Steve Burton’s Young and Restless Promo: “Daytime’s Hottest Soap Just Got Hotter!”

I tell you one thing, CBS Daytime sure knows how to make a fella feel welcome! The first official promo for Steve Burton's The Young and the Restless debut as Dylan McAvoy has hit the net — and it's a doozy. Can Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Avery's (Jessica Collins) relationship survive the arrival of Mr. Blue Eyes? Watch the promo after the jump!

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    Okay DC peeps! This calls for another Y&R cast reenactment

    Steve’s First Day

    Luke Kerr – Steve Burton
    Jamey Giddons – Eric Braeden/Melody Thomas-Scott
    Jillian Bowe – Jeannie Cooper


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    C’mon Jillian! No one does the Katherine Chancellor deep rough hard living “Neil Winters, it’s the 1st and 15th of the month” voice like you do.” LOL!!!

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    While any promotion of Y and R is good, I wonder why so much fanfare for this guy? Does Jill and CBS think a lot of former or current GH’rs watch the show? Current fans (who don’t know who he is) don’t really care much about another new character coming the GC.

    I hope he does well of course, but it seems the FOJ title remains in tact.

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    As a 30 year plus fan, I do not see the need for this character. I would like to see the many that we have used instead. I would also like to see a better story, other than the same old rehashed VICTOR/JACK worn out story with V always coming out on top. Also, already tired of Avery. Way too much screen time.

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    I think it would be a good Idea to make him Victor’s nephew. That way Sharon can screw another Newman! Plus, let him and Adam be friends. Let’s face it, Adam has no male friends on the show, so this is a good opportunity to give him one. He had Rafe, but he screwed him and that was the end of that! :p

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    I’m a new Y&R viewer because I love Steve Burton. Why does Victor whisper every line in that weird accent? It’s distracting and hard to understand. The actor seems bored and doesn’t seem to put much effort or emotion into anything.

    Also, is Billy supposed to be from the southwest? There’s something very Texas about him.

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    [quote=js3557]I’m a new Y&R viewer because I love Steve Burton. Why does Victor whisper every line in that weird accent? It’s distracting and hard to understand. The actor seems bored and doesn’t seem to put much effort or emotion into anything.

    Also, is Billy supposed to be from the southwest? There’s something very Texas about him.[/quote]


    That’s TGVN, he’s been bored for years.

    Billy Miller is from Texas, on the show Billy Abbott is John Abbott and Jill Foster Abbot’s son. Sorry but in my world she is not and never be a Fenmore, I don’t care what MAB says.

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    The Fashions Of Y&R were served today. Another magnificant show. Sharon with that scarf, bag and hair. The acting was one. Great deliverance with miss Chelsea. Lauren and Micheal superb the sweater he had on. Then you had Lauren’s boots that were made for waling out the door on him. Oh sooo good. Jack and Billy at Jabot thenyou have Tyler and Leslie with their secrets. Y&R is in full effect. The you have Adam and Chelsea in the Marc Jacobs scarf at the club talking to Adam telling him you can keep yo house and live in it. Classic delivery. Great show. Nikki coming across the penthouse to answer the door. Wheres is the help. But anaway when she answeres she say Oh Jack Victors not here. Good show.

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    Sharon and Adam today at the end of the show. She gave him something to think about and really consider. Sharon Case is amazing. Billy and Victoria. Lauren and Micheal. The conversation Victor and Victor Jr. are gonna have tomorrow is going to be something. I am so thankful that this show just gets greater and greater everyday. Its on fiya!!!

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    Love the Lauren/ MARCO scenes… love Marco Dapper….. it is gonna be hot.

    And is Nikki ” in the family way “? Oh Lord, I hope it is Jacks as we do not need two Newman men toddling around in diapers :)

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    One thing that needs attention is the fashions…. not all, just some.

    I love all things Nikki, most of the time she is spot on, but that green top she had on today looked AWFULLY tight on her and it seems that buttons were gonna fly off and hit Victor or Jack in the eye!

    Unless it was supposed to look T I G H T on her??

    And I would love to see Gloria with the Senator, a hot little affair….

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    Sexy is back! I can’t wait for Steve to bring it! Love seeing him in something else besides black. So excited to see him in a new role. My #1 soap actor deserves to be on daytime’s #1 soap. Bye-bye GH!

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    [quote=pdow]Victor is of German desent…..[/quote]


    As far as I know, he was born in Buffalo, New York. His birthname was Christian Miller.

    Eric Braeden, on the other hand, was indeed born in Germany.

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    It sounds like the show is going to be wrapped around 4 people now:


    So not interested.

    Phyllis can’t even keep me there if this is going to turn into the
    “Bob Carol Ted & Alice” show.

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    I’m so excited about SB coming to Y&R. Looking forward to seeing the Nick/Avery/Dylan tri. Love Nick with Avery but it will be nice to see Avery in Dylan’s orbit and Nick jealous over it.

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    1/29 Y&R was delicious! Is Mrs.C suffering from dementia. Victor and Adam was great as always. You will never get Newman back, Adam said. It was great with the music and all. It just leaves you wanting more. Steve Burton in the fabulous green coat on way to see Nick. Its on fire. Adriana stealing the money back. Couldn’t ask for more. The way that girl bats her lashes is one for the text books. Sharon needing her meds to float through the day so she doesn’t get rattled Victor’s gonna use that like John Ross is using everybody to get Ewing Energies all to himself.

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    Steve Burton is a hot as hell baller! I’m a huge Jasam fan, it’s been a rough 4 months watching GH without him. GH’s loss is Y&R’s gain! I would follow Steve anywhere! Y&R has a new fan in me! I’m starting to really like some of the other characters too. I’m not sure about the chemistry between Dylan and Avery though, he needs more of dynamic, bad ass love interest. Forgive me, but I’m not too familiar with the characters yet. I think Dylan and Abby would be hot together, however I don’t know anything about her background. I even think there is a little chemistry between Dylan and Sharron, maybe it’s too soon to tell. I’m Just happy to see those beautiful blue eyes on my TV screen again!

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