today” following her public beheading last August, when he said, “Nice to see you,” and she practically grimaced.

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It is refreshing that someone in Television refused to be fake. Good for her!

Why won't NBC just release Curry so she can go to CNN?

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NBC has its head so far up Matt Lauer's ass it's beyond disturbing.

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No wonder Today show continues to have poor ratings. I hope she can get out of her contract or that it expires soon so she doesn't have to deal with those losers. She needs to be on a winning daytime show like Good Morning America!

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I hope that ANN hires one of the best attorneys around and SUES NBC for trying to destroy her career. Just suck it up NBC and let her go. It's just sad how they are treating her.